The 2013 Conservative Rap Coalition Fundraiser

Ever since I returned to Mom’s Basement seven months ago, I’ve been concentrating on delivering a new interview every week and going all out to provide a voice to the rappers, DJ’s and producers that the rest of the world has forgotten about, plus talk a little shit along the way. The time has come, however, for me to leave the basement for a minute and return to the streets of New York IRL (In Real Life) to hunt down some leads and shoot some video.

That means that it’s time for all of you Conservative Rap Coalition members reach deep into your Carhartt pockets and contribute to the cause. I’m been able to get my plane ticket money together after picking-up an extra paper route, but that’s not going to cover my Metro Card’s money, hot dogs, Swedish Fish or 40 Oz’s of Ballentine beer. Your hard-earned dollars will be put towards funding one or more of the following projects:

1. Track down Godfather Don and/or TJ Swan for the an Unkut Interview.

2. Visit the 45 King and attempting to find those videos of the Flavor Unit rapping in his basement, or the songs he did with T La Rock in the 80’s.

3. Film a guided tour of Queensbridge with Tragedy Khadafi as discussed when I first interviewed him.

4. Make out with the Real Roxanne on camera. Failing that, Roxanne Shante.

5. Make a fan video for Biz Markie‘s “Albee Square Mall” with Dallas Penn at the original location of this iconic shopping spot. I may even perform The Wop at some point.

6. Drink (another) bottle of Henny with Grand Daddy IU and do a follow-up interview and get more of those classic drunken stories like the one about how he and Kool G Rap had a contest to see who could bang more broads after a show.

7. Track down Latee and attempt to get past Queen Latifah‘s hundreds of gate-keepers to complete the Flavor Unit feature.

8. Hunt down the fabled lost tapes of Percee-P songs produced by T-Ray.

9. Locate the puppet from UMC’s “Blue Cheese” video and busk with it on the subway for a day.

10. Punch one of those horses that take the carriages around Central Park in the jaw.

Feel free to add your own suggestions once you’ve become a fully-paid up member…

Choose Package

UPDATED: You can contribute as a $10 “Well-Wisher”, a $20 “Supporter” or get a 1-year membership for $50, which entitles you to an official, personalized Conservative Rap Coalition membership card (to be produced later this year) and a permanent credit on the site as a recognized CRC member.

The choice is yours. If you want to help take Unkut Dot Com to the next level, it’s time to invest in the future of forever reliving rap’s glorious past. Otherwise I’ll just spend a month getting wasted on the open bar circuit and return to Mom’s Basement with liver failure and start only writing about rappers who use dollar signs instead of the letter “S” and dress like gypsies.

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a Godfather Don interview would be ill

Comment by wheresmygift 05.02.13 @

An Ultramagnetic group interview would be ill, or at least a Kool Keith joint. Also, DJ Steve Dee of the X Men, the forefathers to the X-ecutioners would be ill too. Hell, swing by HeadQcourterz and holla at Premo while you’re there too.

Comment by oskamadison 05.02.13 @

Track down Smoothe Da Hustla, Nine, or the Jive & LA Jekill from Mannish for an interview. Any of these would be awweeeeesome!

Comment by Klausesmih 05.02.13 @

You should ask Mega for the QB tour.
You could also ask him about the Kamakaze LP and he should have Marlon’s number. Plus 8 and a GD Don IV.


Comment by OnkelMichael 05.02.13 @

^ Does that mean you three are fully paid-up CRC members?

Comment by Robbie 05.02.13 @

Ok, done and done, ageing b-boys unite.

Comment by FuckThis 05.06.13 @


Comment by OnkelMichael 05.06.13 @

It’s not New York, but I’d like to know what happened to Capital Tax and Ya’ll So Stupid.

Comment by Looper 05.06.13 @

Is there a “pay what you can” option? I’d like to help out and still buy records this week.

Comment by hotbox 05.06.13 @

“2. Visit the 45 King and attempting to find those videos of the Flavor Unit rapping in his basement, or the songs he did with T La Rock in the 80′s.”

80’s TlaRock and 45 King?!

Holy shit!

You’re arcane man!

Thats kinda fucked up!

(Now I cant stop thinking about it!)

Comment by RobThom 05.06.13 @

@hotbox: I had to remove that after Paypal shut me down. Donations are only available to registered charities now. I’ll add some cheaper options though.

Comment by Robbie 05.06.13 @

TJ Swan! Liberate that lost album.

Comment by keatso 05.06.13 @

Find King of Chill, and Barsha for a first Priority interview and we need a black rock and ron interview please

Comment by cozy 05.06.13 @

Can we please look into the Killa Sha albums as there is a forebodeding silence on this matter atm.

Comment by gx 05.06.13 @

Ya’ll So Stupid changed name to Mass Influence. Dropped a dope 7 inch on Redefinition Records earlier last year.

Comment by grass 05.07.13 @

King of Chill is easy to find… he works at Premo’s and Showbiz’ Headquarterz Studio…

Comment by Ill Adrenaline Records 05.13.13 @

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