Busta Rhymes feat. Eminem – Calm Down

Who’d thunk it? Scoop DeVille flips the intro horns from “Jump Around” for Bussa Bus and Slim Shady to get unleash speech over. File under: Surprisingly enjoyable.

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EHHHHHHH its aight not mind blowing at all. I like Scoop DeVille but there are sooooo many other cats that could have really got this POPPIN…Where’s Buckwild when you need him SMH….

Comment by DialTone 06.30.14 @

The horns are Bobby Bland

Comment by Jay 06.30.14 @

This actually ain’t bad at all…sound better than most of the garbage Em has put out for the last decade imo

Comment by DJ Blendz 06.30.14 @

I couldn’t listen past the first 15 seconds. The beat is straight up TRA$H!!! smh

Comment by Wicked 07.01.14 @

Both these sell outs are an embarrassment and hugely overrated.
Give the Exposer to somebody who deserves it.
Not those two Ass Clowns!

Comment by DJ DAVITO 07.01.14 @

I think Busta and Em kinda ripped it. This track is pretty stripped down which allows you to focus on the lyrics, which I kinda think is the point.

Comment by LEX 07.02.14 @

Oh and Genesis LXG is claiming this beat was a rip off: http://genesislxg.bandcamp.com/track/genesis-lxg-house-of-pain-ft-thanos
It can really just be coincidence that this sample was notably flipped for the first time in about 20 years of Jump Around being famous, but either way, the Genesis LXG song is worth listening to. They kill it on a better flip, IMO.

Comment by LEX 07.02.14 @

Davito stays being bitter

Comment by charlie Chaplin 07.03.14 @

Davito what have you contributed to hip hop that would give you thrbauthority to call Eminem and Busta embarrassments. Not only would you NOT say that to their face, you forget that Em is one of the main reasons hip hop went fully universal, and he has created jobs for hood dudes who would otherwise be struggling. What have YOU done aside from releasing online mixtapes with 12 downloads on datpiff.com?

Comment by charlie Chaplin 07.03.14 @

Charlie Chaplan-
What have I contributed to Hip Hop???
I have worked with just about all the best MCs in Hip Hop of all time.
I have a couple albums coming out this yr that I am releasing for FREE.
To give back to Hip Hop and to give People an alternative to bullshit like this!
I been following and repping all the elements since 1983. I have put more people on to underground Hip Hop since the late 80s which obviously helped those Brother’s album sales.
And I continue to do that.
I am not Gonna name drop every artist I have recorded with in the last 4 yrs but trust me Dunny, they don’t have to dress up like Girls in their videos or do songs with lil Wayne and Rihanna to get noticed. Or sign with Cash Money which is the cancer of Hip Hop.
Charlie Chan you enjoy your white god Eminem who back stabbed people who looked out for him like my man Pace Won, Thirstin Howl, Tame One etc… All artists I have worked with plenty of times.
BITTER? What true Hip Hop Head isn’t bitter??????
You haven’t heard all the artists I have heard or been part of Hip Hop or contributed to it or been interviewed about it nor have you written about it Charlie Chan.
You never saw NYC Breakers battle RSC in person. You never owned a Z-3 single or built with DJ Cheese or Dj Red Alert or Fly TY the founder of the juice crew about the cancers of Hip Hop like that racist Eminem who did songs calling Nubian Queens ” nigger bitch”.
You have no inkling of any of this.
Most importantly not only do I WORK with vets and legends but I also work with the best MCs in the game today.
Dudes who are so much more lyrical than Eminem’s sell out ass or Busta Rhymes Bi sexual cornball ass.
Bitter? You sound angry I don’t like your Pop artist Gods.
Sorry Charlie Chang but I have heard the best from 1982 till 2014 and these guys SUCK now!!!!
So anytime you wanna compare resumes, Charlie Chan I would be more than happy to do that.
Its ok Dunny I don’t expect to respond and nor do I care. Instead of worrying about Me NOT liking this Garbage why don’t you keep dick riding Ayran boy Feminem and the Bi Sexual Busta who wears a skirt.
Go listen to real music like Shabaam Sahdeeq and Skanks the rap Martyr.

Comment by Dj Davito 07.04.14 @

Any Rapper that has to dress up in drag to get their music played on MTV are Embarssments.
And I wouldn’t say this to their faces.
Your wrong!!!! And you’re hiding of behind the screen name of a valud Ville Pedophile.
Eat a dick kabob, Charlie.

Comment by Dj Davito 07.04.14 @

To quote Big Daddy Kane:

“Put a quarter in your ass cause you played yourself.”

Comment by charlie Chaplin 07.05.14 @

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