No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Schoolboy Q and Yay


Welcome to the Schoolboy Era Error, as Kendrick Lamar‘s pal falls to pieces before our eyes.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Schoolboy Q and Yay

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This is probably my favorite article from you in a while.

Comment by George Burns 02.27.14 @

If ur just drinking lean and eating oxys all day you may as well just bite the bullet and inject heroin.

Comment by gx 02.27.14 @

Raps New Generation, huh?

Comment by Blitz 02.27.14 @

I heard Danny Brown had a meltdown of sorts when being interviewed by some british broad. Of course she had stupid simple simon questions like what can people expect to hear at a danny brown show? I blame lean and molly on their lackluster sophomore performances. Plus points for Raekwon on the Cypress Hill ‘Illusions’ sampled track ‘Blind Threats.’ Oxymoron had as many good tracks as Old which had as many good tracks as were on Good Kid MAAD city, which had as many good tracks as most rap albums to come out in the last few years. I honestly can’t remember the last time an entire rap album was listenable front to back. Let’s hope for more classics and less filler from rap.

Comment by gstatty 02.28.14 @

First let me say that I do like Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q as emcees, but why the fuck do they spit over GARBAGE beats 95% of the time??? Ab-Soul would be my favorite out of the 3… he sounds dope on that new Common joint produced by NO I.D.

Comment by Wicked 03.01.14 @

And for the record, there’s only TWO decent joints on that new ScHoolboy Q album with good beats… the rest of the beats are straight up TRA$H!! Same with Kendrick’s “Good Kid… ” album, only TWO (maybe three) joints that I can listen to cuz everything else has HORRIBLE sounding beats. Shit, most of those garbage beats don’t even sound like Hiphop. The fuck is wrong with so much of this generation wantin to spit over these bullshit??? #smh

Comment by Wicked 03.01.14 @

*this bullshit

Comment by Wicked 03.01.14 @

“just when I think I’m out…they pull me back in” -superhead

Comment by dough_joe 03.04.14 @

Some of you guys are too far removed from American hood culture to appreciate certain nuances in hiphop. Schoolboy Q is not someone I was checking for but I peeped and was surprised at what a hardcore hiphop album Oxymoron was. Gangsta, Hoover Street, Man of the Year, Break the Bank all bang. And stuff like Grooveline pt 2 isn’t boom bap, but it’s dope.

And you can’t talk shit about modern rapper drug habits when ppl like Wu were walking around getting dusted out of their minds and those are y’all heroes.

Comment by Truth Powell 03.04.14 @

Nothing wrong with getting wasted, the point is Wu never went around doing interviews complaining about it.

Comment by Robbie 03.04.14 @

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