No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Rap Game Scooby Droog


So many rap dummies, so little time…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Rap Game Scooby Droog

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Et tu, Robbie? Et tu? This is getting out of hand. It has to be Nas. DJ Skizz also works with Mega and Noreaga. Are we to believe that some carbon copy of Nas that nobody has ever seen in person was up in the studio in Queens making an EP this good and nobody knew shit about shit? Didn’t try to monetize it or anything? Man…

Comment by A'Peks 06.19.14 @

I get it now. Skizz told you, why yes, he does have some shit to leak and if you keep the ruse going, you’ll have it in your inbox by July 1.

I’m actually ok with this.

Comment by A'Peks 06.19.14 @

No idea about the above but in the article / post you mentioned Mic Geronimo and others sounding like Nas back then. I could see the comparison but at the time of release this popped up in reviews and magazine articles on everyone from Royal Flush to AZ. I think the press at the time was crazy and spoiled, just pushing their fave artists mostly. Years later Tragedy mentioned the CNN material was inspired by Wu Tangs success.

Going back to before recorded material I think probably everyone was influenced by or a clone in some way, shape or form. Not making excuses for lack of originality, either.

Tangent- quite a few Wu members sound so similar in delivery it seems like some of their solo material is interchangeable and they did peform each others’ material live. I know that’s different because they’re from the same group, but…

Comment by silent minority 06.20.14 @

Great Gimmick for Publicity! This is NAS!!!!

Comment by DJ DAVITO 06.20.14 @

If this isn’t Nas, I’d be amazed. Why would ‘droog’ pitch-shift his vocals otherwise? The voice, the cadence, the accents and the vocab are all Nas. We are supposed to believe this is the product of a newbie? I don’t buy it. Until I see undeniable evidence to the contrary, it’s a Nas EP to me. And the strongest material from him in years.

Comment by KQ 06.23.14 @

Name three good reasons why Nas would pretend to be an underground rapper that sounds heavily influenced by himself and release free music?

Comment by Robbie 06.23.14 @

So I take it no one has SEEN this Droog guy yet?
He’s been out for awhile now, hasn’t he done any shows/radio or any publicity runs for his album?

Comment by Lou 06.23.14 @

somewhere nas is laughing at this nonsense while preparing to record his next shitty record that sounds as far from illmatic as it possibly could…

Comment by 4:20 06.23.14 @

Robbie, #1 The artist named ‘Nas’ is under contract to Def Jam who would never agree to release an EP like this, certainly not in this day and age. #2 Releasing it for free under a different name avoids any potential legal troubles. Pitch shifting the voice and throwing a few references to Brooklyn throws people off the the scent. #3 Nas is launching a new record label, maybe this droog EP is a taster for a full album? People have been looking for that ‘illmatic’ style album forever, maybe this is him testing the water? But it could just as easily be the product of a superfan who has his style down-pat. It does make reference to Illmatic and his PBS special…either way, its a great EP and probably the most solid hiphop release I’ve heard since Marcberg.

Comment by KQ 06.24.14 @

You can just tell this isn’t Nas, use your goddamn ears, just because he sounds a lot like Nas doesn’t mean it is him. It’s like these interwebs kiddies ain’t never heard rap before. His voice is deeper than Nas.

When you mentioned Mic Geronimo and Ak Skills it reminded me of another rapper reminiscent of Nas/AZ by the name of Ali Vegas.

Comment by gstatty 06.24.14 @

Give me three good reasons why an MC this dope who isn’t Nas would put out material this dope without one single solitary interview, photo, live show anything to monetize it?

If he’s some random dude why wouldn’t he be standing on top of a beer truck grabbing his nuts screaming, “I DID IT!!! I CAN DO MORE!!! LET’S COLLAB!!! PAY ME!!!”

Comment by A'Peks 06.24.14 @

“Give me three good reasons why an MC this dope who isn’t Nas would put out material this dope without one single solitary interview, photo, live show anything to monetize it?”

1. Trying to establish an air of mystery long forgotten in this social media era.

2. Capitalizing on the hype from the Nas conspiracy theories by remaining silent.

3. Concentrating on making good music rather than being another flash in the pan blog rapper.

Comment by Robbie 06.24.14 @

Those also stand in for three reasons why Nas would put this out secretly. I think that YOD is not an MC, it’s a group of producers or musicians. It could be Kool G Rap or CL Smooth or Kwame pitched down on their next release.

Comment by A'Peks 07.29.14 @

Droog spittin’…

Comment by DJ Blendz 08.25.14 @

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