The Unkut Guide To Milk Dee Videos


Despite having a voice that can shatter glass and sends packs of stray dogs running for the hills, Milk Dee has built an entire career on the back of one song, which he then managed to sample or reference in every single thing since. Unlike most unfortunate 80’s rappers on indy labels, Milk’s dad owned the label that he and his brother Giz were signed to, alongside their sister MC Lyte. As a result, Milk was able to do a remix to 50 Cent‘s “I Get Money” where he listed all the high profile rappers who have written him checks for using samples of “Top Billin'” while wearing exactly the same outfit he sported in 1988. A true CRC role-model.

Audio Two – “I Don’t Care”

Note to rappers – if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re getting bottles of milk splashed all over you, you may want to consider applying for a job with the MTA, or failing that, New Jersey Transit.

Audio Two – “I Get The Papers”

The fact that this song has a video instead of it’s b-side, “Get Your Mother Off The Crack”, defies any credible logic.

Audio Two – “Top Billin'”

Squeezing every last dime out of the video budget, the clip for the “Top Billin'” remix uses snippets of the first two with some lyric-appropriate cardboard signs held up for good measure.

Milk – “Get Off My Log”

Milk got the call from Rick Rubin to head over to LA to make a record. Sadly, Rubin wasn’t involved in the production, but I like to think that he suggested teaming up Milk with Ad Rock for the legendary high-pitched rap experience known as “Spam”.

Jason Downs feat. Milk Dee – “TRIPPIN'”

Somewhere around the turn of the century, First Priority Music get back into the record game with a couple of attempts at country/rap crossovers, not unlike “Accidental Racism” but with bits of “Top Billin'” thrown in.

Johnny BLK feat. Milk Dee – “Automobile”

A slightly better version of the previous song, with another interchangeable country boy filling-in time between Milk detailing getting “Laid and paid”, as he does.

50 Cent/Milk Dee – “I Get Money” (Remix)

Milk out-stunts Curtis here by reminding us that he’s still cashing checks off “Top Billin'”, twenty years later. Vitamin Water what?

Bonus: Audio Two – “Top Billin'” (Live)

Milk’s true skill lay in his ability to make raise his voice another couple of octaves on stage. Truly a national treasure.

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You got the Get off my Log Jazzyfatnastees remix? Kind find that bitch anywhere.

Comment by Caesar 09.23.13 @

Milk Dee forever. Never have been able to work out why I have love. When you think we were entering the time of the Lyricist, the Rs, Kanes and KRSs, Milk just brought the….. the….. I don’t know…….. difference!

Like he says “When Milk is on the mic I say all the ryhmes you MCs hate”

Comment by Dan_E_Fresh 09.23.13 @

Hearing the live rendition, I hear a huge resemblance in his voice with his sister now

Comment by Enig Mue 09.24.13 @

Love Audio Two and the howl First Priority Family CLASSIC BOOM BAP SHIT….

Comment by DIALTONE 09.25.13 @

Love Milk. He did a drop for me 4 yrs ago and he said ” This is Milk Dee from Milk is chilling” not The Audio 2.
It is true. Regardless he’s a fucking Brooklyn Legend and glad he didnt get screwed over by a label like everybody else. Long live Milk. Oh MC Lyte is NOT his sister.

Comment by DJ Davito 09.26.13 @

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