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Thursday July 18th 2013,
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When I revealed that I “wasn’t a huge fan” of 3rd Bass this morning, I was met by some disgruntled responses exclaiming that several people had “lost all respect for this site” due to the fact that I refuse to bow down in worship to their favorite white rap group ever. It seems that a sacred cow of sorts had been violated, and for that I am deeply sorry…that I didn’t completely throw them under the bus! To avoid any possible future disappointments, allow me to indulge in providing you with a list of “rap legends” who I was never a fan of. Let the disrespect begin!

3rd Bass: It’s been well documented on these very pages just how “down” MC Serch has been since the early days, what with him being the token white guy at Latin Quarter and whatnot. The fact remains, however, that I never liked their records beyond some great Sam Sever, Prince Paul and SD-50’s beats. Let’s face it, these guys have been elevated to more than they were on account of being the first white guy rappers who weren’t completely terrible (for some reason the Beastie Boys were too entertaining for many white “real rap” listeners) and therefore gave hope to pale-face rap fans across the globe that they too might one day be accepted into the ranks of rap royalty. I can recall a review of The Cactus Album by a white dude that rated it 5/5 and ended every sentence with “WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT COLOR THEY ARE?”

Heavy D: I feel that enough time has passed since the Hevster departed this mortal coil for me to point out that I never liked anything this guy did after “The Overweight Lover”. “B-b-but what about all those Pete Rock beats?” Maybe I just have something against fat rappers, but I always felt there something not quite right about Mt. Vernon’s favorite son.

Chubb Rock: I tried really hard to mess with the Chubbster’s music, since he was great in theory, but something about his voice and love for leather wind-breakers that was a real deal breaker for me.

Run-DMC: These guys were rapping at Wrestlemania by the time I started listening to rap, so weren’t exactly representing the “cutting edge” for me. I can appreciate them now, but in 1987 they were sounding very old hat, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Tupac: The greatest reverse method acting ever. He became Bishop after the movie Juice opened. Admittedly, he gave some great magazine interviews, but I can only think of around three of his songs that I actually like from his discography of 50,000 tracks.

Erick Sermon: Fuck everything he did after the fourth EPMD album. The rapping on No Pressure was the laziest performance since Grand Puba‘s 2000 album. The difference is, even a phoned-in Puba is still nicer than most, while Sermon thought lines like: “Mic check one two, yo you got my nerves jumpin’ around/and humpin’ round like Bobby Brown across town” were acceptable.

Talib Kweli: This guy sounded like he read the entire Black Star album off of his legal pad, with that old trying to cram a billion words into one line style. Then Jay-Z said his name on a song and he thinks he’s fancy?

Rakaa Iriscience: Single-handedly ruined some of the great beats that Dilated Peoples had. So corny it hurts.

Cannibus: Other than the “Best From The East” remix, I give two fucks about hearing this guy deliver his strep-throat rapps.

Fu-Schnickens: I got fooled into buying their tape because it had two Tribe Called Quest beats on it. NEVER AGAIN.

Feel free to add your own, or to post an angry comment and boycott Unkut for life.

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Although I admit this site provides a great service with some truly great interviews, Robbie certainly has questionable tastes.

Some of the music that gets promoted on this site is utter fucking garbage, and some actually great music gets shitted on, and mostly for borderline retarded reasons that often have nothing to do with the actual music.

Sometimes I think Robbie is more about image/myth/rarity and trying too hard to portray himself in a certain way for cred’s sake.

Robbie, being asshole doesn’t give you cred….it just makes you….an asshole.

Comment by Shopenhauer 07.18.13 @

@Shopenhauer: Or, as crazy as this may seem, maybe this site is just a reflection of what I like and don’t like?

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 07.18.13 @

Why are people mad that a blogger has personal taste? It’s not good or bad, it’s his PERSONAL taste.

If anything, Robbie has more right than most anybody to dislike old school artists. He’s spent the past however many years burying himself deeper into that history. There are very few people in existence who have more expertise on old school shit than him. So if he wants to say 3rd Bass was only aight, you know what? He would know much better than me.

