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900 number

To compliment the Flavor Unit Oral History I did for RBMA, here are my sixteen favorite tracks from the first generation of Flavor Unit MC’s through to passing the torch to Naughty By Nature for the second installment. Before anyone asks, no that 900 Number album never actually got released but apparently featured new verses from Latee and Chill Rob.

Download: A Salute To The Original Flavor Unit

Track listing:

The Original Flavor Unit: An Oral History
Thursday August 06th 2015,
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This is the most complete Original Flavor Unit oral history I could put together without access to Queen Latifah or Latee.

The Original Flavor Unit: An Oral History

Chill Rob G – The Unkut Interview, Volume Two

chill rob g 2

While I was staying in New Jersey mid 2013, I attempted to shoot some footage of the original Flavor Unit crew. As it happened, I only managed to get Chill Rob G on film, and after watching the video back I’ve decided that this plays better as a written piece. While some of the same stuff from our 2006 conversation is covered, Rob also went into a lot more detail on some topics, making it a worthwhile piece on it’s own. Not to mention that Ride The Rhythm still stands as one of the strongest and most original releases of 1989.

Robbie: You mentioned that you went through a few different names when you were younger?

Chill Rob G: When I first started I had an identity crisis, I had a bunch of different names. It was Jazzy B, it was Bobby G, it was Killer B – cos my name was Robert. I was down with a couple of different crews too. I was down with The World Rap Crew and I was down with the Dignified Almighty Magnificent MC’sThose D.A.M. MC’s. When all of that fell apart I just kept rapping on my own. I used to practice with my man Michael Ali, be up at his house every single day, making tapes. When I said that on the record it was true!

Were these beats that he’d made?

He tried to make beats but they was [blows raspberry]. I would just rap over popular rap records. He would try to cut the break. He wasn’t really that good a DJ either – but that was my man back then. [laughs] We would make tapes and try to get it out to the drug dealers, cos they’d be out all night. They would play that music and people would get a chance to hear me rap.

Video: The 45 King – Boiler Room Session
Friday July 25th 2014,
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Class is in session. All hail the King.

Video: 45 King – Making The Beat with Large Professor Pt. 1
Tuesday July 08th 2014,
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Still waiting for the final edit of the 45 King Boiler Room session since I missed the live broadcast.

“You known for the horns, man!”
“We don’t wanna hear strings from the 45 King!”

Video: 45 King Plays His Demo Beats on 45
Monday June 23rd 2014,
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Pretty much self-explanatory, from a series of twelve 7 inch singles that will be released over two months. Note the 45 King slip mats courtesy of BBP.

Video: Making The Beat with Chill Rob G and Lakim Shabazz, Pt. 4
Tuesday April 29th 2014,
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Final episode from this enjoyable session.

Video: The 45 King – Making The Beat with Chill Rob G and Lakim Shabazz, Pt. 3
Wednesday April 09th 2014,
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I can’t enough of this stuff, as Lakim and The Chill One kick more quality rhymes for Flavor Unit aficionados.

Video: The 45 King – Making The Beat with Chill Rob G and Lakim Shabazz, Pt. 2
Sunday March 30th 2014,
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The second half of this mini Flavor Unit reunion sees Double J drop some rhymes with Rob and Lak. Dope by demand.

Video: 45 King – Making The Beat Show feat. Lakim Shabazz and Chill Rob G
Monday March 24th 2014,
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45 King and Double J host two of their fellow original Flavor Unit legends for a landmark new episode, which features some dope new rhymes from both the guests.

Video: The 45 King Discusses His Heart Attack Recovery
Sunday February 02nd 2014,
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45 King is back home and trying to stay off the Newports. Salutes!

Get Well Soon, 45 King!
Thursday January 30th 2014,
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Legendary producer and Flavor Unit founder The 45 King was admitted to hospital this week after suffering a heart attack.

“Had a heart attack, Wednesday, in hospital. My blood needs more oxygen, It’s a hard knock life! Wish me luck!”

On behalf of the Conservative Rap Coalition, we wish the great man a speedy recovery so that he might enjoy the delights of his local hood Chinese delivery spot again in the near future.

Latee and The 45 King – Tim Westwood Session [1990]


Latee dropping his verses from “Wake Up”, “Puttin’ On The Hits” and “This Cut’s Got Flavor” while 45 King flips a break beat on Tim Westwood‘s show? Count me in. Thanks to Palmer Stallings for finding digging this out of the tape stash.

