No Country For Old (Rap) Men: How Droog, Rast and Two DJ’s From Nottingham Brought NY Back


Cue my annual token “positive” article aka shameless jocking aka got a little gassed.

No Country For (Old) Rap Men: How Droog, Rast and Two DJ’s From Nottingham Brought NY Back

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Im gonna have to disagree Robbie..
U my man and I fux with u hard,u basically family.but u be dissin nas a bit tooo much to cosign a carbon copy. The p brothers is the p brothers.They are unique at there craft. We made great music despite the dumb shit involved and I have a bunch a shit to beats they sent that they haven’t heard. But they not from ny. Its mind boggling that IF that is NOT can it be that imitation brought ny back? When u shit on biters as much as possible..opinions are opinions..but its definitely borderline riding..

Comment by $amhill 08.01.14 @

^^^ They said the same about Bronson sounding exactly like Ghostface. Look at ’em now.

Comment by TOBES 08.01.14 @

Bronson’s only similarity is the voice. Droog is trying his best to copy the voice, rhyme patterns, shit even the one love sample. Blatant biting. He would be real dope rhyming as himself because the kid is obviously nice with the pen.

Comment by Unseen NYC 08.01.14 @

. I agree with $amhill the worst is people saying “if only nas had his beats” or “its def not nas Droog writes way better” nas is nas this guy is biting his whole style. Its alot easier to copy something than invent it. droog is the rap game abba tribute band. Hes good at it and theres nothing wrong with ppl enjoying it but hes an impersonator basically.

Comment by gx 08.01.14 @

I bet u all the ppl shouting biting are failed depressed rappers past the age of 35. This is why hip hop isn’t and will never be shit in the grand scheme as a culture. The same herbs sit around 365 days complaining about the horrible state of rap, then when something good finally comes around they are incapable of enjoying it. Good, don’t enjoy it. You’re not meant to, makes it more special to those who can genuinely grasp what good rap is supposed to sound like.

Comment by lol 08.01.14 @

Young nigga old nigga new nigga or veteran…it will never matter…my age your age don’t mean shit u kno why? Cuz I will burn one of u niggas…
So easy…
Lets cut the shenanigans…
Cuz niggas dont wanna battle $amhill…

Comment by $amhill 08.02.14 @

Respect to $amhill that’s the truth. Age plays no part in artistic integrity. This Droog shit has shades of Guerilla Black written all over it.

Comment by Unseen NYC 08.02.14 @

It’s And, doofuses.

Comment by charlie Chaplin 08.02.14 @

*it’s NAS, doofuses.

(Stupid auto correct)

Comment by charlie Chaplin 08.02.14 @

If it is nas great all good..
I still wont care…
If its not niggas need to stay out the dick rodeo yo..
Cuz niggas from ny can talk about saving shit as much as they please..
But niggas not from ny need to stop talking bout what ny need to be when niggas can never imitate what GOD has set forth…
Idk cuz im not searching…
But many people said thats not nas..
If it is more power to him…
If its not…
Niggas need to tell that man how much he has disappointed yall by his musical decision making instead of sliding down on another mans shit..
Thinking of what could have been..

Comment by $amhill 08.02.14 @

Rast and Droog are bringing it back!!! I actually agree with Robbie a hundred percent and that usually dont happen…these 2 made my favorite records so far this year, a breath of fresh air imo no matter who dude sounds like and Rast sounds like Grimm and old 50 to me, but i could careless there both entertaining as hell to listen to which is more then i can say for any other ny release ive heard so far in 14

Comment by 357 NYC 08.02.14 @

With all of these rappers on this planet, I’ve heard so many of them that sound like others. Now my issue is this. Sounding like someone cant be helped if it’s natural, but to mimic the delivery patterns is another. I def understand being influenced and there is a fine line between that and blatant copying. With that said, these guys (not sure where droog and rast are from) and the P brothers have def dropped some gems. I dont think it’s bringing any state back tho. Only the state can do that and they dont show no love to each other unless they only working with ppl that’s considered relevant. I blame the radio and people like Busta Rhymes and whole bunch of underground people. Def agree with $am Hill on this matter but what i’ll go along with what I think Robbie actually meant is That these guys are doing a certain style that NY was known for and succeeding on their own terms. But they aint bringing NY back. It would be something dangerous if all four dropped a project. Whew!!!!!!! Yo Robbie, maybe you should try to make that happen or put together one of your compilations consisting of just them four. HMMMMMM

Comment by MalMoe 08.02.14 @

After ‘Pass the Courvoisier’, it was the beginning of the end.

