Kool Keith Fires Back At Unkut?


Just noticed this comment from Lair dating back to February, where he points out, “I think Keith recorded a diss track just for you off of this article”, linking to a song that dropped a mere 12 days after I expressed my bitter disappointment at Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown tour.

While the cover image bares a striking resemblance to the venue I attended, the rhymes don’t really confirm that it has anything to do with my review, unless you consider “You heard the track accurate, that’s what I’m about” to be a rationale for his lip-syncing during the show in question, and “Laugh online…LOL…they stuck!” to be a subliminal aimed at Unkut HQ.

Hold up! On closer inspection, “Caught up in the zone like people with long cords on they phone/they can’t think out the box, so they won’t stay in the box” pretty much sums up everything that the Conservative Rap Coalition is about. Did Poppa Large (pause) just ether me?

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I’m pretty sure kool keith would’ve just dissed you brah….but it’s that much cooler if he got all esoteric w/the shit! Dissed by Kool Keith……..congrats.

Comment by bboycult 07.31.13 @

Kool Keith died more than a decade ago.

Comment by OnkelMichael 07.31.13 @

Onkel I was thinking the same thing while listening to this. Brought me back to buying my last Kool Keith album round 2001. After i listened to Mathew i remember saying to myself how this is the last time Keith gets any money from me,

Comment by 357 NYC 07.31.13 @

I don’t think it’s a diss at you Robbie, but if it really is then as BBoycult said it’s a great achievement for Unkut. It’s weird (no joke intended) how Ultra went crap. You’ve recently shown us how Kane, Ra and G Rap can still deliver after 20+ years, it’s a shame that some others cannot.

Comment by Chris Ward 07.31.13 @

Would’ve been dope if he called you out by name or mentioned unkut.com ha. After the last kool keith show I went to and he just did the choruses from all his songs, I gave up on kool keith shows. He did sign my kool keith trading card upside down though.

Comment by gstatty 07.31.13 @

Nice track.

Comment by ScottFree 07.31.13 @

If it is a diss everyone should start dissing KK hard all the time non stop. Best track I heard from him in like a fuckin decade.

It’s actually a proper beat for fuck sake. That’s a major fucking accomplishment for Kool Kieth.

Comment by Nosferatu 08.01.13 @

Dope track, doesn’t seem aimed at any 1 person though

Comment by Enig Mue 08.02.13 @

Did you hear Keith on Goldenarmz’ new LP?

Comment by Fosterakahunter 08.03.13 @

i can assure you this track is NOT aimed at unkut.com

Comment by Ultrakeith.net 08.03.13 @

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