Stream: Tragedy Khadafi – Pre Magnum Opus LP
Wednesday December 17th 2014,
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Spotify has the new Tragedy album available for your streaming pleasure, serving as a prelude to the Magnum Opus LP next year. You can get it through iTunes here if that’s more your bag.

Great One-Shot Wonders
Tuesday September 02nd 2014,
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These aren’t one hit wonders, since none of these records were technically “hits” in the traditional sense. This is more of a collection of rappers who only got one chance to shine before they got a steady city job with a pension or dangled in record company hell for all eternity.

Download: A Salute To Duke Bootee

duke bootee

Perhaps best known for providing Melle Mel with the beat to “The Message” while working as a Sugarhill Records session player, Duke Bootee went on to unleash a series of DMX/Linn Drum driven speaker smashers for Profile and his own Beauty and the Beat imprint, as well as his own solo album. When combined with a great scratch DJ and some effective Shout Rap (Word of Mouth‘s “King Kut”) or the hardcore b-boy stance of one-time Rammellzee rhyme partner and a razor sharp Latin Rascals edit (K-Rob‘s “I’m A Homeboy”), the trademark Duke sound was unstoppable. Here’s a collection of his production and vocal work, including that time that Bootee was recruited to record a guest rap in Ewok…

Download: A Salute To Duke Bootee

Track listing:

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: How Droog, Rast and Two DJ’s From Nottingham Brought NY Back


Cue my annual token “positive” article aka shameless jocking aka got a little gassed.

No Country For (Old) Rap Men: How Droog, Rast and Two DJ’s From Nottingham Brought NY Back

Ka feat. Roc Marciano – Fall Of The Bronze [New Iron]


Ka just dropped a new EP with Preservation titled 1200 B.C., which you can cop for $5 here. It previews a new Metal Clergy track with Roc Marciano, which fades out halfway so we can assume that the full version is being saved for the next project.

Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (DJ Scratch Remix)
Wednesday June 18th 2014,
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Outstanding remix of “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” from DJ Scratch‘s Scratchmatic project, dropping 4 July at his Scratch Vision site. Loud drums stay winning.

Video: Mic Handz feat. Lil’ Fame – Don’t Get Stomped

Some of that good old Punch Your Moms In The Face Rap, with the obligatory Fizzy Womack feature. Produced by Aaron “Freedom” Lyles.

Video: BIGREC – Bullseye
Monday March 17th 2014,
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The clip for Diamond D‘s newest protege. I’ll always have a lotta luh for guitar loops like this…

BIGREC – Bullseye
Thursday January 16th 2014,
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This new Diamond D beat is serious. I thought that the rapper might have been that Big Red kid he used to work with but it’s a different dude.

Beat Box – A Drum Machine Obsession Book Review
Thursday December 05th 2013,
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During my road trip to Boston in June to visit the Get On Down HQ, I happened apon an incredible collection of drum machines, which I filmed for my nausea-inducing video set to MCA & Burtoozie’s “Drum Machine”. The reason that this world-beating collection of rhythm machines were on display was for a book titled Beat Box – A Drum Machine Obsession, which features a portion of Traffic Entertainment founder and noted Beantown beat maker Joe Mansfield’s personal collection.

Download: Scram Jones – Dead Giveaway EP


Scram Jones continues the tradition of dope producers who don’t really need to be rapping, but the beats on this go hard enough to disregard any complaints.

Download Mixtape

Step Brothers – Ron Carter


Evidence and Alchemist drop a non-LP cut while they prepare to drop the Step Brothers LP. I fux with this instrumental heavy.

Ten Great Big Twins Tracks


Big Twins The Project Kid was the last classic QB rap album, with the combined efforts of Sid Roams, Alchemist and Jake One providing the perfect soundtrack to the gravel-voiced stand-out of the Infamous Mobb. He’s also provided the perfect foil for Prodigy on a number of occasions, as Gambino and P make for a good combination like Pepsi and Pop Rocks. Here are ten great Twins tracks for you to thun out to:

Video: Molecules and Showbiz – Revenge
Tuesday October 08th 2013,
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This vintage Japanese-only D.I.T.C. exclusive from ’95 finally gets a video and vinyl release as part of The Legion‘s Lost Tapes EP on Ill Adrenaline records.

Eight Alchemist Productions I Missed The First Time Around


In honor of the greatest chemist of our generation, Walter White, taking his final bow as the greatest TV drama of all time comes to an end, here are eight tracks cooked up in the lab by the Alchemist which I overlooked when they first dropped for one reason or another.


Video: Funkmaster Wizard Wiz – I Ain’t Wid Dat
Tuesday September 24th 2013,
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Clearly the greatest rap video shot for $2, I present to you Funkmaster Wizard Wiz performing the Ced Gee production, “I Ain’t Wid Dat” in the Delaney Homes Projects in Perth Amboy, NJ. Pass the lab coat! Thanks to Palmer Stallings for the tip.

Unkut TV: Episode 11 – MCA, Burzootie and an army of Drum Machines
Wednesday July 17th 2013,
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During a visit to Get On Down records in Boston, I was shown what may be the greatest collection of drum machines in the world. It seemed appropriate to set the footage to the sounds of MCA and Burzootie‘s “Drum Machine” from 1985…

Video: Skinny Boys Perform on Miggs B TV [1987]
Thursday October 11th 2012,
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Here’s some priceless footage of Shockin’ Shaun, Jockbox and Superman Jay performing ‘Jockbox’ and miming ‘Rip The Cut’ on public access TV in 1987, on the Miggs B on TV show, which apparently had a run of 400 episodes ‘featuring guests such as Martha Stewart, Rush Limbaugh, Penthouse Pets, Patty Hearst…musicians, artists, psychics, healers, actors, therapists, comedians and the most interesting people this area has to offer’.

See also: The Skinny Boys – The Unkut Interview

Spotted at Brian Beck From Wisconsin’s spot.

Lovebug Starski – Say What You Wanna Say
Thursday August 23rd 2012,
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1986 was a great effin’ year.

Ultramagentic MC’s – I’m On
Tuesday August 21st 2012,
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Vintage Ultra and possibly the only thing on the B-Sides Companion that was worth the price of admission. Ced-Gee‘s declaration that he will bang your girl ‘hard…hard and hard/like John Leslie, a porno star!’ gives a pretty clear of what exactly he plans to be ‘on’ if you make the mistake of leaving wifey at home alone.