No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Kendrick Lamar – The King of Troll Rap
Thursday August 15th 2013,
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A predictable but necessary response to recent K. Dot hoopla…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Kendrick Lamar – The King of Troll Rap

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Jay EDM, LOOOOOOOOLZ. Troll Rap indeed. I think he did ether most of New York, but it was really watered down ether. I thought he spit excellently, but mostly I’m surprised that Robbie the East coast elitest would even bother wasting his time on anyone from the West. In that vibe interview Smedium Sean kept insisting he was no “Hoe ass n*gga” but his pause worthy crotch grabs & weight lifting props were studio gangster to the max.

Comment by gstatty 08.15.13 @

Good article! But yo, I just realized that Robbie has blocked me on Twitter. WTF?! haha

Robbie, when the fuck did I piss yoar Aussie ass off???

Comment by Wicked 08.16.13 @

Ok Robbie I like the way you see thru BS. !!!! This rap Ish has gone crazy !

Comment by Shimrock 08.16.13 @

Also, you’ve coined the term of a new genre, Troll rap.

Comment by gstatty 08.16.13 @

Kendrick proved u could be lyrical and sell units now all of a sudden you can see a change in these main stream rappers like Cole n Sean etc which imo is good for hip hop. Idk how u some of yall cant get kendrick. To me all his albums can be played in rotation with krs coflow prt de la soul nwa or insert any classic hip hop artist name from the golded age to the 89.9 age till now, son is a beast and one of the best. Im jus glad i work with some young bucks who put me up on section 80 back when i was angry jus like yall. Last year best albums to me where killer mike KA el p n kendrick. I can’t be the only head who bumps Hark and GKMC..kid is the truth

Comment by 357nyc 08.16.13 @

357nyc, you are not alone.

Comment by Krisch 08.16.13 @

The song…is DOPE…and that is what makes me cosign @Robbie 100%…’s the fucking fuckboi STANLEYs that ruin shit and they played right into the Industry hands w/this skirt drama. TROLL RAP (c)Robbie

Joell BEASTED though and Lupe went bonkers too…everything else is herbs and skirts; especially Papoose with that hoe shit/low blow shit (in the video he’d be winking at the camera the entire time; rappers is desperate b!)

Comment by bboycult 08.16.13 @

I agree he is the truth. As someone who grew in NY during the golden era, I recognize a progression that stays true to the ethos, but not in a way that will have you only recognized as god in the perpetual purgatory of the New York City Housing Authority and/or Dept of Corrections hall of fame e.g. Papoose or Joell. These dudes are real good, but do they have what it takes to be great? Apparently not.

Comment by keatso 08.16.13 @

Every washed up D list East Coast rapper is recording a ‘response’ song now, and even hundreds of youtube rappers are recording doo doo vocals at the “studio” aka their laptops.

Thanks Kendrick, one verse has opened the floodgates of diarrhea music to torture us for the rest of the summer.

Comment by Caesar 08.17.13 @

what’s the big deal about this cat he is ok but that’s it.king of new york fuck out here with that bullshit. if tim dog ain’t really dead we need fuck compton pt 2 for real.

Comment by derrick 08.17.13 @

Comment by Mothra Jones 08.18.13 @


Comment by DIALTONE 08.20.13 @

(looks out to see if there are any more responses comin’…No more?…Good…) The flood of rebuttals really should have stopped after Joell Ortiz. Then again, I would have loved to hear Tim Dog go in on some “Fuck Compton 2013 (Especially you, Game)”.

Comment by oskamadison 08.22.13 @

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