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Monday December 30th 2013,
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Jeff Garlin’s dedication to the classic Lacoste polo knows no bounds. Salute this man.

It’s been a big year here at Unkut Dot Com, what with the triumphant introduction of the Conservative Rap Coalition polo, the first edition of Executive Class and the introduction of Unkut TV, not to mention the support of everyone who fux with the site on a regular basis and all of you who contributed to funding my five week tour of duty on the east coast in June, where I spread the gospel of Rap Hands and poorly executed classic rap dance moves. While the era of the specialist music blog is clearly on the decline as larger operations have stepped into the game, not to mention the ever-present threat of the Hipster Music Mafia, Unkut will continue to give you more of the raw and continue to be cold gettin’ dumb on you crumbs.

Having ended my stint in Mom’s Basement, I’m currently putting together some more print projects to mark the upcoming ten year anniversary of the site, but in the meantime this seems like an appropriate juncture to hear what you all want to see from the site in the future. Do you prefer the classic recipe of long-form text interviews, themed compilations and brutally honest opinion pieces? Do you want to see more original video content? Or is there something else that will step the CRC movement up to the proverbial next level of the game? Speak ya clout…

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I am a big fan of the long form text interviews. I also like getting the CRC stamp of approval on albums.

Comment by turtle 12.30.13 @

I prefer the classic formula (long-form text interviews, themed compilations and opinion pieces). Plus, Robbie, please tear down more of those more or less “classic” LP’s, as you did with the Freestyle Fellowship joint.

Comment by TimSki 12.30.13 @

I say the CRC needs to battle Clear Channel and Radio One in a steel cage match. There will be blood.

Comment by @flyacoca513 12.30.13 @

I have only known about UNKUT for about half a year now but I’m in awe of all your work (sorry to admit that this is the first time I’ve commented) … I love the long-form text interviews and also the videos – you’re doing a great service by capturing this history – thank you!! … My favorites of your recent postings are the interviews with Aaron Fuchs of Tuff City, also the heads-up re Pritt Kalsi’s Paul C doc, and the early KRS-One Criminal Minded sessions. I don’t know how to give actual links in these comment boxes, but I’ll give the urls as text here, because, when I read others’ comments, I always appreciate specific references:

Pritt Kalsi’s documentary footage ‘MEMORIES OF PAUL MCKASTY’:
Parts 1-2
UNKUT posting

Early KRS-One Criminal Minded sessions:

Aaron Fuchs at the new Tuff City in 4 parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Comment by Tertius Radnitsky 12.30.13 @

More pissing off nerds who like shitty albums as well as pissing on nerds who like to shit on classic albums. Those who point out this as a “contradiction” will be cataloged and brutalized.

The interviews, as always, are the bread and butter here and I’ve found your ability to get interesting people from the “raperiphery” this year fascinating.

Figuring out if Kool Keith’s slide into more sparse, keyboardy self-production and rapping about shitting, thongs and being a grumpy old man since around ’99 was in fact him predicting whatever the fuck modern rap is.

Asking yourself if you want to align yourself with and cheer on the tightest fudge-packers in rap or become afflicted with the horrible, unspeakable “sickness of homophobia” (as Russell Simmons puts it) because there’s going to be approximately one metric fuck-ton of that type of stuff in this new year.

Probably far beyond any of our powers, buuut: Trick Scaramanga into recording a new album.

Comment by George Burns 12.30.13 @

i liked all the rare music divshare links you used to post after the interviews.got alot of good shit.more long interviews and more music!

Comment by konnykon 12.30.13 @

First of all, much respect to Robbie for continuing all your fine work, time and energy despite the current state of hip-hop blog game. Rap (internet) is outta control but Unkut is definitely still on point.

The interviews are my favorite element of this site, followed closely by themed compilation posts. I don’t think you’ll ever run out of cats to interview. Any opportunity to download a zip file or individual song is also much appreciated since I’m not a spotify subscriber and many youtube streams have poor quality audio.

