The Unkut 40 Oz. 2013


The time is finally here for the CRC Top 40 for the year. The only rule is a maximum of one song per release, which is why a few people were able to sneak in two entries courtesy of a mixtape or street album. As you’ll see, much of the list is comprised of the usual suspects – we’re not called the Conservative Rap Coalition for nothing…

Download: The Unkut 40 Oz. 2013

Track listing:

40. Havoc – “Hear Dat”

Hav vents over the loop first heard on O.C.‘s “The Crow” for maximum disgruntled effect.

39. AG Da Coroner feat. Meyhem Lauren – “What We Have”

A solid Outdoorsmen entry from the Crushed Grapes EP as AG builds momentum for his debut.

38. Timeless Truth – “What A Life”

The stand-out from the Rock-It Science album see;s the Flushing duo show and prove over a piano and drum combo.

37. Ill Bill – “Acid Reflux”

Large Professor blesses Ill Bill with the perfect backdrop to let loose his ultra paranoid worldview.

36. NORE – “Student Of The Game”

A subdued track that lets Noreaga get reflective, which would usually make for a boring combination in the hands of anyone other than NORE.

35. Scram Jones feat. Uncle Murda – “Ring Bells”

I’m a sucker for classic breaks getting flipped in a new way, and the Uncle Murda guest spot nails it.

34. Neek The Exotic feat. B-1 and Meyhem Lauren – “Comin’ In Piles [Extended Version]”

You can always rely on Neek to deliver off-beat song titles – “Backs ‘N Necks” anyone? The guest spots from B-1 and Mey make this an essential Queens thing.

33. Pete Rock and Camp-Lo feat. Uncle Murda – “Clean Getaway”

A thumping track and a Murda spot elevate this to “speaker smasher” status.

32. Statik Selektah feat. Prodigy – “Pinky Ring”

Bandana P sounds a lot more pissed off/energetic than he does on most of Albert Einstein, and as a result this track warms the frosty heart of a long time Mobb Deep supporter.

31. Marco Polo feat. Lil’ Fame – “Fame For President”

Fizzy Womack over loud drums and guitar is a no-brainer for this cut from Marco‘s Newport Authority 2 tape.

30. Troy Ave – “Classic Feel”

You may recall that break from Roc Marci’s first mixtape, which is notable because it finally gave me a reason to listen to a whole Troy Ave song.

29. Omiscience – “Welcome [Remix]”

This surprise project from a vaulted 90’s MC and Australian production talent Debonair P bridges the gap between throwback and just making the kind of music they like in 2013.

28. Milano – “Global Warming”

Recorded a couple of years ago but only released in full this year, this provides a perfect showcase of ‘Lans Uptown flex over a buttery loop.

27. Hannibal Stax and Marco Polo – “B.K.L.Y.N.”

How can you front on another addition to the BK Anthems file? Great to see this Gang Starr Foundation OG still repping.

26. Audible Doctor feat. Has-Lo – “On The Rocks”

Taken from the good doctor’s The Winter Tape, both the beat and Has-Lo impress on this sleeper.

25. J-Zone feat. Has-Lo – “An Honest Day’s Robbery”

Zone and Has have a great vocal chemistry as the trade-off lines in this outstanding combination of storytelling and social commentary snark.

24. Raekwon – “Came Up”

Scram Jones flips “Trans Europe Express” something proper for the Chef to stunt over.

23. The LOX – “Summer’s Too Hot”

This is everything that Nas‘ “Summer On Smash” should have been.

22. Durag Dynasty feat. Evidence – “Spiral Event”

That Alchemist beat is so ill that I didn’t even notice the rapping.

21. Prodigy and Alchemist – “IMDKV”

I liked this song so much that I made a video for it.

20. Grand Daddy I.U. – “Sasquatch Feet”

The I Dot U Dot hasn’t lost a step as he effortlessly rides this drum and conga break with a cigar and cup of Remy on deck.

19. Vado feat. JR Writer – “Full Clip”

A great piano loop and anti-social rap content are pretty much all that I need in music.

18. The White Mandingos – “King of New York”

This beat is as rough as a gorilla in a phone booth, as Big L would put it, and Murs twisted sense of humour really made this album work.

17. DJ Skizz feat. Big Twins – “Poison”

Twins can do no wrong as long as the beat comes correct.

16. Action Bronson and Party Supplies feat. Meyhem Lauren – “Jackson and Travolta”

A big year for Laurenovich features, the rolling organ loop made this the stand-out on the Blue Chips 2 tape as far as I’m concerned.

15. Czarface feat. Oh No – “Czar Rafeli”

Incredible beat that brings out the best in the trio on the mic. Czarface 2 will be one to watch for.

