Video: Willie The Kid and Alchemist – Gettysburg
Thursday April 02nd 2015,
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A late video from the Masterpiece Theatre EP.

Big Twins – Live Life


Big Twins is re-united with Alan The Chemist. Praise the lawd.

Video: The Alchemist – Shut The Fuck Up
Tuesday September 16th 2014,
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Roffle Harris at this video. Rapper’s Best Friend 3 drops 30 September. Video directed by Jason Goldwatch.

Stream: Alchemix 2 – 10 More Years Of Alchemist (2004-2014)

Photo: Benjamin Button

After I posted this response to Up North Trips’ Alchemix, United Crates laced a proper mixed version of my selections of Alchemist’s best beats from the past decade.

Download: Alchemix 2 – 10 More Years Of Alchemist (2004-2014)

Mixed by United Crates.

Track listing:

Alchemix – The Unkut Remix [Minus Actual Mixing]


After checking out the Up North Trips mix with their picks for the best Alan The Chemist beats from the past ten years, I couldn’t resist responding with my own personal selections from the past decade of work from the house of ALC.

Update: Mixed version can be found here, thanks to United Crates.

Stream: Alchemix – 10 Years of Alchemist (2004-2014)
Monday June 30th 2014,
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Can’t say I agree with all of these choices but this is a great mix regardless. Might have to compile my own list in response…

Ev Boogie sez:

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Alchemist’s debut solo, 1st Infantry. To celebrate A-L-C’s decade of dope, we put together ten years worth of Alc bangers, from 2004- 20134. For each year, we picked one of our favorite Alc joints (not easy to do) and put together our own, Alchemix. Mixed by United Crates.

Track listing:

Video: Boldy James – What’s The Word
Wednesday March 05th 2014,
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New video from the mighty My 1st Chemistry Set LP, which I’m still hoping gets a vinyl release one day.

via Mass Appeal.

Video: Prodigy and Alchemist – IMDKV
Monday February 03rd 2014,
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Spiked Bat P delivers the official video for my pick from the Albert Einstein LP. Not quite on the level of the Unkut TV version in Prospect Park, but what can do?

No Country For (Old) Rap Men: ‘Lord Steppington’ Is ‘Living Proof’ For Stoners


Melachi The Nutcracker‘s legacy lives on through Evidence and Alchemist‘s raps…

No Country For (Old) Rap Men: ‘Lord Steppington’ Is ‘Living Proof’ For Stoners

Download: The Alchemist x Agallah – The Past and Present Album


Set off 2014 correctly with this new collection of old and new ALC/Crookie Monster tracks for your Benzi box.

Back cover:

The Alchemist feat. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano – Pool Hall Hustler


This dropped a week ago but is still worth mentioning regardless, courtesy of The Cutting Room Floor, Volume 3, which compiles some quality ALC loosies that you’ve heard elsewhere into an easily digestible package. Pause.

The Alchemist – The Cutting Room Floor 3 Tracklisting
Wednesday December 04th 2013,
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I need this immediately.

Video: Boldy James – Moochie
Wednesday November 13th 2013,
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While this doesn’t reach the dizzying heights that my home-made “You Know” video achieved, it’s good to finally see a video for Boldy James’ “Ebonics” update. Note the typo when he explains what a “bid” is though…

Step Brothers – Ron Carter


Evidence and Alchemist drop a non-LP cut while they prepare to drop the Step Brothers LP. I fux with this instrumental heavy.

Video: Boldy James – You Know [Unkut TV Edition]

Outstanding track from Boldy JamesMy First Chemistry Set album, produced by the Alchemist and set to the visuals of a dive bar at 4 am, where a couple of long-haired young space cadets attempt to win the affections of an equally intoxicated red-head.

Ten Great Big Twins Tracks


Big Twins The Project Kid was the last classic QB rap album, with the combined efforts of Sid Roams, Alchemist and Jake One providing the perfect soundtrack to the gravel-voiced stand-out of the Infamous Mobb. He’s also provided the perfect foil for Prodigy on a number of occasions, as Gambino and P make for a good combination like Pepsi and Pop Rocks. Here are ten great Twins tracks for you to thun out to:

Video: Willie The Kid – Let The Money Stay
Saturday October 05th 2013,
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Second video from the Masterpiece EP with Alchemist. Can we get a clip for “Glasses of Water” next?

Video: Agallah – Identity Theft
Tuesday October 01st 2013,
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More Alan The Chemist action with this new one from Agallah Don Bishop aka 8 Off, taken from the Red V mixtape, complete with another $2 video.

Eight Alchemist Productions I Missed The First Time Around


In honor of the greatest chemist of our generation, Walter White, taking his final bow as the greatest TV drama of all time comes to an end, here are eight tracks cooked up in the lab by the Alchemist which I overlooked when they first dropped for one reason or another.


Boldy James – Moochie

Martorialist makes some good points regarding why this track works. East Coast Elitist restrictions may have to be slightly relaxed if Alchemist keeps spreading the thun language out mid-west.

Video: Durag Dynasty feat. Prodigy – Fish Meat

Still can’t remember who the other two dudes in the crew are, but what can you do?

Willie The Kid – The Unkut Interview


Although he’s been dropping music since 2006, the last two years have really seen Willie The Kid solidify his spot as one of the nicest MC’s in the game, bringing his own unique spin to the free-form, stream-of-consciousness flow that many have tried but few have mastered. I caught up with him last week to discuss where he’s been and where he’s going. His latest EP, Masterpiece Theatre, with The Alchemist, dropped yesterday. Check for Nah Right’s detailed listener’s guide while you’re at it.

Robbie: Where did you grow up?

Willie The Kid: I grew-up in West Michigan, Grand Rapids. My older brother and my family are from New York, which is often attributed to me. I left Grand Rapids to go to college down in Atlanta, and that’s when things really started to pick up for me. As far as doing music? It started back in Michigan. My father collected records – vinyl – all different genres, so music was always a big part of my household, growing up. Then my older brother went on and eventually signed a record deal and worked closely with Wu-Tang Clan, which gave me a really close view into how the music business works and took all the aspirations I had to wanna be a rapper and made them a reality. Where I’m from is not really a hub for hip-hop music, so I had to leave. I had to go to New York, L.A. or Atlanta. New York sounded good, ‘cos my family’s from New York, L.A. sounded good but it’s kinda far away, but Atlanta gave me an opportunity to go where the music was thriving at the time, as well as attend college and pursue my degree.

Video: Prodigy and Alchemist – IMDKV [Unkut TV Edition]

This is the story of a bat-shit crazy Tai Chi dude and a guy trying to listen to music on his phone while wearing shorts and smoking a cigarette, one sunny summer day in Prospect Park, set to the first track from Prodigy and Alchemist‘s outstanding “IMDKV” from the Albert Einstein album. I sense an MTV Video award in my future…

Willie The Kid feat. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano – Medusa


This is what the fux I’m talking about. Willie The Kid, Bronson and Marciano over an Alchemist beat. Masterpiece Theatre EP drops July 23rd.

Unkut TV: Episode 1 – Prodigy and Alchemist “Albert Einstein” release party

Finally I get to act like a poor-man’s Dallas Penn now that I stole a camcorder from some dude who was passed out on my Mom’s couch. Much Rap Hands on the set in this one, as we rolled through to the Albert Einstein listening party and broke bread with QB Rap royalty. Please mail your complaints to the usual address.