Giving respect to the old school doesn’t mean pretending that all the music was amazing and legendary.

Comment by dotquan 07.18.13 @

I have to say man, I was never a big Heavy D fan either, but I would never have the balls to disrespect that man (RIP) on the internet, just for the sake of downing him.

maybe you should stick to the interviews, create a little side blog for your opinions, which have no value.

Comment by superDave 07.18.13 @

RUN-DMC = The Epitome of what a b-boy is all about!?! There is absolutely nothing more to say.

100% agreed about Rakaa Iriscience….I really catch myself feeling bad for thinking that about him ( Shhh….I really don’t like Blackalicious either.)

Comment by bboycult 07.18.13 @


Comment by swordfish 07.18.13 @

@Dotquan nothing better than a blogger’s dickrider…what does that make you, a ethernet cable carrier? captain save-a-blog?
@superdave. I doesn’t take balls to dis anybody on the internet
Basically all the above mentioned rappers will be just fine despite the fact some pasty faced Australian think they’re overrated. The toilet flushes backwards over there, what do you expect…

Comment by Quan 07.18.13 @

We need more hate. This isn’t hard enough.

Comment by ScottFree 07.18.13 @

Ha. Crazy that today saying you don’t like someone is hating.

For what it’s worth apart from Run DMC I wouldn’t disagree. I would add Jay Z – I just don’t get it, actually I do and it’s shit; Mos Def – boring; Dialated People – not just Iriscience – see Mos Def; and Jungle Brothers Forces of Nature – just don’t get what the fuss is all about

Comment by DrZ 07.19.13 @

Hate is a beautiful thing and hiphop would be better if people hated more. Getting hate makes artists stronger so we have a duty to shit on rappers on the GP.

Comment by ScottFree 07.19.13 @

I like what Robbie said… “maybe this site is just a reflection of what I like and donโ€™t like?” I mean, why should it be anything else? If I had my own site, it would be about everything I like and don’t like as well. The fuck else should it be? Get real, people…

And although I like all the artists and groups that Robbie doesn’t, I have no problem with him not liking them. Who cares what Robbie likes and doesn’t like? Fact is, this is a dope site regardless. As for who a lot of people like that I don’t… Atmosqueer!! I can’t stand MC’s like Slug who sound like corny & nerdy whiteboys from the ‘burbs. Like Guru (r.i.p) said back in ’93, “It’s Mostly Tha Voice… “

Comment by Wicked 07.19.13 @

Also, LOL at superGayve for sayin Robbie should create a little side blog for his opinions, which according to superGayve, have no value. haha

Hey superGayve, no one forces yoar fgt ass to read Robbies opinions. Maybe YOU should stick to only reading the interviews. C’mon, son!

Comment by Wicked 07.19.13 @

Another outstanding article.

I agree with most of those and would add Father MC to the list without hesitation.

Brand Nubian’s first album I felt has been given legendary status for some reason, when their 2nd album In G-D We Trust was much better, without Puba.

Craig G’s albums were always trash as well.

Comment by Caesar 07.19.13 @

I suppose the word wasn’t ‘balls’ rather ‘audacity,’ but this guy has every right to say whatever he wants, as do I, as we all do.

…I just don’t really see the point of snarky opinion (hate) pieces from bloggers. I mean this wasn’t even like the referenced 3rd bass article where he throws his cute little jab in there, it’s a straight piece on ‘hip hop artists I don’t like.’ Yeah man, dope… And the point is? Sparking debate? That’s the only good reason for a post like this, and all that turns into is a thread of people telling each other to go fuck themselves.

writers want to add their own style and flare to their writing, but 9 times out of 10 that turns to straight talking shit. I seem to notice that a lot on this blog. you put yourself in a position where you have this great site with great material, and then you pump out this shit?

Dude seems to think he’s some authority on hip hop, in Australia, making comments on run-dmc when he was introduced to them in 87? Really?

Personally I think he makes himself look like an idiot making statements like these I read in this post, and I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me.

