Stream: Tragedy Khadafi – Pre Magnum Opus LP
Wednesday December 17th 2014,
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Spotify has the new Tragedy album available for your streaming pleasure, serving as a prelude to the Magnum Opus LP next year. You can get it through iTunes here if that’s more your bag.

Tragedy Khadafi – Free Thinkers 2
Thursday October 23rd 2014,
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New Trag track, taken from off Pre-Magnum Opus dropping Nov 24th. Produced by Audible Doctor.

Video: Ruc Da Jakel aka Mr. QB feat. Tragedy Khadafi – QB’s Own
Sunday September 28th 2014,
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New joint from Roc Da Jakel‘s I Am Queensbridge project, featuring Tragedy.

Video: Psycho Les feat. Royal Flush, Tragedy Khadafi and Illa Ghee – Thunder Bells Teaser

This is the definition of Conservative Rap Coalition-approved rap. All four of these gentlemen do themselves proud with their vocal performances here.

Shabaam Sahdeeq feat. Tragedy Khadafi – OG Certified


Sahdeeq and Khadafi unleash that gutter speech over a sublime Lewis Parker track and some cuts from DJ Ready Cee. Taken from the Keepers of the Lost Art LP, available now through Below System.

Video: Endemic feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Ruste Juxx and Afu Ra – High Society

UK producer Endemic recruits Trag, Ruste and Afu for this solid entry into the Hoody Rap Ain’t Dead genre. Taken from the Terminal Illness 2 LP, due late November.

Tragedy Khadafi – Drop A Gem On Em Freestyle
Wednesday October 30th 2013,
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Another drop from J-Ronin‘s Freestyle Files Vol. 2, as the Foul Mahdi lets off over some classic Havoc heat.

Marco Polo feat. Large Professor, Inspectah Deck, O.C, Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Revolution – Astonishing


One of the highlights of the forthcoming Marco Polo album PA2: The Director’s Cut, as Large, Rebel INS, O.C. and Trag all go in. DJ Revolution steals the show, however, with what can only be described as scratching so great it should be illegal.

Alterbeats feat. Divine & Tragedy Khadafi – 7th Dynasty


World premier of the new project from French producer Alterbeats, who has previously laced dudes such as Neek The Exotic. Taken from the Class Struggle project.

7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi) – Dem Get Murda


Tragedy has teamed up with Tragic Allies (Purpose, Estee Nack and Code Nine) to form 7 G.E.M.S. The Golden Era Music Sciences album is out now through Ill Adrenaline Records with vinyl due next month.

Marco Polo feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Lil Fame, Adrian Younge and The Delfonics – Stand Up [Remix]


Marco Polo combines minds with Tragedy for this remix of Adrian Younge and The Delfonics “Stand Up”, with Fizzy Wo on the hook. Newport Authority 2 drops soon.

NORE feat. Tragedy and Havoc – Camouflage Unicorns


Best song name ever? NORE and the Intelligent Hoodlum re-connect like Voltron. Bonus points for the Akinyele mention. Student of the Game drops next week.

Video: Tragedy – The Story of Queensbridge [Full Movie]

For anybody that didn’t cop this when it dropped, this is mandatory viewing for any QB Rap fiends. Featuring Killa Sha, MC Tee, Blaq Poet, Capone, Havoc, Marley Marl and more.

The Combat Jack Show – The Noreaga Episode


Rap’s greatest interviewee appears on rap’s greatest internets radio. The results are greater than great.

Snowgoons feat. Tragedy Khadafi – Hood Ikon

‘For hip-hop I’m an addict/gave birth to Havoc

The Foul Mahdi blesses the latest Snowgoons project, Dynasty.

Large Professor feat. Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi – Focused Up

This song might make you think you’ve woken up in 1993, which is a good thing. Yelling on the hook? Check. Horn stabs? Check. Three dope Queens rappers? Check.

Professor @ Large has got a lot of quality material on it. A nice mix of guest spots, instrumentals and classic Xtra P raps. Cop it on June 26 through Fat Beats.

Video Face-Off: Tragedy Khadafi – Ill-Luminous Flow (Official Version Vs. The Dallas Penn Remix)
Thursday October 13th 2011,
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Dallas Penn just unleashed his own visuals for this track from Thug Matrix 3. Which do you prefer – the official or the home-made recipe?

Cap D feat. Tragedy Khadafi – Life Is A Hustle
Friday October 29th 2010,
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I didn’t even realize that Cap D from All Natural was still putting out music, but since he managed to get a Tragedy feature I’m obligated to check it. Taken from the PolyMath LP, beat by S.C.

