No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Jay-Z Let Me Down…Again


Finally a perfect excuse to throw massive amounts of shade towards the most jocked rapper of all time…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Jay-Z Let Me Down…Again

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I remember when a gimmick was releasing a double album. Geez what are they doing to our art form.

Comment by Dan E Fresh 07.07.13 @

Way too critical on the album itself. The app was shit I’m sure, but the album is doper than most shit that’s posted on this site. Let me rephrase: The album is doper than everything on this site despite the Roc Marciano song posts.

Jay-Z sounds hungry and aggressive, as opposed to him talking about beach chairs or some shit awhile ago, it’s a breath of fresh air. Sure I’m not feeling all the beats, but there is rarely an album that has nothing but dope beats even the classics.

Plus, just cause Jay-Z is incredibly wealthy, doesn’t mean he can’t have fears about raising a child. Most wealthy people fuck up their kids royally. It’s a lot more complex than him being able to buy her anything she wants.

Anyways, it’s a solid album, and it’s way more “Hip Hop” than Robbie lets on.

Drag the album to your computer, or plug some decent headphones into your android.

Comment by Shopenhauer 07.07.13 @

^^^^ Fanboy fag.

The only good albums Jay-Z ever made were the ones featuring Memphis Bleek. It’s no coincidence that his Bleek-less albums are all shit, because Bleek was the true brains behind Jay’s career and ghostwrote all Jay’s lyrics on his good albums.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 07.07.13 @

At this point in Jay’s career i expect nothing but him rapping about yachts and St. Tropez over shitty Timbaland beats.

Comment by lou 07.07.13 @

Not a fanboy. There’s plenty Jay Z albums that suck ass. This isn’t one of them.

Go back to listening to some garbage wack shit that only a couple of hundred people heard, and claim it’s best shit ever and how everything in the world is broken cause the lame fuckers never got on.

Comment by Shopenhauer 07.07.13 @

I love Robbie’s write up. I haven’t heard the album itself, but all the crap surrounding it is enough to not want to hear it at all.

The videos were ridiculous enough, Rick Rubin looks like he’s just there for the free pizza, while the other bozo’s are probably happy to be working again.

Comment by Caesar 07.07.13 @

Lol @”Maybe the beats sound good in the car but it’s stuck on my phone.”

This was all spot on.

Comment by Gx 07.07.13 @

Go back to listening to some garbage wack shit that only a couple of hundred people heard, and claim it’s best shit ever and how everything in the world is broken cause the lame fuckers never got on.


I ain’t getting paid to defend Jay-Z, nor does he need my defense. His career speak for itself. I personally love his first 3 albums and the 5th: Roc La Familia ( which by the way was his last pure hip hop album). In ALL his albums there is always a gem or two or more.

BUT Y’ ALL heads needs to stop playing yourself: Jay Z is Better than your favorite MC. In the history of hip hop only a few can come close to dude: KRS, Rakim, Nas, LL,Biggie, Tupac ( in terms of influence), Kane, G Rap, Eminem….There been countless other top dogs, but that pinnacle of Skills, Influence, and commercial viability….there are probably less than 50 MCs and they mostly are not covered on this site.

Roc Marcy is good, very good but he is not in the pantheon of all time immortals

Comment by BKThoroughbred 07.07.13 @

@BK: The album is still garbage, despite what Jay-Z’s legacy may be. LL Cool J is still the greatest rapper of all time anyway.

@Shop: You must have mistaken this site for a circa 2002 rap forum.

Comment by Robbie 07.07.13 @

@Robbie-I’ve maintained that Uncle L is rap’s G.O.A.T. for a minute…what I want to know is why both D’Jay-Z (the D is silent) and Western Kenya seemed to have rushed their album to market…

Comment by stylez g. write 07.07.13 @

@this point Robbie..I’m gonna trust in your relay; the hype makes not give single solitary fuck and from what I read about MCHG; I could probably just rock w/WTT ( for all my super black excellence needs) and so I think I shall proceed ( Yes Roots ) ….But fuck all that crumb shit ;NEW KA ( The Night’s Gambit ) soon mothafuckin come!

