Meyhem Lauren – Silk Pyramids Album Review
Tuesday May 27th 2014,
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Meyhem has just delivered the first of several collaborative projects with a single producer (next up is his DJ Muggs project), which thankfully proves to be a trimmed-down affair in light of his “everything and the kitchen sink” debut album, Self Induced Illness. His following two projects benefited from more focus, and having Buckwild at the helm for the whole of Silk Pyramids certainly pays off.

1. 100 MPH featuring Action Bronson

Bronson and Laurenovich always compliment each other well vocally, and Buck’s female-vocal based beat provides a suitable backdrop for the Outdoorsman festivities.

2. Love and Loyalty

When left to his own devices, Meyhem can have a tendency to get a little monotone to the point where it’s easy to zone out on his raps, which is unfortunately the case here because of the slower tempo.

3. Q.U. Cartilage featuring P.F. Cuttin

Things get back on track here, as PF Cuttin’ laces some carefully chosen vocal scratches for hook and Mey sounds more comfortable over the late-night creep of the instrumental.

4. Salmon Croquettes featuring AG Da Coroner

The combination of my two pet hates – fairground organ loops and semi-Shout Rap – mean that not even an amusingly offensive verse from Da Coroner can save the day.

5. Can’t Fuck ’em All

This ode to the headaches of having too many side chicks on the boil should be a familiar story to any distinguished CRC gentlemen, and the horn-driven tracks swings it to the area, as Kool Kim once said.

6. Narcotics Anonymous featuring Heems (of Das Racist)

Much as I’m loathe to admit it, the Das Racist dude’s wacky style actually comes off in the context of this whoola inspiried drug music. Who’d a thunk it?

7. Honey Champagne Sorbet

This joint does gets the job done withoout being particularly memorable either.

8. Street Hop featuring Troy Ave & RetcH

Unfortunately this beat was already used by Party Arty‘s former partner in rhyme D-Flow on his mixtape last year, which takes a little of the shine off of it because I’m a fussy prick like that.

9. Aztec Blue featuring Hologram

Buckwild presents his own interpretation of the loop that you’ll recall from the Madvillian LP, and does a better job flipping it for Meyhem’s opportunity to reminisce over the ol’ days on the hustle.

10. I Need It All

Another fairground organ loop? Next!

11. Where The $ At featuring Thirstin Howl III

The Skillionaire himself gets Meyhem amped up to the point where he catches a 90’s Shout Hook flashback.

12. Silk Shirts And Yellow Gold

Meyhem hits his stride here, as this tempo seems to be best suited his vocal delivery and the backing track rolls along nicely.

13. Been Official

Saving the best for last, Buck throws Mey the best loop of the album for this triumphant finale. Bonus points for dropping the term “Outfit Architecture” in a verse as well.

With only a handful of flat spots, Silk Pyramids is easily the strongest Meyhem album yet, with “Been Official”, “Narcotics Anonymous” and “Aztec Blue” providing the highlights.

Rating: 3.5 Budvar’s out of 5.

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So dope he’s doing this, wish more rappers would stick with one producer. Still listening to that Boldy/Alchemist project.

Comment by Real Talk 05.27.14 @

“Buckwild presents his own interpretation of the loop that you’ll recall from the Madvillian LP” Actually, Rob, it’s Jaylib – No Games.

Comment by esto 05.28.14 @

DOOM used it on “One Beer” as well, I just mentioned the wrong LP.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 05.28.14 @

This cat got tags all city so i cant hate plus i always dug all the previous efforts he put out so far…throw a few tracks from each of them together and you have a classic lp for your playlist…glad Buck is back at work too

Comment by 357 nyc 05.28.14 @

This and the EP with IceRocks are his best stuff.
Feats except AB suck though…

Comment by OnkelMichael 05.28.14 @

AMAZING ALBUM! From the illest mc Under 30 yrs of age!
I have been listening to Meyhem since 05 or 06 and he is such an amazing lyricist. He never kicked a weak lyric in his life.
I think in 15 yrs he will be mentioned with the G RAPS, KANES, RAKIMS and OC’s.
I can’t even begin to explain how much love and respect I got for this Man as a MC and as a Person.
SUPORT THIS ALBUM…..Oh and BUCKWILD Beats sounding as ill as ever….ALBUM OF THE YEAR contender!

Comment by dj DAVITO 05.28.14 @

Salmon Croquettes is fire. I Need It All is raw too. I don’t hear fair ground. Maybe psychedelic circus, but that would not be a bad thing. That’s a soulful instrument you’re hating on Robbo.

Comment by Flashius 05.28.14 @

You right too, Rob, that one also.

Comment by esto 05.29.14 @

been official: buck wild’s getting canterbury on. nice flip

Comment by AO 05.29.14 @

Fairground? Those are farfisa organ samples, psychedelic to the bone,come on now. That said I found this album underwhelming, going nowhere fast. Im surprised Buckwild produced it, thats one of my fav producers of all time, I just couldnt dig this one. Looking forward to that Muggs-album then.

Comment by PAS 06.01.14 @

Call ’em what you may, I don’t fux with ’em.p

Comment by Robbie 06.03.14 @

I’m not a big fan of the organ loops either, wasn’t too impressed with Salmon Croquettes (though it is the typical AG beat so I expected it) but I Need It All is so damn catchy. I love the second part of the loop, brings everything together so nicely.

Comment by nueontwo 06.17.14 @

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