Comment by richdirection 08.02.14 @

@Charlie Chaplin: Care to put some money up if you’re so sure?

Comment by Robbie 08.02.14 @

If you knew my real identity, you would realize how BL insulting that is. Kinda like how you keep insisting Droog isn’t NAS.

Comment by charlie Chaplin 08.02.14 @

Why is that so insulting? Wasn’t intended that way.

Comment by Robbie 08.02.14 @

It’s friendly conversation. A grown man debate is healthy. Robbie gonna speak his mind. $amhill speaks his mind. There is no disrespect. But this jus goes to show how much people love nas, & always think of what he could have done…it shows how disappointed people are. & that phantom niggas be stalking unkut being nosey instead of jus being who they are. Niggas calling niggas names popping shit with out proof..niggas be goof balls

Comment by $amhill 08.03.14 @

SamHill nobody’s going at you. You one of the only cats making sense on this discussion.

@Robbie: maybe its not insulting because you don’t know my true identity. But let’s just say I don’t go around challenging hip hop OG’s to bets. People real tight with NAS confirmed the Droog EP is A special 20th anniversary Illmatic tribute and the real album is coming soon. Don’t take my word for it tho.

Comment by charlie Chaplin 08.03.14 @

Droog is dope. Rast is dope. P Bros- dope. This shit is dope, what’s the problem? Nas ain’t spit something this nasty since Ike with the Iverson jersey.

I’m not in the least bit mad at Droog. At least he sounds like he’s from the 5 Boroughs which is increasingly less common in this day and age, especially for his generation.

For the record, there is no one who has been salty about Droog’s Nasisms that can remotely come close to competing with his work. If you’re really mad at it, make some songs that are better than his. & Good luck with that.

Comment by Flashius 08.03.14 @

If you knew who we really were you would realise how insulting that is.

Comment by gx 08.03.14 @

@Charlie: Just curious, why don’t you want to reveal your identity? Otherwise you’re just an anonymous source reporting on something you heard from an anonymous source in “Nas’ camp,” which is hardly credible enough to make me consider changing my opinion.

Comment by Robbie 08.03.14 @

I can’t stop playing the ep.

Comment by Dmfslimm 08.04.14 @

I’m loving this moment. A Russian dude raised in ny is bringing back the feeling.

Comment by Dmfslimm 08.04.14 @

Not feeling Rast…but Droog over this beat makes me want to go out rack paint and bomb whole cars at night with this in the headphones!

Comment by Chrome125 08.04.14 @

lol “you dont know my true identity” This is like scooby doo where the villain turns out to be stu fine posturing like he dr claw or some shit.

Comment by COLE JAMES CASH 08.06.14 @

@COLE JAMES CASH Hahahahaa!!

Comment by Fosterakahunter 08.12.14 @

Comment by Fosterakahunter 08.18.14 @

@Fosterakahunter: Nah.

Comment by Robbie 08.18.14 @

Pretty definitive proof it’s not Nas :

Comment by KQ 08.26.14 @

I agree with Sam Hill!!!!!
Dudes hiding under fake names whose sources were wrong ain’t fly.
I also was told it was NAS and I was wrong!!!!! I was totally wrong this droog is really someone with skills but totally biting NAS whole steez.
I am too old school because in my world
Nothing is worse than Biting. This Kid being White is gonna help his album sales too. Which is sad!!!!!

Comment by Dj Davito 09.27.14 @

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