Comment by superDave 07.19.13 @

@superDave: To imply I’m claiming to be an “authority” on hip-hop demonstrates that you’re not paying attention. I’m just a rap fan who interviews rappers and talks shit. Pissing people off is just a bonus.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 07.19.13 @

Hahaha this site is hilarious. Robbies entitled to his opinion, its his site. Keep doing what you do Robbie, I’ve been following this site since its inception and Unkut keeps getting better and better. Best interviews on the net. Much Respect.

Chubb Rock was dope tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by KQ 07.19.13 @

I only LOST ALL RESPECT FOR YOU two to three times in this post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Wernski Love 07.19.13 @

RUN DMC?? are you insane? i mean, there is no room for opinion when it comes to them. it’s just a fact they are the GOAT group. and that’s an understatement. RUN DMC?? are you insane?

Comment by DEEJ 07.19.13 @

Hip hop isn’t hip hop without calling out rappers who aren’t even bad so upsetting 15 year old social media curators because you don’t like Common? F that.

Definitely throw in Souls of Mischief, Pharcyde, Common, 99% of Death Row, Method Man’s solo career, Outkast, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Common, Craig Mack, Jeru Damaja

Comment by Omar 07.19.13 @

People act as though you can’t through minor shots at their heroes if the artist came out prior to 1990 or something. 3rd Bass was good, but overrated.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 07.19.13 @

why would you make these statements if you didn’t feel like you were somewhat qualified, or have sufficient authority on the subject to make them? That makes you look like even more of a dumbass. You’re basically saying that you don’t know shit, and like to talk shit?

In all seriousness, what is the point of an article like this? Your rattling off a list of groups you don’t like to piss people off?

Comment by superDave 07.19.13 @

Money, these people put their lives and their hearts into their music. I know you would never have the balls or the audacity to repeat these things directly to them, so why say them? Your a punk talking shit on your own admission. That shit will definitely come back to you…

Comment by superDave 07.19.13 @

superDave really doesn’t get it. Its Robbies own personal website you are reading, not some hiphop encyclopedia. It’s a BLOG which is short for ‘web log’ – basically an online diary. If you don’t like what he says stop reading, lol.

Comment by KQ 07.19.13 @

Agree on Kweli and Rakaa and personally never could stand Sadat X or E-40 voices and delivery

Comment by Stick 07.19.13 @

I’d agree with most of this list except for Chubb Rock and Tupac. The one good thing Erick Sermon did put out post EPMD was that Insomnia compilation with the whole Def Squad crew in 96 but after that he’s got progressively worse.

Comment by Ben 07.19.13 @

I agree with most of Robbie’s opinions here, especially with respect to 3rd Bass. And while I do respect Run DMC as pioneers now that I know the history, there are a lot of cats like Robbie (and myself) who discovered hip-hop in the late 80’s at a time when they had already fallen off.

If I were to make a similar list for my own tastes, it would include Mobb Deep (group and solo) and Jay-Z. Getting your panties in a knot about one blogger’s personal taste in music is not a good look for a grown adult.

If you are willing to revisit any work from the artists listed above, I would suggest Chubb Rock’s “The One” album. His music before and after that project was mediocre but he was in the zone in 1991 and I still bump that album today.

Comment by hotbox 07.19.13 @

Wicked is a WICCA. You are a corny whitebowy from the suburbs.

for the fun of it FUCK RUN DMC FUCK ONYX and FUCK 50 Cent

And as for 3rd Bass – Serch comes across as a douche – they put in work though…wouldn’t call em better than DOOM or KMD though…

Comment by OnkelMichael 07.19.13 @

This site is official because of the work Robbie puts in w/interviews and support for that type of HipHop we ALL love….this site is cool as shit because Robbie expresses sometimes wack opinions (i.e. Run-Dmc)….and we state our opinions; dis Robbie a lil bit/he dises us back and we all keep it movin again ….CRC: We All We Got!
@Oska What’s good homeboy!

