Video: Boldy James – You Know [Unkut TV Edition]

Outstanding track from Boldy JamesMy First Chemistry Set album, produced by the Alchemist and set to the visuals of a dive bar at 4 am, where a couple of long-haired young space cadets attempt to win the affections of an equally intoxicated red-head.

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Tell them bitches get the bozack

Comment by Dallas 10.20.13 @

The LP is fuckin dope from start to finish

Comment by TimSki 10.21.13 @

Alchemists beats only got interesting when he went the Madlib route… doing glorified edits of psyche rock/fusion songs, not even piecing together a real beat. I’m glad he doesn’t do that same one kick, one snare, one hi-hat shit anymore tho.

Comment by dickhead jones 10.21.13 @

What kind of music were they actually playing? And why were you there man? haha

Comment by Work the Angle 10.21.13 @

Clearly Australian clubs are different from Canadian bars.

Did Boldy just come out of nowhere and drop a tape with Alc or have I just not been paying attention?

Comment by hotbox 10.21.13 @

I assumed his new direction was influenced by roc Marci but either way it’s grown on me. Some of it is just edits with the drums from the record but alot of the beats are still that ” one kick one snare one hat”technique but it’s all turned down and mixed around the sample rather than gutting all low end out of the sample and having it in the background. Anyway I enjoy it alot more than madlibs shit which sounds low if as fuck. If your going to feature the sample so prominently it’s going to sound better if you don’t bit crush and compress the shit out of it.

Comment by Gx 10.22.13 @

@Work The Angle: Everything from Guns ‘N Roses to The Roots.

Comment by Robbie 10.22.13 @

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