No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Wacky World of Rap Peace Treaties


Nas has escaped the kufi category at last, but does this mean he should make a track with Cam’Ron to celebrate?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Wacky World of Rap Peace Treaties

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These are grown men! Things don’t be as serious as the hyped up media portrays it. Nas & Killa Cam both have the God knowledge and know how to be civil. I guess hating ass white boys living in Aussie never seen real beef escalate into yellow tape and a body of a love one laying in the street!! Salute to Nas & Killa!!

P.S. I can’t wait until you interview Nas so he can smack the piss out you for poppin shit about him for years!!

Comment by Fuck Unkut 02.21.14 @

@Fuck Unkut: How did you read that as me saying I want Nas and Cam to keep the beef going? You might want to trying reading the article properly next time pal.

Comment by Robbie 02.21.14 @

rock a Nike hat Rastafarian bird pipin’ that: oochie wally’s that Tuesday orgy shit tho.

Comment by Grady the Gray Beard 02.21.14 @

I don’t see Nas and Cam jumpin’ on a song together. Their styles are too different. Personally, I thought they squashed it years ago.

Comment by oskamadison 02.21.14 @

You know who’s almost as over-fucking-rated as kanye west…

Comment by RobThom 02.21.14 @

Ok, you clearly don’t like Nas. Good for you. That’s your right, but it doesn’t mean your opinion of him or his collabos with Jay are fact, or even consensus, for that matter. Here’s a fact though: Nas is down by law. Honestly, the point of the whole article seems a little drummed up to me.

Comment by Baz 02.22.14 @

Hahaha. That success beat was great but indont think nas was that bad on it or jay was that amazing “towels, hold up let me move my bowels,” Mind blowing!

Comment by Gx 02.22.14 @

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