The Guy Who Called Critical Beatdown ‘Mediocre’ Finally Fires Back


Back in August I called out a guy named Aaron over his series over at The Rap Up which saw him revisit a number of rap classics from the perspective of a young fan. He’s now penned a response of sorts.

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”has been down with hiphop since lose yourself”
what a queef

Comment by otis 11.15.13 @

Who ever this dude is please go play in Traffic with a blind fold on!! How dare you talk about Critical Beat Down fuck boy!!

Comment by DialTone 11.15.13 @

“Aaron is a journalism major at Edinboro University with a deep passion for hip-hop culture and music”

hahaha what a clown and this killed me as well

“He has been down with hip-hop since “Lose Yourself” and has been all in since “What You Know”


Comment by J 11.15.13 @

“Aaron enjoys helping people out and hanging out with his crew, Platoon Squad.”

Oh shit, THE Platoon Squad? Them dudes must be JR Smith’s street homies…

Comment by TimSki 11.15.13 @

Old heads who comment behind assumed screennames. FAIL. Get a life. Oh, no! I called an album you stan all over mediocre, so now your feelings are hurt! Take that fanboy crap somewhere else. “Down with hip hop since Lose Yourself.” Yeah, seeing as how I was 12 when that came out. But no, you’re right, I should have been down with hip hop since 88. Nevermind I was born in 90. Funny to me that clowns with nothing better to do leave comments like they matter. LOL.

Comment by aaron 11.15.13 @

Funny how clueless clowns like you write on shit they don’t know about, funny how arrogant douchebags like you claim they are Christian and attack people on the internet, funny how you clearly did your bullshit paper thin reviews to provoke reactions, take off that bow tie douchey, it is choking your brain.

Comment by J 11.15.13 @

I too was born in 1990. Your age isn’t an excuse for your wack views or your mediocre writing.

Comment by Soltan 11.15.13 @

Something that annoys me about young cats nowadays is that they are not willing to listen to older people who simply ‘were there’ and can put it in context for them. I mean, you dis Enta Da Stage and call it a ‘poor man’s Illmatic’, when it came out a year earlier and was an incredibly innovative album which was huge in the hiphop world. I don’t fault you for not knowing this, I do fault you for not having the humility to talk to older cats who can put it into perspective for you.

Comment by The Grand 11.16.13 @

Everyone born post 1983 or something thinks that Biggie and Tupac were the ultimate MC’s of the 90’s. No, they were influential but there were at least a dozen MC’s of the same level and impact back then. Biggie was a great MC, but only put out one decent album for instance. Just ask older heads what hiphop was like back then and who were the most important acts, we’ll be happy to tell you. Hell, I LOVE talking to people who can tell me about the 60s and 70s from a first hand perspective!

Comment by The Grand 11.16.13 @

My point is: art can never, ever be fully understood and appreciated without knowledge of the context in which it was created. The digital age has given people the idea that that is possible. But no!

Comment by The Grand 11.16.13 @

Dear Aaron,

You are a faggat.


Comment by Caesar 11.16.13 @

Aaron. I am not faceless, infact you can google me and see/hear my work. Critical Beatdown is a staple of the genre. Sort of like “Bitches Brew” or “Love Supreme” are staples in Jazz. Many techniques and trends were birthed with that album. While you might not like it or may not understand the context of the album and its significance, among those of us who care about the genre its more than being a “fanboy” or a “stan”.

No one would ever say that “oh man yall bach stans need to STFU when everyone knows erik satie shits all over him!!”

Its not really up for debate critical beatdowns place in hip hop and your immature and almost pedestrian response to the whole thing set yourself up for failure.

If this is the future of journalism for the genre i love were in deep trouble.

Comment by Cole James Cash 11.16.13 @

Since “Lose yourself”??????


I was under the impression he was a REAL hip hopper. Not even CLOSE! He’s just a wannabe. Case closed!!!!!! Not even worth the attention!!

Comment by realhiphop4real 11.16.13 @

Aaron, if that is in fact your real name, you have been sonned, schooled and dismissed. Fare well.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 11.16.13 @

This kid really got what was coming. There is justice on the internets.

Comment by P Wil 11.17.13 @

i was appalled at this young man’s audacity to criticize work he is so dislocated from, but it’s all just bait for generating web traffic.

What’s sad is that it’s this type of work that rewrites history, and always has- not just in music, but culture in general.

Comment by Mothra Jones 11.18.13 @

Trying to find out the name of this tune –>

Comment by Tre Handed spliff roller 11.18.13 @

“Get a life” is pretty original answer for the “journalist”. Keep up shity work

I think we pissed guy this much that he will spend half his life to prove how wrong “these old heads with their classics” were

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 11.18.13 @

As others have said, this guy needs a history lesson.

So he thinks UGK are better than Ultramagnetic! Don’t make me f*cking laugh!

Comment by KQ 11.18.13 @

This Aaron guy sounds like a real twat.

Comment by TySun 11.19.13 @

I suppose and stunts blunts are average too.
The problem with hiphop is the majority have no clue, got sick of schoolin suckers alongtime ago


Comment by TRU FAN 11.21.13 @

hold the fuck up i just actually read the bullshit hes comming out with, funky technician mediocre, give me a fucking break.

maybe actually review some classics instead of that outcast tupac bullshit like uh… i dunno… black bastards, or maybe some G-rap… ya know the shit large pro was making while still in fucking high school before ya mother should of swallowed you

Comment by TRU FAN 11.21.13 @

As I lay here, sipping on my single malt scotch and reading the fuckery which is this kid’s opinion on classics, I think mayhaps he should kill himself since I dare not dirty my hands with a task suited much better to a non-card-carrying member of the CRC.

Comment by gstatty 11.23.13 @

Aaron the type of square that loves Daylyt and don’t even know that’s Kool Keith’s 10,000th style a decade ago.

Eat a bowl of dicks smothered in gravy bro-ski, that university certificate won’t mean you were there.

Comment by $yk 11.26.13 @

Robbie gets irked at a blogger for shitting on rap albums…

Comment by Irony 12.15.13 @

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