Lakim Shabazz – The Unkut Interview, Part 2


Concluding my discussion with Lakim Shabazz, he talks about leaving Tuff City, remembering his friend Apache, Queen Latifah incorporating the Flavor Unit name and plans for his final album.

Robbie: So how long after the second album did you get off Tuff City?

Lakim Shabazz: I was being managed by Dave Funkenklein. At one point in time, if you wasn’t managed by Red Alert or somebody like that, then you was under Dave Funkenklein. He had me, he had Ultramagnetic – he took us to Paris. I went to Japan through Funkenklein – me, Latifah, Chill Rob G and Latee. Other companies were interested in me, they had tried to buy my contract from Tuff City. The first offer that was presented to Aaron Fuchs was $150,000. You’re talking 1990, ‘91. I think Epic Records had offered him $300,000 to let me up outta my contract, and he just would not do it. So part of me recording all of those extra little songs on those breakbeat albums 45 King was putting out was to fulfill obligatory responsibilities I had on the contract. I did that for two or three years and eventually got smart and got my own entertainment lawyer and managed to get off Tuff City without having to pay no funds or anything, and at this point we’re fighting to get back money from them, so actually it worked in my favor. I don’t have any sour taste in my mouth toward Aaron Fuchs. I was a young guy, I wanted to hear myself on the radio and I was able to achieve that.

Lakim Shabazz – The Unkut Interview, Part 1


With the exception of Queen Latifah, Lakim Shabazz proved to be the most prolific of the original Flavor Unit line-up, releasing two albums and a long list of guest spots on 45 King projects during his time at Tuff City. Despite his diminutive frame, Lakim wielded “the voice of power” with authority, as he combined the teaching of the Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths with Brag Rap with a previously unseen finesse over some of the best beats of the era.

Robbie: Where did it all start for you?

Lakim Shabazz: I was always interested in music since I was a little kid. I used to always listen to my mother’s albums and things of that nature. I’m from Newark, New Jersey, and out here spinning club music was a big thing as I was growing up. I started out deejaying, spinning club music, and that’s how I got introduced to hip hop. I met a couple a few DJ’s, and when I first saw somebody spinning the wax back and forth, scratching records, that intrigued me.

When did you start writing rhymes?

I met my DJ, Cee Just, when I was in ninth grade. I was still deejaying, and he convinced me to write my first rhyme. There were a couple of other guys that used to come over to his house and they’d be rhyming. I never even thought about picking up a mic, and he asked me to write a rhyme. I credit my man Cee Just and my brother Lamel Born for that. They inspired me to write my first rhyme and I’ve been rhyming ever since.

Ten Great Flavor Unit Songs

Got a major Flavor Unit interview ready to drop soon, so I’m going in extra deep (pause) on their extensive catalog. Here are ten of sure shots from the greatest collection of MC’s that New Jersey ever produced.


Stream: The 45 King – The Best of The 45 King Mix


No explanation needed.

Stream: The 45 King – 45 King Mix
Thursday February 21st 2013,
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45 king

The great man himself tests out his Soundcloud account with an hour of breaks.

Unreleased Latee ‘Who Rips The Sound?’ EP Announced
Thursday March 22nd 2012,
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Get in quick if you’re a Flavor Unit fan:

“Latee is one of those rappers with a limited, but impressive back catalogue. These tracks were recorded around 1992-93 for Latee’s debut album but have remained unearthed – until now!This EP contains 4 previously unreleased full-length vocal tracks, as well as 6 interlude beats. All direct DWG orders will receive an exclusive press photo!

There are 275 hand-numbered copies available in total. There are currently only 75 copies left: get in quick!

The price is £30.00 (GBP) + shipping.

To order, visit our custom storefront.

For more info, links to sound clips and all that good stuff, head on over to our forum announcement right now! We’ll close the storefront once all copies have been sold.

Email any other enquiries here.

We’re very proud to have linked up with Latee and got these great lost tracks onto wax where they belong. Thanks to Scott and Naiquan for the assistance on getting this one out.

If everything goes to plan, shipping will be during the week of 23rd April.”

