Tim Dog Found Alive And Well?
Thursday May 16th 2013,
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In news that shouldn’t be particularly surprising to anybody who watched the extensive Dateline report on Tim Dog‘s numerous “bad business deals” with a series of lonely ladies he met through internets dating, one of his “rubes” is so thirsty to get her $100 a month repayment plan continued by Timothy that she’s hired a private investigator to prove if the Dog actually died earlier this year. The story has even been picked-up by a local news show, despite the fact there is no actual proof that he’s still alive.

After being informed by a longtime Bronx resident that, “most Webster Ave niggas are con artist”, I think I may have a lead. Over at Discogs, a lone seller is offering a copy of Tim Dog’s final album, BX Warrior, on CD for $91. Since I’m pretty sure nobody actually bought that album, or even knew it existed, there’s a good chance that this is Tim’s latest hustle. I put to you that he left Atlanta with a briefcase full of BX Warrior CD’s, hopped the red-eye to Germany and is currently living with his latest online dating conquest in Berlin, who is helping him prepare the next Tim Dog Greatest Hits box set/all-black strip revue/movie project with Denzel Washington.

However, if it turns out that Esther Pilgrim is completely wrong about this crackpot theory, I hope she gets hit by a bus for continuing to drag the great man’s name through the mud. I mean she did get to experience a romantic night in Atlanta with the guy who made “Fuck Compton”, after all. You can’t put a price-tag on that kind of experience!

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Comment by Neil Nice 05.16.13 @

I actually hope he’s still alive.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 05.16.13 @

Tim Dog Found Alive And Well? http://t.co/PbUcazYEac

Comment by DJGH aka R@$#0D (@djgreenhornet) 05.17.13 @

For what it is worth I found both of these excerpts (regarding Tim Dog’s death) from Conspiracy Worldwide Radio interesting.



Comment by Crisis 05.17.13 @

the Dog lives!..that’s whats up

Comment by lou 05.18.13 @

The Dog’s demise sounds as fake as the accent of the radio interviewer. Great news for Hip Hop indeed!

Comment by Chris Ward 05.18.13 @

im not surprised @ all….

Comment by $amhill 05.19.13 @

I would love him to be still alive….even if it means that MY BX Warrior cd probably goes back to being worth around 0.5$….

Comment by retzirk 05.19.13 @

He’ll be on the latest Ultra Euro tour in July! Now go jerk off to that!

Comment by PATRIOTIC PIMP 05.19.13 @

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