No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Is J. Cole The Dullest Dude In Rap?
Friday November 01st 2013,
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The Bland MC continues his reign of crippling mediocrity outchea…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Is J. Cole The Dullest Dude In Rap?

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Great read, thnks Robbie.

Comment by The Funkologist 11.01.13 @

He is a rather boring rapper, however, I do like his production. The reason he is so compelling to rap fans nowadays is that all you need is a good beat to sell (still unfortunately). The fact that he wrote a song about ‘letting Nas down’ was really just a marketing ploy imo. That’s like telling people on the low that Nas listens to your music, only not on the low at all. His production may not be as good as the likes of fellow North Carolinian 9th Wonder, but when you get signed to Roc-a-fella do you really need any talent to sell records? I’d say he’s the most compelling dude to come out of North Carolina since Justus League, 9th and Little Brother. But if we’re judging him against rap royalty and truly complex spitters Nationally, then yes his rhyming is mediocre.

Comment by gstatty 11.01.13 @

Yo this Dude is so overrated and boring as a game of golf.
Robbie I been saying the same shit about this overrated cornball for the longest too and the word I use also was BORING!!!!!!
I don’t get why he even has a fan base or why anybody would invest in this kid, even from a marketing Money investment point of view.
Now if somebody doesnt suck, People say the artist is Dope?????
Drake is the fakest shit ever though. A Canadian Kid actor turned rapper? He raps with an American Southern accent? How phony is that shit????
These metrosexual rappers are so forgettable.

Comment by Davito 11.02.13 @

word! lol

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 11.03.13 @

WOW I wish there where more J Coles with Dope Lyrics and dope Beats not to mention he does it all his self.. Let Nas down was wack??? Man… will never get back to quilty HIPHOP if these so called purist don’t reconize a certifide dope young MC who gives me hope.. Sons last Album was a banger first was OK but he came back strong…I don’t get this shit at all.

Comment by DialTone 11.04.13 @

Nas…..Lupe….j Cole…..rappers that basic hiphop fans go gaga over because they’re “real and not commercial” all the while making completely commercial and boring music.

Comment by Truth Powell 11.07.13 @

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