MC Funky J Vs. KRS-One – Worst Beef Ever?
Saturday January 04th 2014,
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Some herb called MC Funky J, which is basically the worst rap handle of all time, just leaked a recording of him getting sonned by KRS-One in an attempt to get some shine for his new KRS diss which is so bad it has to be heard to be believed. Unlike every other hack blog that has reported this “story”, I had my crack team of YouTube comment section investigators spend ten seconds researching this shit. Here’s a response from this Server Taveres guy mentioned in the phone call, which basically sums up what is a clear case of Stanning:

Yo, just for the record, I don’t need to defend Kris, however, I was a part of this situation and I don’t appreciate how this dude is tryin’ to portray Kris… this convo. is from 2005, OBVIOUSLY Kris was heated about this dude, a TOHH intern, NOT a “Protege”, leavin’ a THREATENING Note at his HOME where he and his FAMILY live, who wouldn’t be HEATED?!… The REAL question is WHY in 2014 has this surfaced?! This dude is a WWWACK rapper just tryin’ to get some PUBLICITY off a so-called “controversial” situation that ended up really NOTHIN’! Let’s NOT give him ANY energy, Word! IJS!!! ;)

After hearing this song you’ll want to beat the brakes off of this clown yourself. He’s also threatening to release a book detailing the year he spent as the Blastmasta’s weed carrier…

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Comment by MalMoe 01.04.14 @

not cool, Flunky J..not cool at all.

Comment by lou 01.04.14 @

There’s a kind of integrity, I suppose, in leaking a tape that makes yourself look like the sucker, huh? That’s a real dedication to principle of full disclosure. lol

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 01.05.14 @

This is the most unintentionally hilarious thing ever recorded.

“stayin at the Days Inn, muthafucka”

Comment by Caesar 01.05.14 @

LOL, Stop the violence Kris! Wow, that dis record is beyond wack. KRS wins without even taking part in this ‘battle’.

Comment by KQ 01.05.14 @


Comment by LEX 01.06.14 @

Krs needs to PM Dawn him.

Comment by tareq 01.06.14 @


This nugga called him a ‘hip-hop-ocrite’. SMH

So wait, MC Funky J had that rap name in 2005 and made his first rap song in 2013 still as that?

Robbie thank you for doing the education, this was hilarious. This is the opposite of the Linda Tripp intro.

I hope funky j is like a 45 year old ICP fan or something with that rap name.

Comment by Enig Mue 01.06.14 @


Comment by bboycult 01.06.14 @

3 days later I still can’t believe how awful this is.

Comment by Caesar 01.06.14 @

What the fuxx is this garbage, fam?

Comment by Fosterakahunter 01.06.14 @

I mean this Diss track can’t be real, How the fuck this dude even get to hang with KRS-1,whats the world coming too. Funky J somebody needs to put hands on your ass. Don’t you ever Rap or make a beat again in life you suck homie. Word… like one of the comments said KRS don’t even need to speak on this he Won already. KRS-1 is the Don how dare you fool!!!

Comment by DialTone 01.07.14 @

Arguably one of the worst songs ever! Somebody needs to slap fire out this clown. How did he even get involved in the BDP circle

Comment by Damany G 01.11.14 @

this is crazy wack

Comment by Diggins 11.12.15 @

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