Your Old Droog – Free Turkey


Seen in the Soundcloud comments:

“Don’t you guys think this droog is somewhat using the same sample type of Nas’ One Love?”

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Nas is on fire!!!!

Comment by charlie Chaplin 07.05.14 @

Whoever it is it’s dope, all I’m gonna say

Comment by DJ Blendz 07.05.14 @

Def incorporates that sample somewhere in there. Nice flip. I’m starting to believe this aint Nas now. Lol.

Comment by MalMoe 07.06.14 @

More dope shit. If this is Nas, he finally learned how to pick beats.

Comment by KQ 07.06.14 @

Not Nas. I liken this dude to Action Bronson.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 07.06.14 @

Only sounds like Nas in parts. At other times, he actually sounds a lot like OPrime, and has some Laurenovich-esque choices of phrasing. Not surprising, since BTNC was on the production on a lot of his stuff.

Comment by digglahhh 07.06.14 @

^Word, I thought he sounded like Oprime on the Bad to the Bone hook.. RTNC is a beast.

Comment by LEX 07.06.14 @

Production is dope…enough said.

Comment by Jaz 07.07.14 @

I should have to say this, especially here, but the sample is the same song that Q Tip hit for “One Love”.

Comment by Flashius 07.07.14 @

extraordinarily good. what is going on here? Rappin’ is fundamentally ridiculous – voice.

Comment by P_Gotsachill 07.07.14 @

White people ripping of legendary 90s rappers is the new craze. to me hes a bit of a biter.

i didnt really here the action ghostface thing so much.

Comment by gx 07.08.14 @

It’s Nas, doofuses.

Comment by charlie Chaplin 07.08.14 @

GX – Agreed on the Bronson GFK thing. I think that was really just a product of people wanting a shorthand to put Action in some already existing box. I mean, there’s a ton of derivative shit out there, but it doesn’t help that when something new pops, it’s such a popular heuristic to try to find the existing thing that best compares, as opposed to exploring that thing and experiencing it for it’s own value and flavor before making comparisons.

Comment by digglahhh 07.12.14 @

He really isn’t Nas.
He’s simply a modern day “Guerilla Black” (remember him?) who’s already working with lames.

Comment by George Burns 07.21.14 @

Guerilla Black, Shine, Angelous? is that the jay z one?

Comment by silent minority 07.21.14 @


Comment by charlie Chaplin 07.30.14 @

soundalike or not dude dope. his mindstate is totally different from Nas.

Comment by dmfslimm 08.04.14 @

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