Rob Unkut discussing Nas’ Illmatic at the Melbourne International Film Festival

I repped the Conservative Rap Coalition position on the importance of the Illmatic album in front of an audience at The Forum yesterday. Stream below.

Unkut speaks about Nas’ Illmatic at the Melbourne International Film Festival

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I always forget that Rob is Australian, LOL

Comment by JimSwizz 08.08.14 @

This after recanting your opinion that ‘Vagina Diner’ wins the ‘BBQ’ guest emcee rivalry.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 08.11.14 @

Sorry, don’t who the guy is speaking like the Illmatic authority, but Illmatic was perfect… beats, rhymes, concepts. Everything a young, black male could relate to, and braggodocio shit to boot! I remember hearing it when it came out and thought hip hop could not getting any better

Comment by B 08.13.14 @

I understand your points, even though I don’t agree.
Listening to the other dude (Simon?) is painful.

Without getting into a whole diatribe, I will just address this point. The idea that this album lacks consistency, from a feel-standpoint, is like claiming that the original Dream Team didn’t have any role players. Even if one could establish that claim as true as face value, it doesn’t even matter. When every track is a masterpiece, helps raise a good rapper with a bunch of good songs to a really good album, as a whole. One of my go-to examples for this is the Royal Flush, Ghetto Millionaire album.

Comment by digglahhh 08.14.14 @

…Sorry, got a bit disjointed. But, if it wasn’t clear, I meant to say that “lacks a consistent feel” isn’t a viable criticism when each piece is basically perfect. You can argue that the whole is no greater than the sum of its parts, but the sum of its parts is 9 damn near perfect tracks. So, it doesn’t need any “bonus points.”

Comment by digglahhh 08.14.14 @

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