14. Willie The Kid and The Alchemist feat. ACtion Bronson and Roc Marciano – “Medusa”

Nothing but that “fly exoticness” on tape, as three stream-of-consciousness rapper dudes at the height of their powers show and prove.

13. Big Twins feat. Big Noyd – “Hood On The Map”

New Rapper Noyd is cause for celebration, especially when the track bangs like this.

12. Tony Touch feat. M.O.P – “You Know You Love This”

Thanks to Tony Toca, we finally got a new Mash-Out song this year.

11. Roc Marciano feat. Boldy James – “Trying To Come Up”

These two need to make a whole LP together in the near future, with production split between Roc and ALC.

10. $amhill – “The Sam Hill Story”

Modern-day Blues music from the Bronx.

9. Marco Polo feat. Big Twins, Nature and F.T. – “Can’t Get Enough”

This beat is nothing short of incredible, while the three vocalists all keep it suitably gully. What more could you ask for?

8. Willie The Kid – “Glasses Of Water”

Making a great loop from an old sit-com is the most best shit ever. Doesn’t hurt that Will slays it on the mic either.

7. Mr. Muthfuckin’ eXquire feat. Heron – “Chains”

Once again, the ill piano loop theory comes into play. Plus eXquire is an actual student of the game with enough character to knock these other young guns out the box.

6. Ka – “You Know It’s About”

The epitome of that late night cold weather music as Ka unleashes that cinematic chamber.

5. The Doppelgangaz – “Hark Back”

That filtered loop gets you where you wanna go, allowing the Ghastly Duo to indoctrinate you into the Doppel Gospel. Also the only song this year to mention labia pumps.

4. Cam’Ron feat. Sen City – “My Life”

Roy Ayres + Killa + a bootleg Max B = rap perfection.

3. AZ and DJ Doo Wop – “Thank You”

Sosa proves he’s still got the knack over classic breakbeats. Simple but oh so effective.

2. Boldy James – “You Know”

Flawless ALC beat and a cold-hearted, no fux given delivery create something essential, and also deserving of the Unkut TV video treatment.

1. Roc Marciano – “Ice Cream Man”

You sang beautifully just now.

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It is officially the holiday season.

Comment by turtle 12.10.13 @

thank you for this sir.

Comment by lou 12.10.13 @

lol, czarface.

mate recently found much of his (acoustic guitar) music in the trove archive, with one song inexplicably represented by a youtube link to a 7l & eso track. wonderful opportunity for dialogue as to why esotericism isn’t always a desired trait.

Comment by old mate bryan 12.11.13 @

nice beat tho.

Comment by old mate bryan 12.11.13 @

Cheers Robbie.

Comment by Theilf 12.11.13 @

Nice one! A lot of songs here I’ve haven’t heard yet. Looking forward to checking these out

Comment by hotbox 12.11.13 @

salute dat unkut raw!

Comment by swordfish 12.11.13 @

good ass list.

Comment by doughjoe 12.11.13 @

No Nathaniel G. Rap? At least you’re being honest about THAT piece of shit, thank you. Now if Nathaniel could ever even allude to how Bill Blass ran his ass out of New York City instead of pretending he’s some black ‘mafia’ dork…

Also, Ill Bill and Action Bronstein are unlistenable in all contexts and I sorta thought the last Killah Priest album was mostly pretty hot; maybe I misremembered?


Comment by The Black Al Green 12.11.13 @

“i dont monitor the hits, i dont monitor the cliques, i monitor the snare drums n bottom of kicks… iz anyone left that still fuhk wit this true shit, then let me hear ya scream over this tru shit” Oddisee “own appeal”

Comment by duttyfuhka 12.12.13 @

Good shit right here.. I’m gonna check out the couple of songs from this list that I missed..

Comment by LEX 12.14.13 @

Now this is a fukkin list! Much appreciated sir.

Comment by t&tnigguh 12.15.13 @

Roc Marci ‘Velvet Cape’ Should’ve made the cut

Comment by Gas 12.17.13 @

I put together a mix with a lot of overlap with this 40 Oz. Shots to Robbie as I got some of the songs from his list. My mix features Roc Marci, Ka, Rakim, AZ, Prodigy, Alchemist, Statik Selektak, El-P, and more. Check it out.

Comment by DJRashiiid 12.27.13 @

great list. no surprise. but shoulda had “Go” by Awkword and Joell Ortiz. Domingo killed the beat too

Comment by BrooklynBoozer 01.01.14 @

Please re-up…Thanks

Comment by Reese 04.10.15 @

Hey Rob,

any chance of a re-up?

Comment by endlevelboss 11.05.15 @

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