Download: Counterstrike 2 – A Decade of Unkut Mixtape


To celebrate ten years of cold gettin’ dumb on you crumbs, Unkut Dot Com is proud to present over 50 minutes of new, exclusive Conservative Rap Coalition approved rap, plus a few bonus snippets from some of my favourite interview moments. With contributions from veterans such as Grand Daddy IU, Chubb Rock and Craig G, as well as new favourites like Willie The Kid, Him-Lo and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire. With original beats from producers such as K-Def, Ahmed, Marco Polo and Confidence, this mixtape also brings the first new material from K-Otix and Real Live (K-Def and Larry-O) in years. Counterstrike 2 has been mixed by Crate Cartel‘s Discourse, with the artwork designed by Flick of BURN Crew.

Download: Counterstrike 2 – A Decade of Unkut Mixtape

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You can still grab 2010’s Counterstrike from here, by the way,

Back cover/track listing:


Track listing:

1. “Counterstrike 2 Intro”
Produced by Discourse and Rob Unkut

2. “Money and Guns” – Grand Daddy IU
Produced by Grand Daddy IU

3. “Es Ee Ex” – Maffew Ragazino
Produced by Jon Phonics

4. “718” – Chubb Rock feat. Beneficence
Produced by Confidence

5. “Church vs. State” [Unkut Remix] – Omniscence feat. K-Hill
Produced by Debonair P

6. “Eat The Rich” – LEX
Produced by Buck

7. “Alias” – $amhill
Produced by Jean Duvall

8. “Creeping On The Come Up” – Willie The Kid
Produced by Troy Ceasar

9. “1989” – Light The MC
Produced by Mishap

10. “Forget The Rest” – Problemz and DJ Skizz
Produced by DJ Skizz

11. “Dimelo” – Timeless Truth
Produced by DJ Woof

12. “Power of Rhyme” – Marco Polo feat. Craig G
Produced by Marco Polo

13. “Global Warming” – Milano
Produced by Ahmed

14. “Get There” [Remix] – Shake Nickels feat. Larry-O and Eternal
Produced by K-Def

15. “G’z Up” [Remix] – Doo Wop & Tony Touch
Produced by Cole James Cash

16. “Interview Skit” – LL Cool J
Produced by Cole James Cash

17. “Untitled III” – K-Otix feat. D. Rose
Produced By The ARE

18. “The Road To Asgard Has A Fork In It (That Shit Is Hard)” – Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire
Produced by Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

19. “The Privaledge” – Agallah feat. City Lights
Produced by Agallah

20. “Lo Salma Him Laden” – Him-Lo
Produced by DJ Tee

Executive Producer: Robbie Ettelson
Artwork and Design: BURN Crew
(c) 2014

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Milano has the best song on the mixtape…
In my opinion..

Comment by $amhill 06.25.14 @

Congrats, brother! Impressive work!

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 06.25.14 @

Industry plant cole james cash is on this tape twice. Its a conspiracy

Comment by COLE JAMES CASH 06.25.14 @

Thank you, Rob, I’m honored to be a part of this. Shit is very dope as to be anticipated.

Comment by LEX 06.25.14 @

damn! Nice mix again! always good quality
Thanks a lot!!

Comment by JoseSevillo 06.25.14 @


Comment by turtle 06.25.14 @

Its cooked?. I’m ready. Thanks unkut!

Comment by P_gotsachill 06.25.14 @

Dope mix’ll definitely be nice to get a physical copy of this, I’m not into that MP3 crap

Comment by lou 06.25.14 @

Good shit, thanks again Robbie.

Comment by Debonair P 06.25.14 @

That Marco Polo Craig G is CRAZY they should do a album together

Comment by Slid 06.25.14 @

salute dat unkut raw!

Comment by swordfish 06.26.14 @

That true raw ish, thanks Robbie

Comment by Jaz 06.26.14 @


Comment by MilkCrateKid 06.27.14 @

Wuddup fam? Good lookin out with splashin a joint from my arsenal on `na tape…personally my favorite joint iz number 8 Willie the Kid

Comment by Him Lo 06.27.14 @


Comment by gx 06.27.14 @

This is one superb project. It tops the original which really got me excited about “new rap that doesn’t suck” and I like to call a modern day classic. This whole tape is fire. The I.U. track lets us know this is no joke. LEX got lyrics. $amhill is still one of my new favorites. I never heard of this, Light the M.C., but 1989 is outstanding. My two favorite tracks right now are Him-Lo and Untitled III. The second verse is great. I have listened to both those tracks like ten or fifteen times since yesterday. Robbie, thanks for the mixtape and Would love to hear what went into and how this thing was put together. You should be an A&R or a program director. At the very least, a lot of these artist should get the CRC stamp of approval before releasing a project.


Comment by turtle 06.27.14 @

The I.U. track is definitely the highlight on here. Hope to hear more music from him in the near future. The Willie The Kid and exquire joints are nice too.

Comment by hotbox 06.28.14 @


Comment by gx 06.29.14 @

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