Byron Crawford – Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Little Homey Book Review
Friday July 26th 2013,
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2010 Outside Lands Music Festival - Day 2

America’s leading black intellectual returns with his third book, which also makes him the leading rap book author in the U.S.A by default. This time around, Bol unleashes the fury of the Mindset Army on one target in particular, while still making time to discuss The Gin Blossoms, Jay-Z, Nas’ daughter and her enormous box of jimmy hats, Instagram hoo-ers, the continued decline of print media and why dream hampton is insane. If you’ve read Infinite Crab Meats, it’s more of the same, basically! Here are a couple of choice morsels:

Why Nas?

“The reason why Nas is so ripe to skewer is because he has the ability to make the best rap music possible, and he just doesn’t, ever.”

On Jay-Z vs. Nas:

“I’d argue that “Ether” is still the better dis song, despite the fact that its production is terrible, and so are its rhymes, because it’s hilariously childish, and that’s what rap music, at its very best, should strive to be. I’m sure the Internets would agree.”

On Nas’ first baby mother’s book:

“I remember the main excerpt that was sent out had to do with Nas, after he’d murdered her vagine one day, getting up from bed stark naked to go fetch her a glass of orange juice. I found it disgusting on so many levels, from the mental picture of a buck naked Nas in a doorway with a glass of OJ to the fact that she would reveal such an intimate detail about their relationships.”

On why Nas married Kelis:

“Just because you’re famous yourself doesn’t mean there still isn’t a certain thrill in making sweet, passionate love to a famous person. Imagine being able to flip through cable channels and be like, “Yeah, I hit that,” the way Scott Baio can flip through old issues of Playboy from the late ’80s.”

On celebrity tax problems:

“[Mike] Tyson recently explained on an episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that any money he receives these days, and for well into the future, goes straight to the IRS. They’ve got him on tour doing a one man minstrel show, quoting from Shakespeare like Jake LaMotta at the end of Raging Bull. Same physique and everything. That’s entertainment!

Throw in an ultra-scientific analysis of every Nas album ever released, an explanation of how Combat Jack got his nom d’plume and a thorough examination of the The Source’s record rating system, and you have a fine tome that edumicates as much as is it elicits laffs. My only concern is that Bol continues to champion light beer for some ungodly reason, despite it clearly being the biggest waste of time since post-internets record (and book) reviews. We Rap Internets don’t deserve a book this great, but Byron Crawford wrote it for us anyways. Bless you, Bol. May you forever keep your eye on the tiger, as it were. Nullus.

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Although I agree with your 1st point about him having unmatched talent, and not living up to it. The rest of your POV’s are very douchebag tbh.

Comment by Angelo 07.26.13 @

@Angelo: You’re referring to my quotes from Byron Crawford’s book, right?

Comment by Robbie 07.26.13 @

What you know about bud with furry white hairs?
Only Bud you know is when you hurl light beer

Comment by tooclean 07.26.13 @

You got a link to where to get the book?

Comment by dotquan 07.26.13 @

The obsession that people with less talent & less success have with Nas is really pathetic. Haters seem to have gripes (trivial complaints) about Nas for whatever reason pertaining to his personal choice in music & women. It’s seems that Nas talent has to be crucified & his life has to be scrutinized in a negative light in orders for haters to feel that they “won” & Nas “lost.”

The realities is no matter how many articles or books you write claiming Nas lost….NAS ALWAYS PREVAILS!

Comment by Real Talk 07.26.13 @

Extra nullus!

Comment by P 07.26.13 @

It’s not out for a couple of weeks. I hacked Bol’s Gmail to steal it.

Comment by Robbie 07.26.13 @

Real Talk, you seem to fail to realise that when someone steps up on the “world stage”, that they open themselves up to any sort of criticism, regardless of whether you and others view them as sacred cows. Additionally, you are devoid of a sense of humour, as reading Bol or Robbie requires. duh..

Comment by Fosterakahunter 07.27.13 @

Byron Crawford is an overweight pathetic douchebag still living in his grandma’s basement. Yet, somehow he has convinced himself (and Robbie apparently) that he is qualified to criticize the God Nasir.

Comment by Larry Legend 07.27.13 @

Yeah all this internet celebrity shit is a bit of a circle jerk. Im not in on the humour or something and it just seems like some jerk running his gums

Comment by Gx 07.27.13 @

Bol is only speaking the truth! You have to admit that Nas has really been half assing it since “Stillmatic” aka “Crapmatic”.

Comment by Eddie V 07.29.13 @

Get that wax out ya eardrum. Listen to Life is Good and tell me that shit isn`t 4.5 mics easy

Comment by Larry Legend 07.30.13 @

Man, people do love to get on the internet to suck a celebrity’s cock. Nas has actual chicks to do that for him, he doesn’t need an army of 40-year-old, 500 pound Popeye’s supervisors on the job.

Comment by BC Thunderthud 07.31.13 @

Pathetic waste of paper, cant believe someone wasted time writing something like this.

Comment by Hovalicious 08.02.13 @

lmaoo what lames jayz stans still mad nas hit jay with ether till this day they cant get over it they have to write book that is just hate, this is the pure definition of a hater,, nas gets books written about him like michael eric dyson “born to use mics” and jay gotta team up with his writer friends to write books about him, lol sad

Comment by greg 08.21.13 @

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