Comment by bboycult 07.08.13 @

Sunshine to that 16yr old Canadian sista that landed a beat on that shit though…she gon cop commas from all the dick riders now!
Speaking of….hopefully people stop sucking moneymediaspectacle dick long enough to listen to that new Tony Touch shit and that UGOD shit ( sleep if you want to…) comin out this month too.

Comment by bboycult 07.08.13 @

Jay Z is ‘smart’ music for fucking retards; read a motherfucking book– prose, poetry, fiction, non-, nearly anything, even Donald Goines– and get some goddamn perspective.

Can’t believe the Shawn Carter ballwashers on this site, especially in a music which claims to be descended from Gil Scott-Heron, the Last Poets, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder.

Ya’ll are just fucking embarrassing but that’s your own failure to evolve or demand better, not consensus history and the cheap fucking whores who trumpet it.

Right, right: maybe that sextuple entendre flew right by my head but I doubt it… sexy sexy sexy!!!

Comment by W.E.B. 40 Oz Dubois 07.08.13 @

I have a Samsung but it ain’t a Galaxy so on the 4th, I youtubed that bitch and listened to maybe 5 songs. Production wise, it’s not really my 40oz. of beer but lyrically, dude’s pen (or lack thereof) game is still mean, imo. Lookin’ for that new Ka and…Marci Beaucoup, bitches!!!

Comment by oskamadison 07.08.13 @

…and it still beats the dogshit out of Yeezus…

Comment by oskamadison 07.08.13 @

Oska, you live in a world with a century of music, black and otherwise, at your fingertips; who says you should listen or pay attention to either of these douchebags? I agree, Kanye is also fucking banal, one line about CCA/DEA doesn’t change that, nor does his brain damaged imitation El-P-if-he-was-gay soundscapes.

How many P-Funk and George Clinton solo albums are there you haven’t spun heavy lately? Lots, probably.

Comment by W.E.B. 40 Oz Dubois 07.08.13 @

The app was a fail and the ads were a bait and switch, no doubt.

But I’m saying: Picasso Baby’s not a hip-hop beat??

Comment by Jay Smooth 07.08.13 @

A lot of people have different opinion and like different style of Rap, beats… When i see all the pictures & Names on the Unkut Website: Rakim, Blaq Poet… Jay Z have not a place on this list with this album, it’s totally a different Hip Hop Than the Purist of the 90’s Like, from the Beats to the rhymes. Jay Z is inside a different universe, since a few years, His music is eclectic, from rock, pop to electronic… No disrecpect for Jay Z or his fans but it’s no more the same thing since his First Albums. If we could compare to an artist, Nas did A better Hip Hop Album for the Golden era lovers, maybe Jay Z’ll have to do the same & return with the essence of Hip Hop with producers as pete rock, large Pro, Dj Premier… & Work with some Underground or Hip Hop icons, but that’s some dreams of a Hip Hop fan, maybe not the ambition of Jay Z…
if i’ll have to select 2 or 3 songs on this album, i’ll maybe pick the Picasso Baby & 1 or 2 more joints but i have not found something crazy or something who could become a classic later…

Comment by DJ MODESTY 07.08.13 @

@Jay Smooth: I’m willing to concede on this point, although the painfully laboured name-checking in the rhymes render it virtually moot.

Comment by Robbie 07.08.13 @

WEB 40 Dubois??? White Van McCoy/Ejaculation Munson, is that you????

Comment by oskamadison 07.08.13 @

its not THAT bad, yo. go back and listen to kingdom come and then listen to mchg.

Comment by dmfslimm 07.09.13 @

…and oh yeah, its 100 times more bearable than yeezus.

Comment by dmfslimm 07.09.13 @

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