KRS-One – Criminal Minded Practice Sessions


Holy shit…Kenny Parker finally got around to ripping some of those old tapes of KRS-One rapping over breakbeats courtesy of DJ Scott La Rock and Kool DJ Red Alert , as he told us about back in 2006. While there was no sign of the one with the dog barking over Kris’ verse, there’s an incredible ‘La Di Da Di’ style track which I’ve never heard before that will make your year. Shouts out to the Frozen Files crew over at East Village Radio for making this happen.

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Got Damm Kris rocking over Funky Drummer wow…..

Comment by Dante Ross 10.23.13 @

This is straight up legendary…..

Comment by Genovese 10.24.13 @

Hey Robbie, I only played half of that “lodi dodi” styled track and someone bumped the turntable too. I gotta get you the whole thing. It’s crazy. KP

Comment by Kenny Parker 10.24.13 @

damn just imagine an extended convo between red alert and Afrika Bambaataa tho ……… HAAANH!!!!!!!!!

Comment by derek 10.24.13 @

This is sooooooooooo ‘Effin DOPE!!!!!

Comment by Q-Unique 10.24.13 @

is there a download?

Comment by Truth Powell 10.24.13 @

@Kenny: That would be great.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 10.24.13 @

play on soundcloud, copy and paste link into for download

Comment by dizzywo 10.24.13 @

Amazing discovery

Comment by Enig Mue 10.24.13 @

Now this is some fly sh*t!!!

Comment by Bug 10.24.13 @

Dope, got me through 23min of office life! Kenny Parker in the internets/SEEN! Respect!

Comment by bboycult 10.24.13 @

Epic! Nice one, Robbie.

Comment by Ian (@Stellaskid) 10.24.13 @

This shit is NUTZ!! Props

Comment by J.Period 10.24.13 @

hey, there’s part of “making moves” in that mix, one of the tracks from Maximum Strength that has never surfaced. I still really want to hear the rest of that album – making moves sounded good, and several of the white labels were fantastic.

Comment by chakfu 10.24.13 @


Comment by Brad Strut 10.24.13 @

Super dope

Comment by TimSki 10.24.13 @

This is incredible! Thanks Robbie and thank you Mr. Parker.

As for the picture above, I’m assuming Kris is the kid with the loudmouth.

Comment by hotbox 10.24.13 @

Truly a gift from Heaven right here, thank you Kenny Parker, long live BDP forever

Comment by Bigfoot 10.24.13 @

@20:53 a beat from Company Flow’s first album from 1997 drops. Was this recorded way later, or did KRS-ONE have this beat way earlier?

Comment by J-Toth from Hoth 10.25.13 @

The last track that you hear was from Tony Touch’s 50 Mc’s mixtape. I started playing some released stuff as the mix went on. I was spinning for about half an hour.

Comment by Kenny Parker 10.25.13 @

Yo Robbie. Long time. This is incredible.

Peace, Kenny. Thanks for sharing. This made my year.

Comment by bbatson 10.25.13 @

did that ‘making moves’ song every surface anywhere else?

Comment by chakfu 10.26.13 @


Comment by BIN GRIM 10.26.13 @

Amazing. Thanks to all involved especially the omnipotent Kris Parker, and Dizzywo for the d/l science.

Comment by Chris Ward 10.28.13 @


Comment by dmfslimm 10.30.13 @

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