Download: Action Bronson and Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2


New Action Bronson tape with Party Supplies is available here for free ninety nine. Unclear at this stage why Action is listed as a guest on his on project on track 16. Also, sad face that the Cam’ron feature didn’t happen.

Track listing:

Video: Elvis Costello Addresses That Unfortunate Dreaded N-Word Incident
Thursday October 17th 2013,
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A month after my post questioning the situation with ?uestlove and Elvis Costello recording together based on that notorious bar-room rant from Costello’s early days, the Okayplayer crew alerted me to this new video where Elvis actually apologizes to Ahmir in person. You’re welcome, internetS.

The Legend Of The Fake Spoonie Gee


For the past three years, a guy in Miami has been fooling tourists with claims that he’s Harlem rap legend Spoonie Gee. Hopefully the guys who have filmed his antics give him a Newport loosie or $5 for his troubles, since he may or may not be homeless despite still managing to rock a different Ralph Lauren polo in several of the clips. Here is the story of Fake Spoonie Gee, according to shitty iPhone footage:

Video: Rakim Live At Red Hook Park, Brooklyn

Me and the homie Dallas Penn caught Rakim Allah doing a free show in Brooklyn as part of the Summer Concert series in New York. I’ll be posting my written review later, but in the meantime you can witness me forgetting how to perform The Wop and doing some serious Rap Hands in between the God MC rapping.

Action Bronson feat. LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks – Strictly 4 My Jeeps [Remix]


LL clearly read my article about him and decided to get his shit together for this guest spot on Action Bronson‘s remix. Pity that the rapping mummy Lloyd Banks is on this instead of Curtis though. SAAB Stories drops next week.

Video: P.A.P.I. feat. Large Professor – Built Pyramids

Greater than great. This new Noreaga album is going to be official, based on this and that Funkmaster Flex session.

Video: Action Bronson Enjoys A Slurpee In Australia

Footage of Action Bronson‘s recent visit to Australia, where he enjoyed local trees, frosted beverages and the simple pleasures of riding a jet ski in between almost getting bagged-up for bombing the suburbs.

Download: Action Bronson – Rare Chandeliers

More Drum-Free Rap from the guy that Ghostface Stan’s love to hate. Produced by Alchemist, who has developed a strong distaste for snares in recent times.

Action Bronson – Rare Chandeliers

Sean Price – Bar-Barian

Something new from Mic Tyson, due 30 October. Alchemist on the beat.

Video: Action Bronson Shouts Out Unkut

Bronson shouts out the site at the end of this clip for CAC-TV. Thanks to Alexander Richter for the tip.

Download: Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Reunion Show

Big thanks to A To The L for taking the time to record, clean-up and upload this epic six hour reunion show. I’m just about to listen to this myself…

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Reunion Show On WKCR (10/22/10)

Alternative links can be found at AltRap’s original post.

Internets Celebrities – Somebody Say Chea!

I’m not even going to attempt to explain who the Internets Celebrities are – that’s what the ‘About’ section of their site is for, dummies! Okay, since you’re clearly too lazy and/or hungover to crawl over to your laptop and wipe the Cheezel dust from your fingers, I’ll provide a Twitter-proof rundown in less than 140 characters: Dallas Penn, Rafi Kam and Casimir Nozkowski made
Ghetto Big Mac, Bodega and Checkmate, hit Sundance, and got 3 million views in the process.

Rick Ross’ Simple Simon Rhymin Kit
Wednesday September 01st 2010,
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Any parent that doesn’t cop this for there kids this Xmas is a Bad MotherFuckin’ dad…

Another Odds & Ends sure shot.

The Long, Drawn-Out Death of Fat Beats…

Dallas Penn contributes this drop in the first of a series of guest spots while his site is on hiatus:

Fat Beats was like your older uncle who you didn’t visit as often so that when you got the news of his death it was from the other folks who still brought him his wine and shit.

You had great times at Fat Beats tho’ and those memories will last forever. Hip-Hop, like the rest of America which it represents has gone Best Buy big box pop. Fat Beats, Bondy‘s and Beat Street are only to be references in your favorite rapper’s verse of nostalgia.

Rap Beardos – A Photo Essay
Friday May 07th 2010,
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