Photo: Showbiz Lamping, Before Rap
Friday March 28th 2014,
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So much greatness going on in this pic. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Cue up “Fat Pockets.” That’s a dope photo.

Comment by RL-Two 03.28.14 @

The sneakers… are those Air Force 3’s on the left?

Comment by turtle 03.28.14 @

Turtle- I think they are air trainer 3 bo jackson.

Great picture.

Comment by Dan E Fresh 03.28.14 @

that shit right there is crazy….
i was a lil nigga lookin @ son with
all those ropes on…
son was out in the street like that…
thats a bx legend niggas lookin @
b4 rappin…

Comment by $amhill 03.28.14 @

Salute to the Great ShowBiz Respect the Fly shit!!!! And also one of the Best Prouducers period.

Comment by DialTone 03.28.14 @

Dapper Dan is in effect…..I used to want to dress like that so bad…

Comment by Mercilesz 03.30.14 @

I like sneakers moe den recoeds

Comment by RobThom 03.31.14 @

That MCM jacket, tho…

Comment by MANHOODLUM 03.31.14 @

Peace to Show that’s real drug dealer hip hop right there. Yall unkut writers are puss though, lookin at a pic of a dude your fathers would have prolly tried to lock up and you would cross the street if you saw. Talking to you Robbie. Nelk pour out some liquor and look at what my pen did

Comment by Saint Michael 04.02.14 @

I guess this is what Show pawned for crazy records

Comment by omar 04.03.14 @

Air flight 89 true blues and air max 1 OGs are the two on the bottom, I reckon…

Comment by Ollie 04.09.14 @

You know i see alot of corny niggas goin at Robbie when they dont know back in 88′ i met robbie while i was going to ben cardozo high school. It was me Papi, Supreme Magnetic and Eric B chillin on 57th ave. I saw robbie, back when he was fresh out the pen (boggo road OG), my nigga robbie rolled up, we called him young Mac Fosters back then, he pulled out the ooo-wop and basically let us know in the thun language that he was gonna spray up supreme’s block. The only way we calmed that nigga down was by telling him we were gonna take him to marleys house to bump some TJ SWwan demos. My nigga rob is official. You know how prodigy made that return of the mac mixtape? its based on robbie. You niggas just dont know.

Comment by COLE JAMES CASH 04.09.14 @

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