Cap D feat. Tragedy Khadafi – ‘Life Is A Hustle’

Tragedy Khadafi – The Unkut Interview, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, Trag discusses dealing with depression, mentoring MC’s and the origin of his military state of mind.

Robbie: Can you tell me more about the fall-out from your second album?

Tragedy Khadafi: I’ve been rhyming since I was nine and I started writing songs when I was eleven, so I’ve been rhyming all my life – and anything I’ve ever put out, people felt! But now, this second album, nobody’s feeling it like that! And it’s bothering me – I don’t know how to take that, I don’t know how to accept that at the time. So I left Atlanta and I decided that I’m going to go back to the mecca – for me. So I go back to the Bridge, and I’m just hanging around the Bridge, vibin’ with my old people, old friends, goin’ back to the block. In the course of that I started writing more joints, recording, and my views changed in the sense where I felt like, ‘I can still drop science – I can still drop knowledge – but maybe it doesn’t have to sound so preachy. Maybe it doesn’t have to sound so direct’. The game started changing, things started shifting. As far as I’m concerned, I always drop consciousness in my records – even if it’s just one line. I always try to find the balance between the streets, music and consciousness, and I try to infuse it all together.

Tragedy Khadafi – The Unkut Interview, Part 1

Photo: ARMEN

Tragedy Khadafi is considered to be the blueprint of the Queensbridge style of rhyming, which has become world-renowned thanks to artists like Nas, Mobb Deep and Cormega. Even though he never achieved the commercial acclaim of some of those who followed in his footsteps – due to a variety of personal and professional set-backs – his influence and musical vision is still being felt today through those he mentored, such as Capone-N-Noreaga and Killa Sha. Having just come home after three years in prison, Trag is furiously preparing a number of projects, including a solo album, and collaborations with the late Sha Lumi, DJ Phantom and DJ Fresh. With a new single is due out this November, I took the opportunity to discuss some of his earlier work in the first of this two part feature.

Robbie: Tell us about the Super Kids record, ‘The Tragedy’.

Tragedy: When I first came out, I was probably around 12, 13, and my name was MC Jade. When I was trying to come out and get my name up and be heard, I had an individual from my block in Queensbridge, on the 41st side, named Panic. Panic is like an older brother to me, man. Panic was always that guidance for me, especially when I was younger. He had two turntables and a mixer in his room, so when I would stop by his window I would hear him playing records and cutting-up records, and it always intrigued me. So I stepped to him one day and told him, ‘Yo, I wanna go through your records. Let me listen to your records’, so he let me come in the crib, he would let me listen to all his records and I would write my rhymes while I listened to a lotta old school joints, and we started to form a bond. He was actually my first DJ. He went on to produce some things for Marley later on too, but the turntables he had wasn’t actually his – they were Hot Day’s turntables. So that’s how me and Hot Day met, because Hot Day came by Panic’s crib – took his turntables back – and obviously I went to Panic’s to try to make some more music and Panic was like, ‘Yo, I had to give this dude his turntables back’. That’s how I got introduced to Hot Day, and from that point on me and Hot Day started making tapes together.

The Birth Of The Queensbridge Rhyme Style

If you caught the Special Edition of Marley Marl‘s In Control Vol. 1 then you would have caught the commentary from the man himself introducing each track. According to Marley, Tragedy’s second verse on ‘Live Motivator’ was the official birth of the QB style:

Marley Marl - ‘Live Motivator Intro’

Mega Tragedy
Wednesday September 16th 2009,
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Since Cormega and Tragedy were rhyme partners for a while back in the day, it’s no surprise that they’ve recorded a few cuts together. Here are five of them to wrap up Cormega Week.

Tragedy & Trez – Hell Fire
Thursday August 20th 2009,
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New Tragedy & Trez material, produced by Eli Escobar.
Taken from the album Lethal Weapon, dropping 25 August on Brass One.

Tragedy & Trez - ‘Hell Fire’

Recordkingz feat. Tragedy – I Cried
Friday May 08th 2009,
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“From QB to overseas…bare witness”.
Taken from the Heavyweight LP.

Recordkingz feat. Tragedy - ‘I Cried’

Six Tragedy Videos

To celebrate his victory in The Search For The Ultimate Kid Rapper with 60% of the vote, here are six videos from MC Jade The Super Kid aka MC Percy aka Tragedy aka The Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy Khadafi aka The Foul Mahdi…