The 45 King Responds To Comments About His YouTube Show
Monday February 27th 2012,
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Just noticed this comment from Mark James sitting in the ‘Moderation’ section:

Hey Dudes, I know i’m not the right person the do interviews ,so somewhere down the line double j might take over, there mistakes in all of the shows,i’m getting better with each show. and a lot of people said diamond show was awkward .they all are lol. dudes i’m just havin fun ! it’s a you tube video. but me and Diamond doing show pt.3 and skipping pt.2. plus Diamond had someone picking him up , so maybe that why he looked at his watch.there’s another time when I forgot what the say next, i do that a lot ,and i put a station ID vocal or something, OH yeah, i wish a didn’t put sample things at the beginning when Diamond started to talk, My bad . the live and you learn, let’s see what else .the music is too high,the mic in his face.I smoke weed but i don’t remember being too high to do a talk show. and Diamond been to my house more than anybody just about,so he was just chillin , and i can’t remember the last time i had a beer , sorry dudes people are seeing stuff that’s not there, People I edited the show,if I thought it looked like we was drunk and weeded up I wouldn’t put it on you tube. well i guess we do pt 3 in March Thank for all comment good and bad
Good Luck with your upcoming projects! 45 king

Comment by 45 king 02.13.12

Don’t change a thing, we need more episodes!
(OK, maybe cut down on the sound effects…)

Video: The 45 King – Making The Beat feat. Diamond D
Thursday January 19th 2012,
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Mark has been making these for awhile, but I only just caught on. This may be the 14 most awkward minutes of video I’ve ever seen, which is all the more amusing for the fact that 45 King and Diamond have known each other for a long time. I’m not sure if they both smoked some killer weed or are really hung-over from a night of drinking hard booze. Or maybe it’s just the ‘zany’ sound effects…

Get over to 45 King’s YouTube channel for more episodes with Premier, Biz Markie, Prince Paul, Double J, Kid Capri and more.

Searching For The Perfect Remix: The 45 King

Let’s be honest – it’s all about the ‘Best Kept Secret’ remix. That shit is a monster! That being said, I’ve always had a lot of time for the ‘Knock ‘Em Out Sugar Ray’ remix as well. The ‘Posse Is Large’ remix is included simply as a reminder of the lost art of conga loops…

Double J – The Unkut Interview

From his independent heater ‘Cannibal Town’, through to his The Hitman album and his work as a member of the Maniac Mob on The D&D Project, founding Flavor Unit soldier Double J has been doing his thing to rep Jersey City over the years without getting caught out by the music game.

Robbie: When did you start working with 45 King?

Double J: Meeting with Mark in ‘86, I hear everybody speaking of ‘the basement’, but when I started out we were in the attic in East Orange. Everybody talking about the basement – they should know about the attic. Mark had the microphones screwed into the wall, like four mics lined up, and everybody used to come up there, rhymin’. We started to make so much noise he had to leave there. Then we went down to the basement where we continued making the noise. Before all of that, I was more into the street life rather than the music at that time. I wasn’t really into writing rhymes and this and that, ‘cos I had just had a kid, and I’m trying to raise a kid real early. When the music wasn’t giving me no checks, I’ve still got to put milk on the table and pampers. So I had to keep living the street life and rhyme every chance I could. So when I met up with Mark and ‘em we go and make tapes and everything – we just had a lot of fun and just rocked. We made a lotta video tapes of us passing the mic too. Me, Apache and Latee – we went to school together. Me and Latee was in the same 3rd grade class. At the beginning of the Flavor Unit, we’d be all in the basement and we was wondering what should we call it. Should we call it the ‘Flavor Posse’ because it was already the Juice Crew so we couldn’t use the Flavor Crew. I think it was Lakim Shabazz that said, ‘Let’s call it the Flavor Unit’, and ever since then that’s what we rolled with. The word ‘Flavor’ was Latee from ‘This Cut’s Got Flavor’, ‘cos that was the first record outta the crew that was poppin’ on the radio.

Video: Naughty By Nature – I Gotta Lotta
Wednesday June 09th 2010,
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Loud drums, Treach on point and…Vinnie doing his best Onyx impersonation? Two out of three ain’t bad, word to Meatloaf. Thanks to D-BO for pointing this out to me.

Video: Chill Rob G & 45 King Live In The Lab
Thursday April 29th 2010,
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Just spotted this at 45 King‘s YouTube channel. I’m guessing this is from the same sessions that appeared on The Cat Jams LP from a couple of years back. Chill Rob G stays slept on.