Macklemore Ripped-Off His Haircut From A 90’s Washington Rapper
Monday August 26th 2013,
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For anyone who doesn’t have pale-faced “indy” rap sensation Macklemore condemned to death by firing squad based on his musical output, this should convince you. MC Class B-Max, aka Robert Bassett Ben Saunders from The Source‘s “Unsigned Hype” winning crew Brothers Of The Same Mind can clearly be seen sporting the same “funkee” hair-do as ya boy Young Thriftshop, way back in 1991. I demand that his MTV Video Music Award be stripped from him immediately and that B-Max is paid 50% of all future royalties until said haircut is changed.

Brothers of the Same Mind – “High Brothers”

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lol I seriously doubt he knows who the fuck that is. It’s a cheesy haircut that a lot of douches from preps to wiggers used to sport in the early 90’s.

Comment by RigaTony 08.26.13 @

watch your fucking back macklemore.

Comment by gx 08.26.13 @

Wow, you’re posting about this Pop clown fgt Macklemore?! You need help, Robbie. #RealTalk

Comment by Wicked 08.29.13 @

@Robbie > I’m very surprised you even acknowledged this dude’s existence. I’m talking about Macklemore.

Comment by uLtRaMa6nEt1c 08.29.13 @

That Roger Klotz cut

Comment by KARL 08.30.13 @

Who are any of those people?

But a quick glance and half assed scan of the first paragraph supports my theory that ignorance of some things is indeed truly bliss.

Comment by RobThom 08.30.13 @

I congratulate anyone trying to make it.
Money + Support= Success. A little talent can help. Brothers Of The Same Mind still exist. It is now a production company for “Hip Hops Damage Control”

Featuring “Delanor Baychester” AKA M.C. Class

Comment by M.C. Class 09.03.13 @

I give props to biz success, no matter the hair. One person’s ripoff is another’s homage.

Comment by Nsncy Mason 09.04.13 @

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