Unkut TV: Episode 1 – Prodigy and Alchemist “Albert Einstein” release party

Finally I get to act like a poor-man’s Dallas Penn now that I stole a camcorder from some dude who was passed out on my Mom’s couch. Much Rap Hands on the set in this one, as we rolled through to the Albert Einstein listening party and broke bread with QB Rap royalty. Please mail your complaints to the usual address.

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Comment by KnowledgeReigns 06.11.13 @

Although, I was REALLY hoping to hear you say “cold gettin’ dumb on you crumbs!”.

Comment by KnowledgeReigns 06.11.13 @

oh shit, that’s what you look like. Where you staying, in the meat packing district? (PAUSE)

Comment by keatso 06.11.13 @

Hope u aint run into any tranny’s out there lol..They dont call it the ‘meatpacking’ district for nothing

Comment by lou 06.11.13 @

So that’s how Robbie looks like.

Comment by esto 06.12.13 @

Looks like the kind of white dude that would let a bunch of black dudes run a train on his girl just so he could be down, or the white dude that only gets sloppy 8ths after the whole crew of black dudes already ran through and decides to wife that ho.

lol Just Kidding!

Comment by Shopenhauer 06.13.13 @

Does DP know he looks like Diamond D’s retarded half cousin? #noshots

Comment by Larry Legend 06.13.13 @

Wow what a bad turn out, shit. Sounds like with ALC behind the boards P is in this best form since HNIC pt1. Might actually have to cop this and for the past ten years i pretty much was done with him. ALC is the best producer out imo

Comment by 357nyc 06.13.13 @

With the amount of things they ‘pause’ on the Combat Jack Show, it still has me dying that they can call another man ‘DP’.

Comment by Sun For A Reason 06.13.13 @

@Shopenhauer: No shots, but it sounds like you have a lot of personal experience with lending your own moms out for Newport money.

Comment by Robbie 06.13.13 @

Shots fired………. Six – One3 – 20One3

Comment by MalMoe (is back) 06.13.13 @

U.S.P.A sighting @ 03:53? #FAIL

Comment by wkXp 06.14.13 @

So no one else is bothered by Prodigy’s rocking of a Hawaiian shirt for no reason???

Comment by da commanda 06.15.13 @

@da commanda ive gotten over the shirts albums killer and doesnt sound like it has anything to do with shirts.

Comment by Gx 06.20.13 @

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