No Country For Old (Rap) Men: How Not To Write About Old Rap
Thursday August 01st 2013,
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Some people shouldn’t be allowed to talk about rap in public…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: How Not To Write About Old Rap

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You tell him Robbie! Only because I’m unemployed and have plenty of time to waste, I read the reviews given by Aaron. Why use a child to review the rap equivalents of the Old Testament? There needs to be a ban on people reviewing albums made before they were born. On that reasonable basis, I’m good to comment on anything made after Wattstax…

Comment by Chris Ward 08.02.13 @

I stumbled upon a few of this clown’s reviews last year and haven’t visited the site since. Seems like a dumb desperate way to troll for page views.

Comment by hotbox 08.02.13 @

Fucking Aaron. What a fag.

Comment by Gx 08.02.13 @

You can’t review albums unless they are reviewed at the time of release. “Radio” and “raising hell” in my view changed hip hop as they proved that hip hop groups could make whole lps of material. “Criminal minded” was just so harsh and blew everything else out of the water until the first Kane and g-rap lps.

Comment by Sg 08.04.13 @

I read some “reviews” of this unintelligent uneducated fuck. Glad that U got him at last

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 08.04.13 @

“Unfortunately, what I found was exactly what rendered Strictly Business and Critical Beatdown mediocre to me: too many same-sounding braggadocio tracks.”

I almost spit on my monitor with hate when I read this line. I kinda wish this kid was swallowed.

Comment by gstatty 08.06.13 @

i’m done reading this fags reviews after reading that critical beatdown is mediocre. “there’s only so much scratching and cutting you can do before i’m bored” (from the epmd review)someone tell that cock swallower to keep to his shitty drake/kanye records then.

Comment by 4:20 10.25.13 @

Everybody is entitled to an opinion but this fucking Douche Bag who I Have Pubic Hair older then has no clue what so ever. I think the Soccer Moms who do horrendous album reviews at PEOPLE magazine understand Hip-Hop Music better than this Cum Stain that lived. I remember when these albums he disses came out and why and what made them so unique and it’s beyond me being a bitter grumpy old man. I would NEVER review music that I didn’t have a 100% understanding of. He should review the latest experiments in slowing down Diarrhea of the pen. – See more at:

Comment by Davito 10.25.13 @

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