Comment by bboycult 07.19.13 @

We all have groups we didn’t like. I didn’t like Heavy D because I preferred a harder, less commercial sound. I loved 3rd Bass because they kept with tradition. Their lyrics are far more complex than what’s out today. They came correct. That’s all you had to do. Robbie can say what he wants; some will agree and some won’t.


Comment by Cyphakilla 07.19.13 @

I agree with you Robbie on everything except RunDMC. I hated the following groups:

Company Flow: They were lauded when they came out and I could never understand why. Their raps were boring and do was the production. Garbage.

Camp Lo: Luchini is classic but I never could figure out what they were talking about.

Boot Camp Clik: Black Moon and Smiff-N-Wessun put out great first albums but I just couldn’t get into the rest of the crew. Especially O.G.C. They rapped like they were autistic to me.

Mobb Deep: I tried to find what was so special about The Infamous and kept coming up short. Shook Ones part II and one other song were the only things I liked about that album. Their stories were just too over the top and the beats just didn’t do it for me.

Comment by Larceny 07.19.13 @

I’d love a “Wack in Retrospect” feature that takes a 2013 look at some so called classics.
This site is always great source of irony in that people are still ignorant of this being the “tribute to ignorance.”

Comment by Lair 07.19.13 @

yeah fuck 3rd bass, so what?

Comment by Donaleski 07.19.13 @

Curious to know what the 3 good Tupac songs are? Please don’t say Brenda’s Got a Baby.

Comment by Louis Winthorpe 07.19.13 @

Who here ever took the Fu-Schnicken dudes seriously?… There’s only 3 artists on this list i’m surprised about, but once again that’s Robbie’s opinion..Ya’ gotta chill out and stop getting butt-hurt over someone’s opinion.

Comment by lou 07.19.13 @

superDave must be 60 years old, getting mad that Robbie was introduced to Run in ’87….it’s that statement that makes you look like an idiot…Robbie was probably 10 years old or younger at that point, so like many fans of music from any genre he would later go back and discover everything that was before his time. Anyway everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but 2pac made some great music. Also whoever said Outkast is overrated is out of their damn mind. Lastly although I do see your point about Rakaa his solo album was surprisingly good.

Comment by thatruth 07.19.13 @

I agree with about Too-Pack. Whatever talent he had was so commercially exploited by his family and shady record people that there was no purpose beyond the mythology after his death, brought about because no one really rated him when he was alive- and that he was quite the scumbag when he wanted to be. Thug life? You’re damn right.And he played up to every stereotype possible. I disagree with a lot on the list, but that’s fine. At least Robbie’s got the bollocks to say something against the consensus. Mos Def is pretty dreadful too. Busta Rhymes should be on that list.

Comment by andrew 07.19.13 @

I never got into run dmc like that but I would never claim I don’t like them! They are legends straight up and a lot of old school heads I know personally who are legends themselves, respect DMC and recite their lyrics/songs when the shit comes on the jukebox, even striking the b-boy stance and all that. So tomorrow won’t be the day where I start dissing Run DMC.

I could care less about third bass, never got into that corny whiteboy flow from Serch. That guy has like one tone. As far as people dissing Jay-Z that’s just plain stupid because there is no doubt that dood is dope, above average, and a superstar. Even when Reasonable Doubt came out, before we even suspected he would become this huge superstar, we could listen and say that he sounded fresh. I mean, how are people going to front on a Brooklyn sounding rapper. This guy is from Brooklyn, he is just RAP, by birth right. Don’t get it twisted, there are some wack rappers in Brooklyn but it’s clearly not Jay-Z.

As far as Dilated Peoples goes, Evidence is not good to me anymore, but Work The Angles is like a classic, and a lot of other early singles, just off the beats alone. Ev had this monotone flow that was way up Mr. Eon’s, and I dug some Mr. Eon verses.

A lot of these kids online express their opinion, and it’s cool, but a lot of taste comes from CONTEXT, and without context or with a different context it’s normal to relate differently to a certain artist. There was a time, for me personally, 94-99, where I was embedded in a hip-hop context, that was very raw and dope and it probably made a lot of average sounding music sound better than it was. I’m not looking back and saying it was wack though.

