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Monday October 01st 2007,
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Oliver Wang (”Robbie is really distinguishing himself as one of the best interviewers I’ve seen in the game.”

Vibe magazine – 30 Best Music Web Spots: “Go for the music, stay for the smarts.”

XXL Mag (Jan/Feb 2007) – Ten Blogs Worth Bookmarking: “profiles on unsung heroes and interviews you won’t read anywhere else”

Dallas Penn ( / Robbie from Unkut Dot Com might be the best Hip-Hop journalist evar. Firstly, dude knows his shit inside fucking out. Secondly, because he knows his shit so well he is able to bring out the best interview from his subjects.

Gotty (The Smoking Section) – “They keep it raw like skinned knees after a bike wreck”.

Noz (Cocaine Blunts) – “I like how Robbie does the classic hip hop thing with a light touch of humor. Some of these other true school bloggers are just painfully pedantic and disconnected. Also he’s probably the best hip hop interviewer on the internet”.

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