Five Great Rap Rip-Offs
Wednesday May 21st 2014,
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Here are a few examples of not-so-subtle examples of rappers wearing their influences on their sleeves. $20 says the first comment reads: “YOU FORGOT ACTION BRONSON / GHOSTFACE!”

Raw Dope Posse – Listen To My Turbo

Source: T La Rock – Breaking Bells

Baby Mantronik meets T La Rock Jnr?

Unique – Axe Maniac

Source: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Butcher’s Shop

Duke even jacked the lisp.

Hard 2 Obtain – Shit We Do

Source: Brand Nubian – Step To The Rear

Just because you both work with the SD-50‘s doesn’t mean you have to share flow, cadence and vocal inclinations.

Justin Warfield – Season of the Vic

Source: A Tribe Called Quest – Pubic Enemy

Warfield makes Drake look like Just-Ice by comparison.

C.I.A – My Posse

Source: Beastie Boys It’s The New Style

The scratches at the start basically tell us, “Hey guys, wanna hear Compton’s answer to the Beastie Boys?”

LL Cool J – I Need A Beat

Source: T La Rock – It’s Yours

This is what happens when a sixteen year old listens to his favorite record too much.

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Comment by DEDLEE 05.21.14 @

That was a mis-print. I meant “First person to leave that comment owes ME $20”.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 05.21.14 @

This one always bothered me, cuz AZ is dope, but he ripped Tha Mexakinz – Problems

AZ version:

Comment by deafkid 05.22.14 @

On “Thug Connection” AZ does a really hilarious Cam circa “Confessions Of Fire” flow.

Comment by brian beck 05.22.14 @


No. They just sampled the same song by El Debarge

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 05.22.14 @

i can’t remember the particular song but MC Rell from MC Rell & The House Rockers was Rakim copycat (soundwise)

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 05.22.14 @

You forgot Sicario/Jay-Z!

Comment by LEX 05.22.14 @

Fuck it..Shyne/Biggie

Always dug Season Of The Vic

Comment by 357NYC 05.22.14 @

Shyne/Biggie ? Idk but the damn voice is way too similar for me

Comment by Lou 05.22.14 @


Damn we must b on the same wavelength lol

Comment by Lou 05.22.14 @

Ol Dirty Bastard – Young Dirty Bastard… lol. U can add on

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 05.22.14 @

Cool C – Juice Crew Dis

MC Shan – The Bridge

And just because
Madonna -Express Yourself

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Comment by upgrayedd 05.22.14 @

Da King & I was dope but MC Izzy sounds just like Grand Puba on a couple of tracks.

Comment by Ben 05.22.14 @

I agree with the exception of HARD 2 OBTAIN…I don’t feel their song and Brand Nubian sounded a like or they bit them.
What about all the White Rappers who stole ILL BILL’S Voice and style?

Comment by DJ DAVITO 05.22.14 @

@DJ DAVITO that’s a good point about a lot of white rappers bitin Ill Bills flow never thought about that .

Comment by Ben 05.22.14 @

Paris – Rakim

Comment by KQ 05.23.14 @

Come on Robbie, ‘My field trip to Planet 9’ is way better than any music Drake will ever record.

Comment by kq 05.23.14 @

I think Warfield was a little more than a ATQ/Q-Tip clone … definitely very influenced, but he added some extra elements, like his whole obsession with LSD and beat poetry. I agree on the other choices though, C.I.A. is especially on point! You can actually hear the Rubin/Beasties influences on some of the early NWA tracks as well, like Dope Man, 8-Ball and even Boyz N The Hood.

Comment by Hele Fitta 05.24.14 @

Im partial to that C.I.A. track and ‘Listen to my Turbo’ will give you tinitus for the rest of your life played at ridiculous levels or loud on your Walkman.

Add on shitty The Surf MC’s – joined in on riding the small wave of short-lived Beastie Boys bootlegs with a horrible album. Hipsters may wanna go in on the “vintage” Ocean Pacific gear though right?. Please dont!

Comment by P_gotsachill 05.24.14 @

^^^Surf M.C.’s fun

Comment by P_gotsachill 05.24.14 @

@deafkid I don’t believe that a beat flip constitutes a style being “ripped”.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 05.24.14 @

– Masta Ace

Yaggfu Front

still good tho

Comment by TED 05.26.14 @

Magoo…from Q-Tip

Comment by oskamadison 05.26.14 @

Well said.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 05.26.14 @

How u forget ali vegas & nas
Antoinette & rakim

Comment by $amhill 05.26.14 @

Maybe more evolution than rip offs, but….

PSK > 6 N The Mornin’ > Boyz In The Hood

Mythological Rapper > Colors

Comment by Tom Rock 05.27.14 @

RAST got one of my favorite albums out but he sounds like 50, a hungry angry 50 from the mixtapes so no complaints, just a similar tone/flow. At times he got an early MF Grimm and even a Rulers Back era Slick Rick thing goin on too…but it all works imo..Across West 3rd is a great listen, definite old new york all over that bitch

Comment by 357 nyc 05.28.14 @

lol @ Yaggfu Front, I used to think “Left Field” was an ill beat, forgot they ever existed!

Comment by $yk 05.28.14 @

I always thought Necro bit G Raps flow/style

Comment by LOOT 05.30.14 @

Dedlee spot on there! The reason I can’t deal with these fella. Too fuckn close.

Comment by Heata 09.10.14 @

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