The Conservative Rap Coalition Membership Drive, Round 2


As KRS-One once said: “We’re not done…we’re not done”. After Paypal tried to hate on the Conservative Rap Coalition movement by freezing our account on the grounds that we’re not a “registered charity”, I had to flip the script on the whole operation. Never fear valued members, everything is back on track and we are well on the way to hitting our target in terms of new recruits. If you’ve been a long time reader of the site, it’s time to pony up before I start posting pictures of Kanye and Kim shopping for baby leather kilts.

In the meantime, I’ve also been working on lining-up some big projects for the trip. I won’t reveal the exact nature of these just yet, but rest assured it’s a lot better than watching me tongue kiss Shante. That being said, the CRC still needs your support to take this site to the next level and deliver original video content for those times that you’re too drunk or blazed to read properly. Do the right thing and I won’t need to make anymore annoying posts like this and can return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Choose Package

You can contribute as a $10 “Well-Wisher”, a $20 “Supporter” or get a 1-year membership for $50, which entitles you to an official, personalized Conservative Rap Coalition membership card (to be produced later this year) and a permanent credit on the site as a recognized CRC member.

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soon as i get paid, i got u.. I remember phil from gw telling me about ur blog, been following ever since… I appreciate it man

Comment by Dakid 05.08.13 @

I just did one of those hot half-burp/half-throw-up acid reflux things that taste like Jameson

Comment by dontplaymelikeIgotaflowerpotheadkid 05.09.13 @

I’m intrigued by this Kim and Kane and there leather kilts. are they rappers?

Comment by Gx 05.10.13 @

I dont like “how many mc’s musty be dissed”!

The thing aboot black moon…

or whatever his name is,
but his beats are whack!

He’s a decent rapper,
layed over wack,
really obvious beats.

Comment by RobThom 05.11.13 @

You win this round of “let’s pretend to be retarded!” Robthom.

Comment by Gx 05.11.13 @

Robthom needs to go listen to anticon and go to therapy about step daddy issues or sum shit. After that he can go day dream about the day when only overly wordy and soulless white rappers are the only mcs, bust a nut, then put that steel to his dome cause its all just too emotional for him.

Comment by def 05.11.13 @

RobThorn is obviously a troll, anyway, I’ll do a paypal this week. Been reading this site for years, even won a prize.

Comment by Caesar 05.12.13 @

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