The new music posts are something I check less frequently but The 40 oz best of 2013 list was nice (downloadable zip, thanks) which put me on to some tracks that I hadn’t previously heard. And although an aging skater type like myself will probably never wear a polo shirt, the pause tape and zine was a nice touch. Hopefully that last sentence doesn’t get me banned from this site.

Comment by hotbox 12.30.13 @

Keep the interviews and opinion pieces coming. Your choices of people interviewed were pretty fucking good. I also like to read what the other heads think when you lay a thinly veiled trap.

Overall, Salute to you and what you’ve given to us for 2013 and beyond!

Comment by BKThoroughbred 12.30.13 @

Keep up the interviews especially those who played the background. One from the OG Weed Carrier E-Love would be good. Found one interview here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-poor-chef/2008/05/03/ll-cool-js-former-right-hand-man-e-love-tells-us-about-his-years-with-the-legend !!! starts at 4.20

Also enjoyed the voting on greatest remixes, album covers etc.

Comment by Dan E Fresh 12.30.13 @

Definitely like the long interviews. Would be cool if you could also have them on video in the future as well. Since video isn’t always an option and the interviews may be conducted over the phone, just audio would be good too.

Please seek out more rappers, Producers, DJ’s, and behind the scenes people that have been MIA for a long time. It’s interesting when you find these people that have seemed to have fallen off the planet and get their stories.

Comment by RigaTony 12.30.13 @

More reviews of NEW rap albums would be good..Other than that, Unkut is good money.

Comment by lou 12.30.13 @

if you find tim dogg it will be the scoop of the century.

Comment by binary star 12.31.13 @

I like Unkut just the way it is and like everything you post on here, but perhaps more rap album reviews or maybe post up a CRC-approved-joint from back in the day (like Big L & Fat Joe – The Enemy) with a review or background info about the track and make it a bi-monthly feature?

Comment by esto 12.31.13 @

Long form text interviews and articles. Some people have slow connections or browse unkut on their cellphones. Original video content will be a nuisance. Keep it as is: simple but with deep content.

Comment by Truth Powell 12.31.13 @

Best interviews in hiphop, just keep doing ’em and I’ll forever check the site – I’ve been checking here since you started.

Comment by KQ 12.31.13 @

I agree with all of the above comments – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. As I’m over 40 I don’t understand some of the modern stuff, but the long interviews with the veterans are the best in the world. While I’m typing – When is the Flavor Unit special going to be continued? Thanks to Robbie for his dedication to the cause.

Comment by Chris Ward 12.31.13 @

Bring back the Beck’s rating system.

Comment by turtle 12.31.13 @

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, in terms of content.

The only gripe is that you often go weeks without posting. Interviews are also very infrequent. I get that you’ve got other things going on aside from running the site. Or maybe you don’t. either way, maintaining a reasonable frequency of substantive posts, would be a good start.

Comment by Larry Legend 12.31.13 @

Otherwise, keep up the great work!

Comment by Larry Legend 12.31.13 @

Don’t change a thing…interview barsha!!!!

Comment by Jon Jordan 01.01.14 @

Rob, I’ve been messin’ with unkut since ’09 (yeah I know, I was late) but I’ve been a loyal follower since. Don’t change anything!! If anything, step the inteviews up. The video inteviews are cool too. I like the joint you did with IU. It’s a desert out here and this site is a cold glass of Aquafina. Keep goin’…

Comment by oskamadison 01.01.14 @

More 80s to early 90s features and interviews. I rarely fux with anything new im usually always let down. Do not conform or pander to. Im also with Chris Ward on the Flavor Unit special.

Comment by P_Gotsachill 01.02.14 @

+1 long form interviews and div share of old rare music.

Also i would like to see some sanctions introduced on action Bronson. Pretty over it now, and I think doing a album with riff raff is pretty un-crc.

Comment by Gx 01.02.14 @

congrats on the anniversary! id like to continue to see you break any of the current stuff thats worth listening to. its hard to sift through all the garbage thats out there

Comment by jp 02.03.14 @

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