Video: 3rd Bass Reunion Show

I’ve never been a huge fan of these guys, but they did help KMD get on so I’m willing to cut them some slack. This recent reunion show certainly doesn’t seem to do them any favors, basically resembling what would happen if a guy who owned the local pizza store and his accountant decided to put on a rap show.

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The Cactus Album is a classic, so was the remix album. Brooklyn Queens, Product of the Environment, Steppin to the AM, Gas Face etc..Derilects of Dialect was really good too and Daddy Rich was nasty on the wheels. These too used to kill it live, throw in KMD and you have got one of the most important groups of the time

Comment by 357nyc 07.18.13 @

Sure but it doesn’t change the fact I never liked either of them as rappers.

Comment by Robbie 07.18.13 @

@357nyc ….add to that/they took on AND took out all that MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice fuckery and the bio is complete! 3rd Bass gets SHINE!

@Robbie…you get a Emis Gasface drink from a thermos!

Comment by bboycult 07.18.13 @

They made good records but I cannot stand either of them. Serch’s dancing in the steppin to the a.m video is also laughable. How much of their quality was down to Sam Sever, particularly first lp.

Comment by Sg 07.18.13 @

they were the jackie robinsons of hip hop

Comment by keatso 07.18.13 @

MAN I just lost a lot of respect for this site with these BULLSHIT COMMENTS on ONE of the Greatest HIPHOP GROUPS of all time.KMDs albums couldent touch ether one of Third Basses Albums.No disrespect to The Beasties but the 3rd showed that White dudes could really rap. I love Unkut and all but Robbie you lost me on this one fucking sad cause the youth are already fucked up and don’t know shit about CLASSIC Material. I don’t even do this but FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

Comment by DIALTONE 07.18.13 @


YO man that “Jackie Robinson” comment is straight up ridiculous….I’m not going to even go into detail about that one because it should be obvious why it was “out of pocket” ….

I understand what your trying to get at, but please cut it out…


Comment by DRASAR MONUMENTAL 07.18.13 @

Yo Robbie you fucking trippin, they put KMD on so they worth something? Both 3rd bass albums are way better then both KMD albums, you can say you wasnt a fan but there is a respect level slim that i feel you crossed, they was just as dope as any group lyrically of there time, they where more respected in the hip hop world then the Beasties! Great Production and great concepts for great music, i use to have alot of respect for this site because its my cup of tea im a old school head , but you played yourself with that comment! An i work with Doom , and i would say the same thing to his face as a friend i wouldnt lie and be a yes man! And i think he would agree that 3rd bass was classic and dope, and they get credit for putting kmd on, what about my cousin Kurious he was on Hoppo and Serch found Nas, so get yo facts straight before you disrespect legends, shit Serch killed it on the joint with him Doom and my cuz Kurious on the last Kurious album, so what they out of shape alittle i didnt know we as dude judge men by how they look , thats alittle homo slim! I got Serch still hanging with anybody lyrically in the game , ecspecially from his era EZ feel like you need to reword yo shit you making our culture and history look bad! 3RD BASS WAS ALWAYS DOPE CLASSIC IN MY BOOK!

Comment by cozy 07.18.13 @

As much as I loved the Beastie Boys, they kinda had a novelty act aura about them, especially if you were unaware of their roots in punk rock and Hip Hop. 3rd Bass had an air of authenticity in their music and their image. However brief their time together was, they made some good music and earned their keep in The House That Rick Built. That Product of The Environment remix still bangs to this day.

BTW Boy What up!”

Comment by oskamadison 07.18.13 @

Not sure how admitting I’m not a huge fan of a group rates as “disrespect”, but if that’s what you want I’ll start working on jokes about Serch’s mom!

Comment by Robbie 07.18.13 @

Don’t sleep on the Cactus Album Rob.

Comment by Mike Nice 07.18.13 @

@Mike Nice: I had the album, I just didn’t like the rapping.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 07.18.13 @

who wants 3rd base? im only interested in home runs!!

Comment by sbuno 07.18.13 @

The world does not need a reformed 3rd Bass. I thought that their relationship was irreparably damaged; They’ve said it in the past and often. Lol at these clowns that READ this site, and otherwise enjoy it, but now can’t stand that their two favorite “real” white boy rappers are taking a drubbing. FUXX YOUR SENSITIVE FEELINGS!!

Comment by Fosterakahunter 07.19.13 @

Btw, Beastie Boys = far> 3rd Bass. 3rd Bass got thrown on Def Jam after Rick and the Beastie Boys took an exit.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 07.19.13 @

3RD Bass are phat and fat.

Comment by Dan_E_Fresh 07.19.13 @

Serch is a goof, he proved that when he was telling black girls how to wear their hair back in ’88 on “the gasface.” Remember him saying MC Hammer had a hit out on him? How about dropping the verboten “N-word” on wax repeatedly during the 90’s (even going so far as to have it edited out of later pressings of certain tracks) then making a girl from Far Rock (his hometown) wear a giant “nigga chain” on that cringe worthy reality show for using the same word outside of a studio? At a certain point you start to realize the guy is just a bad vaudeville act who’s relied on race and jealousy of big commercial acts for almost all his “hits.”
Serch didn’t only invent the term “gasface”, he went on to define it.

All you keep it real motherfuckers don’t realize the Beasties are actual musicians who’ve had an amazing ear for producers. They do *classic old school party rapping* because you can actually get down to that. Ever tried dancing to a jewish guy from Queens with a high top fade telling you the genetics behind pale skin?

The Beastie Boys never needed to attack someone they’d never met to be creative, and as a result their music sounds nowhere near as outdated as tracks going after the flavors of the month from 20+ years ago. “Three MC’s and One DJ” is more “real” hiphop than anything 3rd Bass ever released.(your albums being a venue for good producers and better mc’s doesn’t mean *you’ve* made a classic.)

Comment by Lair 07.19.13 @

Look rob is entitled to his option I’m not mad, however this was one of my favorite duo groups with a real dj run dmc, epmd,then 3rd base. These were the best in that order of all time when it came to two emcees and a dj type groups. I feel they were extremely underrated. Beastie boys was dope I’m not go lie especially the check your head album, and the ill communication album. But lyrically they were not on the same level as search and Pete . They got they asses serve to them on sons of third base, the first song from the cactus album.. the remix album and derelicts of dialect were very dope not only the production but they step their lyrics up majorly. Pete nice really was the star of the show on the derelicts of dialect album.when they broke up it was. Ashamed cause they just drop the gladiator song, and the easy moe bee remix really showed their skills. songs like word to third, portrait of an artist as a hood, product of the environment remix,soul in the hole ace in the hole with kmd,no static at all, micphrone techniques with nice and smooth and derelicts of dialect were all dope.they represented real hiphop and were true to the art form . They knew the origins and to me had much street cred. Sometimes search might of tried to hard but none the less they had skills and represented. Hiphop culture thoroughly . So rob you have the right to your opinion and I respect that but go back and listen thoroughly to all their work and try to give them another chance. And by the way dj daddy rich was a beast go watch some those it’s and new music semeniar battles for reference

Comment by Derrick 07.19.13 @

God damn there’s a lot of foolery in here. I respect your opinion Robbie, but 3rd Bass is straight up classic. They made legit dope hip hop music. I don’t give a fuck how out of shape and poor of a performance they give now, they were (and ARE) important to the hip-hop game. If we start ripping groups for their live performances, a lot of classics are going down. Looking at you, Wu-Tang…..

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.21.13 @

@DRASAR ’twas a joke my man, meant to be ridiculous

Comment by keatso 07.22.13 @

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