Comment by Kyu 07.20.13 @

I always thought post-EPMD Erick Sermon was dope. I did note that the lyrics were simplistic, but the music was infectious.

I was a fan of Canibus because he had lyrics and he really opened people to a new kind of lyricism that was emerging back then. Canibus is the father of a lot of so-called punchline/lyricist/battle rappers today, although I did find that he didn’t switch up his flow often, but then again I didn’t expect him to sound like Biggie, or Common. Common sound soft as fuck now, but he can still sound rugged. By definition every MC stretch the limits of what it means to be an MC, and they take risks, and that’s what makes them relevant. What I’m saying is that I did like Electric Circus, and I’m not a Soulquarian, I just think he really expanded his MC register on that album and it was very stimulating.

Comment by Kyu 07.20.13 @

real niggas don’t talk shit

Comment by superDave 07.20.13 @

So by that token you’ve proven that you are not a “real nigga.”

Comment by Larry Legend 07.20.13 @

LOL at this superDave clown with his “real niggas donโ€™t talk shit”. haha The reality is that “real n*ggas” ain’t postin up their thoughts & opinions in the comment section of some blog. And “real n*ggas” ain’t actin like a little bitch over what a blogger decides to type about on his own damn blog. No one forces you to read anything, br0. What you read is your choice. Just sayin…

And another LOL at “in all seriousness, what is the point of an article like this”. Why does there need to be a point? I mean, is there a point to everything you do? I know if I had my own blog I would be talkin shit left & right. Would there be a point? No, not at all… I would be talkin shit because I can. Its that simple. *shrugs*

Comment by Wicked 07.20.13 @

50 cent is The Most Overated!

Comment by Ja Rule Army 07.20.13 @

551 Serra Mall Stanford, CA 94305?
August 4th 10pm?

Wicked I’m in San Jose, I’ll be seeing you

Comment by superdave 07.21.13 @

Wicked is just the biggest faggot on the entire internet. Someone needs to slap him up and youtube that shit.

Comment by Wicked22's fake Filipino Girlfriend 07.21.13 @

if y’all are gonna fight be sure to put that shit on worldstar. thanks.

Comment by binary star 07.22.13 @

Sending out addresses and a date to meet is an invitation to what??? So pause-worthy in such a way.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 07.22.13 @

Robbie, your opinions are your opinions and I respect them as such even if I disagree. That’s what I love about this site. Sidebar: By the time Tougher Than Leather, album and waste of celluloid, dropped in ’88, the transition in Hip-Hop that started in ’86 had completely swept Run DMC into irrelevance. Part of the reason, I think, was the fact that Tougher Than Leather was actually supposed to drop in ’87 but Russell Rush, in one of his prolonged bouts of angel dust and crack cocktail consumption, had the group tied up in legal garbage tryin’ to get them off of Profile so he could sign them to Def Jam. Yeah, as if you’re goin’ to let a group that just sold 3 million in a genre where that doesn’t happen just mosey off the label. I think if that album dropped when it was supposed to, it would have bought them another couple of years. Just a thought…

Comment by oskamadison 07.22.13 @

LOL at this fgt with the address to basically where my radio show is, at KZSU Stanford. haha


My show wont be back on the air til October at the latest because of my suspension. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Wicked 07.22.13 @

cats really wanna meet up & fight because robbie said he don’t like Run DMC & 3rd Bass?

Comment by $yk 07.22.13 @

Anyway, to get back to a real conversation, I’m not gonna pretend to know why Robbie put out the article. But I think it’s valuable in letting people know it’s OK to have unpopular rap opinions. I think how the landscape is today, people are afraid to go against popular opinion. Once we venerate certain rappers, it seems that not many people ever want to admit when said rapper comes wack.

Take Bun B for example. Bun made classics with UGK and has positioned himself as an ambassador for hip-hop. And he generally seems like a cool-ass dude in interviews. But because of those things, people are afraid to admit that he’s pretty wack as a rapper these days.

