Papoose – Jive Ass Turkey
Thursday November 28th 2013,
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As I predicted last week, Pap took the opportunity to make a song about Trinidad James, proving that he is officially BK’s answer to The Game in that he loves to make records about people that are never going to bother to respond to him. Guess there really is something to that “minor league” shade after all.

J-Love feat. Sean Price and Lil Fame – NY Barbarians


J-Love recruits some Brooklyn brawlers for this cut from one of the five albums he’s planning to drop 19 November.

Video: Ka – You Know It’s About
Wednesday November 13th 2013,
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The best track from The Knight’s Gambit gets moving pictures, as will every track if the last LP was anything to go by.

Video: The Marco Polo Newport Challenge, Part 1

In an attempt to prove that not all cigarettes are created equal, I challenged Canadian-born BK rap producer Marco Polo to rate five other brands of tailor-made smokes, purchased from gals out the front of various bars in Brooklyn, all in the name of science. PA2: The Director’s Cut drops 12 November, 2013.

Sean Price, Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino and DJ Babu – Land of the Crooks


It’s been a good week for Australian producer M-Phazes, who not only got a co-production credit on the new Eminem LP but also snagged BK brawlers Sean Price, Billy Danze and Maffew Ragazino on the same track, while DJ Babu seals the deal with a def-defying display of zigga-zigga wizardry.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff0000&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Video: Breeze Brewin’ – Road Rage
Friday November 01st 2013,
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Another Brewin’ winner, produced by Smoke Signals.

Video: Lil Fame – Get Busy Freestyle
Friday November 01st 2013,
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Here’s the clip for the Fame joint from earlier in the week, courtesy of J-Ronin.

Video: Endemic feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Ruste Juxx and Afu Ra – High Society

UK producer Endemic recruits Trag, Ruste and Afu for this solid entry into the Hoody Rap Ain’t Dead genre. Taken from the Terminal Illness 2 LP, due late November.

Lil Fame of M.O.P. – Get Busy Freestyle


New Fizzy Wo action from DJ J-Ronin’sFreestyle Files Vol. 2 CD.

Video: eXquire – Cherry Raindrops
Friday October 25th 2013,
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Guess he’s dropped the “Mr. Mutherfuckin’” part of his name, but this new clip from eXquire is put together superbly, much like the dame who stars in it.

Barsha feat. AG – Green Trees
Monday October 21st 2013,
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I have no idea why Barsha has returned to rap, twenty-three years after dropping the enjoyable Expicit Lyrics CD, but since it’s “mostly the voice”, I’m not complaining.

Video: DJ Skizz feat. Masta Ace and Nature – Metal Bars
Tuesday October 08th 2013,
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Visual for this stand-out from the BQE LP. Think of it as a “Phone Time ’13″.

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – The Unkut Interview
Tuesday October 08th 2013,
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Photo by richdirection

Best known for his zero fux given style, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire‘s more recent work reflects an MC who refuses to be pigeonholed. With a long list of indy releases under his belt, he’s currently preparing his major label debut for Universal. I could tell from his music that this guy wasn’t just another “New New York” type, and he proved me right with a deep appreciation for the music that came before him when we caught-up for a chat the other month.

Robbie: I heard the troubling news that you’ve stopped drinking?

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire: I stopped drinking a long time ago, almost a year now. I don’t drink, I don’t have sex, none of that. I’m 28, I feel like when you get to a certain level in your life, you mature.

You’re Brooklyn born and raised?

I’m from the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Buckshot Shorty is from where I’m from, Ruste Juxx.

How do you feel about all the girls with bad tattoos who have moved into Brooklyn from outta state?

For the most part, I like it. I think it’s cool that people come and they find Brooklyn interesting. It’s different being from here, growing up and seeing a lot of things that you love disappear. The whole environments changed. Before, I could take you through Brooklyn and I would know everything. Now I have to relearn the neighborhood.

Video: Ka – Jungle
Friday October 04th 2013,
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Video number four from The Night’s Gambit.

The Combat Jack Show – The Big Daddy Kane Episode


This oughta be good…

“Kane goes deep with his history, what he thinks about Mr. Cee, how he produced the majority of ‘Long Live The Kane’ with no credits, how Doug E Fresh taught him how to rock the crowd, how some cats from The Juice Crew wasn’t fuxin with him, how he really wanted to battle KRS-One, what Madonna smells like, how he shopped a young Jay Z with no success, why he started wearing purple silks and such…”