Ten TV and Movie Themes That Cam’ron Needs To Rap Over Right Now
Wednesday October 02nd 2013,
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Having already conquered the theme songs of Hill Street Blues, Nightcourt, Magnum, P.I., Facts of Life, Gimme A Break and now The Golden Girls, it’s fair to say that Cam’ron still has dozens of 80′s themes that require his unique talents to bring them into the present day. Here are ten contenders:

Family Ties

The perfect basis to make track recalls the glory days of the Diplomats family, plus make a punchline using the name Alex P.Keaton. Also, I still got a lotta luh for Malory.


Al Jarreau goes in on this butter smooth 80′s jawn for Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard‘s amusing detective farce. The title alone provides ideal wordplay for various late night escapades.

Growing Pains

This would clearly require some Chipmunk soul speeding up, but the “Don’t waste another minute on your crying” line would be ideal for a classic Killa diss track.

Greatest American Hero

William Katt‘s opening piano is built for looping.

Punky Brewster

A second-rate “Hard Knock Life” rip-off perhaps?

Family Matters

That string section is a winner. Not so much the singing part.

Silver Spoons

Intro for “Hey Ma Part 2″ or nah?


Those shitty drum rolls have got Heatmakerz written all over them.

Who’s The Boss

Surely something could be done with the last five seconds? If nothing else, an excuse to name a rap song “Alyssa Milano”.

“Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do):

Christopher Cross delivered what could only be considered the perfect basis for the next Dipset reunion. If Killa, Jimmy and Juelz can’t recapture that old magic over this joint, all is lost.

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What the hell was all that rubbish? Did you get any of that in Australia? We got none of it in the UK.

Comment by Ross 10.02.13 @

@Ross: I used to watch all of these shits.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 10.02.13 @

Wot no Only Fools And Horses?


Comment by Phillip Mlynar 10.02.13 @

Comedy. Love it.

Comment by Vipul S 10.02.13 @

I think Cam should rhyme over the theme song to the mountain climbing game on The Price Is Right. Yodel-hop could be the next big thing.

Comment by hotbox 10.02.13 @

We didn’t get too many US shows back in the 80s; Cosby Show, Different Strokes, etc. but nothing like any of those.

Comment by Ross 10.02.13 @

Wow those is some childhood TV classics for me..I can see Killa Cam on that “Knight Rider” theme song also for some reason, or even “Too Close For Comfort”..


Comment by lou 10.02.13 @

i can imagine the most misogynistic Dipset jawn over the Thundercats theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na8ThDftsKk

Comment by wheresmygift 10.03.13 @

Who’s the Boss and Benson were both definately on tv in the UK in the 80s. Not sure about the others tho.

Comment by KQ 10.03.13 @

Biz should come out of retirement to do a cover of the theme from Cell Block H / Prisoner. Hopefully changing all the lyrics so it sounds less like a soundtrack to self harm. He really should’ve done the Theme from Cheers, though.

Only Fools and Horses could have only been done by EPMD, with a ‘You’re a Customer’ subtitle and Sermon singing.

Comment by silent minority 10.03.13 @

Robbie whutchu know bout Bread though


Comment by done 10.04.13 @

Theme from Minder, can’t believe it’s not recognized in the Unkut comments section.

Comment by silent minority 10.04.13 @

We definitely had Family Ties, Benson, Moonlighting, Greatest American Hero & Who’s The Boss on tv in the uk in the 80′s

Comment by Blitz 10.04.13 @

I used that moonlighting 45 when I was a still teenager……yo yall didn’t have any of these shows…..sometimes I thank lil baby jesus Im American…..what else did u guys miss out on? all that being said that means foreigners cant possibly fully understand American rap…..too chock full of idioms and pop culture references.

Comment by mercilesz 10.06.13 @

@mercilesz: Australia had all of those shows. So whatcha sayin’?

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 10.07.13 @

Totally unrelated – Robbie, any chance of an interview with Sir Ibu?

Comment by Kq 10.07.13 @

@mercilesz they have this thing called the Internet now. Though tbh alot of the time when u work out what the rapper is actually talking about its often dissapointing compared to what you imagined.

Comment by Gx 10.08.13 @

Americans missed out on a lot of things. It’s far easier for some outsider to hear of an American show due to the dominance of Hollywood rather than vice versa.

Comment by silent minority 10.08.13 @

@ Robbie…..this……lol…….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUsXliGhhHU

Comment by mercilesz 10.12.13 @

Australia aint got no WIZ…..lol….why do you care if ur not American?….Hip Hop is just what I said it was…full of American Idioms and Pop culture…..who cares if u don’t understand it..definitely not me..lol….

Comment by mercilesz 10.12.13 @

that is a regional commercial…..one of the biggest songs of all time…if u r from cali u don’t get it…people in the us don’t get it….only if u r from ny ct and nj u get nobody beats the Biz….now imgine what else u guys don’t get.

Comment by mercilesz 10.12.13 @

Hahaha. Money merc what is your point? You do realise your commenting in a post about Sampling sitcom themes? Lucky u came through with the knowledge bomb that rap has pop culture references! Lol.

Comment by Gx 10.12.13 @

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