Westside Gunn feat. Sean Price – BLVK TAR
Friday January 16th 2015,
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Sean Price assists this track from Buffallo’s squeaky-voiced Westside Gunn.

Willie The Kid: The Fly 3 Freestyle


New WTK to promo The Fly 3, which is out 20 January. Check the trailer below for the short film which will drop the same day.


Sugar Bear & Stezo – Capital Rap Sessions [1989]

Sugar Bear The Powerful Powerlord was responsible for the highly enjoyable 1988 single, ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine’ / ‘Ready To Penetrate’, and was also no slouch when it came to freestyling, as he demonstrated with this amusing Tim Westwood guest spot.

Your Old Droog – Secondhand Gunsmoke (Gunsmoke Cologne) [Superblack Remix]
Friday September 19th 2014,
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J-Zone on drums and Sacha Jenkins on guitar for the Superblack remix of Droog‘s “Secondhand Gunsmoke.” Cue complaints below.

Timeless Truth – Strange Fruit Freestyle


Timeless Truth go in over Pete Rock‘s “Strange Fruit” instrumental. Catch them at Webster Hall on 3 September with Your Old Droog and Rast RFC.

Download: J-Ronin – Freestyle Files, Vol. 2


J-Ronin brings you 48 freestyles jammed onto one tape with the second installment of his Freestyle Files series, featuring such CRC favorites as Sadat X, Tragedy and Lil’ Fame among it’s extensive cast.

Download: J-Ronin – Freestyle Files, Vol. 2

Back cover:

Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazarath feat. Roc Marciano – Avalon


Brian Ferry so proud right now. The Living Daylights drops 11 February, which just happens to be the 10 year anniversary of Unkut Dot Com…

The LOX – Nostalgia Freestyle


“Everybody skateborders, I’m about to explode!” BURN.

Yonker’s finest give Pusha-T‘s beat a touch-up, which a darn sight more enjoyable than their redundant remake of Brand Nubian‘s “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone” on the new iTunes EP.

Grand Daddy I.U. – P.I.M.P. Freestyle
Saturday November 23rd 2013,
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Something new from the Grand Daddy I.U. while he finishes work on the Paper Is My Priority LP.

Lil Fame of M.O.P. – Get Busy Freestyle


New Fizzy Wo action from DJ J-Ronin’sFreestyle Files Vol. 2 CD.

Video: Sadat X – Stock In The Game
Thursday October 10th 2013,
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Sadat X goes in on this sessions from DJ J-Ronin Freestyle Files vol.2 – Everybody Who’s Anybody.

Roc Marciano – Shit Hard


New Marciano, produced by Frank The Butcher & Paul Mighty, from the former’s All Is Fair project.

Video: Rap Life NY – Queensbridge Session

Here’s footage of the Boilerroom TV cipher session filmed at Foul Monday‘s apartment in Queensbridge from my first day in NY. DJ Mathematics was on the decks and let the crew (Mike Delorean, Foul Monday, Ruc, AG Flow, Lil Cash and more) rock over classic beats and newer stuff to showcase all sorts of styles, while ya boy Robbie “Rap Hands” gets drunk in the background. More below…

Download: MWill – As Above, So Below

What do you get when you combine The Alan Parsons Project, Carl Sagan and the son of Engineer All-Star Marley Marl? The As Above, So Below tape, that’s what.

Download or stream.

Video: Large Professor and Audible Doctor – Boom Bap Freestyle

The Live Guy With Glasses does his thing over a beat from Audible Doctor at the Mass Appeal CMJ event, who has a new instrumental LP dropping at the end of the month.

Kool G Rap – Funky Drummer Freestyle
Wednesday March 14th 2012,
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Remember, before Unkut was jocking Roc Marcy, we were Stanning for the Kool Genius of Rap….


Video: Grand Daddy I.U. – S.W.A.T. Freestyle + Gossip Freestyle

I Dot U Dot for all you bloodclot…

Grand Daddy I.U. – ‘Gossip’ Freestyle

Video: Neek The Exotic and Satchel Page on Rap Is Outta Control
Thursday January 13th 2011,
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Footage of the session at Eclipse‘s show that I posted a minute ago.

Nas feat. Kid Capri – Source Freestyle [1996]
Saturday January 08th 2011,
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Some vintage Nas rhymes while Kid Capri spins some classic beats, taken from the Nas Is Coming promo that was out before It Was Written. Thanks to crate digga for reminding me about this one.

Nas feat. Kid Capri – Source Freestyle

Sid Roams – The Unkut Interview

After catching the ears of a lot of people from their work on Prodigy‘s H.N.I.C.2, the production team of Joey Chavez and Bravo went on to oversee and release several impressive projects on their own Dirt Class Records label, including Product of The 80’s and The Project Kid. I caught-up with them recently yo discuss the lost art of the A&R, studio sessions and the classic bongs vs. blunts debate.

Robbie: So you guys have produced as a duo since around 2004?

Bravo: That sounds about right. We’re been making beats together since ’92-’93, but we didn’t really form Sid Roams until 2004-5. We’d been doing stuff together and then for a long time we were doing beats on our own, with Joey on the west coast and me in New York.

Joey: Both Bravo and I started off working on the first [unreleased] Dilated record in ’95-’96…

Bravo: We all grew-up on the west coast – me, Joey and Ev – we were all in the same neighborhood in Venice. Joey and Ev went to junior high-school together and then we all went to high school together and we all started making beats and Ev was rhyming. We had been in QDIII’s studio, which was next-door to Ev’s house and he had a monster studio. It was like walking into a spaceship! Lights everywhere, it was like being on Star Trek or something. We met Al[chemist] through Ev. He was also a rapper at that time, back when we were kids, but as things progressed Al really took the helm with the beats. By the time we all got out to New York, Al had a good jump on that whole Queensbridge scene, so we passed him a beat CD around 2003-2004 and he played all that stuff for Infamous Mobb. That’s how ‘Who We Ride For’ actually happened. They thought it was a beat that he made and they just flipped on it and recorded it. He played us the little demo and it sounded crazy, so we all met up and started building.

Video: Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson & Solace Radio Session
Friday September 04th 2009,
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Some of Queens’ finest underground getting it in on Industry Shakedown Radio. Thanks to Solace from Timeless Truth.

Video: Raekwon – House of Flying Daggers
Tuesday August 25th 2009,
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Say word.

Six Black Rob Freestyles
Thursday July 30th 2009,
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Freestyle Friday on Thursday? How’s that for future shock…
Banco “getting it in”, as they say in the classics.

Five Large Pro Productions You Might Have Missed

Large Paul’s lab.

Good to see that Large has stayed busy the last couple of years, contributing his unmistakable sound to a varied range of rap dudes…1

Reks – ‘Stages’

Earatik Statik – ‘No Problems’ [Xtra P Remix]

Krumb Snatcha – ‘Mind Power’

Styles P – ‘The Struggle’

Boot Camp Click – ‘Worldwide’

  1. 1. (c) Fizzy Womack.[back]

Trag, Kane and Biz – In Control Freestyle

All you need to know is…Kane kilt it.

Tragedy, Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie – In Control Freestyle