Eminem – Berzerk
Monday August 26th 2013,
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Many an afternoon, I sit alone in a a four-cornered room staring at candles, wondering, “Why hasn’t anyone made a decent rap version of Billy Squier‘s ‘The Stroke’ yet?”. Turns out that Rick Rubin was saving it so he could follow up his Billy Squier Break Beats For A-List Rap Stars series which began with Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems”. The bad news is that Eminem refuses to make a song that doesn’t have a really shitty hook that involves either himself or some emo broad singing (by tim). The good news is that this doesn’t sound like Linken Park. Nevertheless, I’m happy to support any rap that uses abrasive guitar stabs and encourages Rubin to put some shoes on and stop sleeping on leather couches. Also….cowbell.

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Never liked Eminem, ever.

Comment by esto 08.26.13 @

That’s great Esto.

I fucks with this. Minus the hook.

Comment by AFFEX 08.26.13 @


without singing i could’ve give it a pass

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 08.27.13 @

If your rapper name isn’t Willie D I’m not trying to hear you on a track but the beat is banging. Props to whoever made this beat while Rick Rubin meditated on the studio couch.

Comment by hotbox 08.27.13 @

Andrew cosign no doubt Em is one of the best with a pen but all the wack hooks this guy does and 85%of the beats always do it in for me.

Comment by 357 NYC 08.27.13 @

Stop it…This shit is terrible, from the beat down to Em’s whiny voice.

Comment by lou 08.27.13 @

Sounds lie Glam Rock…MCA is spinning in his grave

Comment by RichLexicon 08.27.13 @

I want to like it, but I can’t. Either have no hook or have someone else do it. The hook and the last verse are pretty terrible. Em should have ate the beat up vintage LL style. No egsaturated voices, just rap. I did however enjoy RR’s beat.

Comment by skinny 08.28.13 @

SHITS FUCKIN GARBAGE!!! Why the hell would you post this nonsense??? Jesus man. And don’t get me wrong, Feminem spittin like he did back then is dope, but the end result here is fuckin GARBAGE!! Sounds like noise. Shits annoying as fuck. Only fgts will listen to this nonsense.

Comment by Wicked 08.29.13 @

Em’s voice is too whiny and is getting worse with each release

Comment by Carl 08.29.13 @

Shit’s wack! If I want to hear shit like this, I’ll listen to Licensed To Ill. 1987 and shits all over this.

Comment by RigaTony 08.29.13 @

this shit is fucking garbage..

Comment by Darth Hater 08.29.13 @

Never mind Marshall…two things on Rick’s to do list: link up with Ad Rock and Mike D for that MCA tribute and kidnap LL, hold him hostage in the studio and strong arm one more dope album from him.

Comment by oskamadison 08.29.13 @

Shouldn’t the bad news be that eminem made another song at all.

Comment by RobThom 08.30.13 @

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