That applies even more for old school, golden era artists.

Comment by dotquan 07.22.13 @

Good points, dotquan. I’m so sick & tired of all these fuckin fgts who are scared to say the truth about shit. People who used to be dope, no matter how much of a good or cool person they are, can end up bein wack and there should be nothing wrong with saying so. If people don’t wanna called wack, then here’s a thought… DON’T MAKE WACK SHIT!!

Comment by Wicked 07.23.13 @

$yk, what up!! Where you been?

Comment by oskamadison 07.23.13 @

I cant fault you for your dislikes and I agree with most. Though alot of those dudes mentioned had a few really good songs, in the grand scheme of things I think youre pretty on point.

Canibus Id say had a phenomenal run prior to recording How We Roll….his cameo game was dope.

Kweli and Pac – I agree wholeheartedly with your assessments.

Comment by Prime 07.23.13 @

Wicked, you really want to talk shit? I will see you on it, I’m not far. You name the place and time and I will fuck you up. Bottom line. Otherwise, the only faggot is you… you talking real slick behind the safety of your computer screen, personally that’s the only faggot shit I’m seeing.

Comment by superDave 07.23.13 @

So wait superFag, I’m the one talkin shit behind a computer screen, yet yoar the clown sayin you want to meet up with me in real life to fuck me up? hahaha Sounds like someone takes the internet pretty seriously. Did I make you mad with somethin I said? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… :(

I was at Soul Slam SF this past Saturday… where were you? And I love fgts like yoarself with the online threats FROM BEHIND A COMPUTER SCREEN! The few times I’ve run into people from UGHH or wherever they were always cool in person and would say shit like “I was just talkin shit man.” Whatever the case, GO FUCK YOARSELF FGT!! piss out

Comment by Wicked 07.25.13 @

world war 3 up in this bitch! see what u started Robbie lol

Comment by lou 07.25.13 @

If you’re going to call me out by name, call me a faggot, I’m just curious if you would have the balls to say that to my face, or back that up with action, and I guarantee you wouldn’t. You don’t see me calling you out, only responding to you, because talking shit about strangers online is some bitch shit. Anything I say online, I am fully prepared to back up, in real life, are you? I’ll just wait until your show comes back on the air, and I will run into you there. And yes, I will videotape it and put it on youtube. I really can’t wait to see what you have to say to me. You should have quit while you were ahead.

Comment by superDave 07.30.13 @

This can’t be life… *shaking head*

Lookin forward to meetin you, superFag. Fuckin fgt.

Comment by Wicked 07.30.13 @

. Wouldnt be suprised if superdave is munson and you just wrote a bunch of replies to a straight troll.

Comment by Gx 07.30.13 @

Its all good, Gx. Troll or not, dude is a straight up fgt! Even worse if he or she is a troll cuz that would mean he or she has no fuckin life. Sad, but true. :(

Comment by Wicked 08.01.13 @

I remember getting into a heated discussion with my boy back in the day because I said Scarface (from the Geto boys) was better than 2Pac. Seriously, was I wrong?

Comment by nuffced 08.07.13 @

@ nuffced:

Are you serious??? Hell, no…

Comment by oskamadison 08.07.13 @

@ oska

Can you really dismiss Face from the discussion that easily? Really?

Your earlier post about the tougher than leather Run Dmc was on point, so i feel that you know hip hop.

With that said, i made this comment when the Me Against The World dropped which was Pac’s biggest album at the time but the softest to me of his previous 2 albums. To me, at that time, Face was more rawer and lyrically better than Pac at that moment.

Go back and revisit the 2 artist during that time and compare.

Comment by nuffced 08.10.13 @

@ nuffced:

A little miscommunication, homes…

Your question was “am I wrong?” and my response was “hell, no”. I guess the way I worded it was a little confusing. Basically, Face was everything “Pac died tryin’ to be.

Comment by oskammadison 08.12.13 @

@superDave: I gotta say, you hit the nail on the head.

Comment by Zin-Zeta 08.22.13 @

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