Video: Da Buze Bruvaz – The Horsemen Cometh
Wednesday August 12th 2015,
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CRC theme music for you damn ignoramus types. Produced by Lord Beatjitzu.

Download: Him Lo Da Inappropriate – Complimentary Snacks Album


The Conservative Rap Coalition is proud to present the new Him Lo Da Inappropriate album, Complimentary Snacks, hitting you in the face with a broken beer bottle on some non-progressive, anti-social beats and raps type shit. You’re either with us or against us.

Download: Him Lo Da Inappropriate – Complimentary Snacks Album

Back cover:

Clever-1 feat. Him Lo – Shattah Proof English

oe gal

That Old Gold proves why it’s the reigning champion of rap beers once again. Produced by Gos’illa with cuts by Jay Ski.

The Science: What Is The GOAT Rap Beer?
Wednesday July 30th 2014,
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Ever wondered what the most popular beer in rap is? For scientific purposes, I assigned my crack team of weed carriers to compile the drinking habits of 76 78 rapper dudes based on lyrics from actual tracks (and ignoring the dozens of paid St. Ides advertisements) to establish which brand is the undisputed king of beers. While the result is certainly no surprise, you can examine the data below and enjoy the wonders of the Interactive GOAT Rap Beer Pie Chart (c) CRC. Next level, yo. Except if you’re on your celly, in which case you won’t see jack, Jack. The genius of the pie chart means that I can keep adding entries as they’re suggested, which automatically makes this whole thing a million times more useful than Rap Dummy.


Clever One – Invisible Hangover
Thursday July 10th 2014,
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With their loyalty to Ballentine 40 Oz and Polo rugbys, Da Buze Brovaz are certified CRC representatives. Here’s a new Clever One solo for all you fans of man-style drinking and the after-effects of an evening on that hard liquor.

“Tag Team Taktikz” video:

Buze Brovaz feat. Sadat X – 100 Proof


Fresh off lacing the Counterstrike 2 tape with an exclusive burner, Him-Lo has thrown me a new track with his brother Clever One and The Great Dot X, aka three seasoned gentlemen who will drink you under the table without a second thought.

Video: Life With Jeannie, Episode 1- My First Baby Jesus
Sunday December 29th 2013,
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Here’s the first episode of Jean Grae‘s new sit-com, which combines a Curb type of vibe with a lotta booze, and is therefore CRC-approved.

Event: Acclaim Issue #31 Launch Party feat. The Underachievers
Wednesday December 04th 2013,
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If you’re in Melbourne on 14 December, swing past the laucnh party for the new issue of Acclaim mag where I’ll be stunting in a CRC polo, creeping out interns and aiming for my usual “World’s Drunkest Man” award, while checking out if these Underachievers characters qualify for New Rap That Doesn’t Suck status. RSVP here.

Download: Music To Drink And Drive To
Wednesday August 28th 2013,
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Even though I haven’t acquired a new whip since retiring my previous ride, there is nothing in this world that I enjoy more than drink driving/DUI. While this compilation can still be enjoyed while driving under the legal limit, if you do somehow find yourself plastered while behind the wheel of your spaceship, Music To Drink And Drive To will enhance the whole experience to previously unknown levels.

Download: Music To Drink And Drive To

Track listing:

Byron Crawford – Infinite Crab Meats Book Review
Wednesday February 20th 2013,
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Remember when that Stuff White People Like blog got turned into a very popular book? Me neither, but apparently it did. My long-time internets associate Byron Crawford released his first tome, Mindset of a Champion, last year, and it turned out to be a great read. The sequel manages to improve on his print debut (technically it was only an ebook but will be available in paperback soon), on account of being longer, funnier and touching a broader range of targets. Where Champion was most likely written in a week, it seems as though Bol spent at least three weeks on this. No shots, for a professional blogger and America’s “leading black intellectual”, three weeks is a virtual lifetime.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: A Guide To Food Raps
Friday December 14th 2012,
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Chow down on this history of Food Rap. The Unkut Wine Matching Course will be taking enrollments at the start of 2013.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Food Raps

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Rap Genius Should Be Renamed Rap Dummy

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Rap Genius Should Be Renamed Rap Dummy

I wasn’t going to bother posting this here since I covered some of it here already, but then this happened:

Here’s video of a regular day at the Rap Dummy offices:

Video: The 45 King – Making The Beat feat. Diamond D
Thursday January 19th 2012,
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Mark has been making these for awhile, but I only just caught on. This may be the 14 most awkward minutes of video I’ve ever seen, which is all the more amusing for the fact that 45 King and Diamond have known each other for a long time. I’m not sure if they both smoked some killer weed or are really hung-over from a night of drinking hard booze. Or maybe it’s just the ‘zany’ sound effects…

Get over to 45 King’s YouTube channel for more episodes with Premier, Biz Markie, Prince Paul, Double J, Kid Capri and more.

Video: True Wine Connoisseurs EP 12 feat. The Beatminerz
Thursday April 07th 2011,
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The Great Dot X holds court in a Lebanese restaurant with Will Tell and Evil Dee and ’em. Much winning follows.

How Not To Attend An M.O.P. Show

I remember seeing the posters a couple of months ago and bugging out. Mash Out Posse coming through my town? Nah, right? But it they were. As a huge supporter/fan/Stan of the Brownsville crew, I knew this was gonna be a night to remember. Turns out it was, only not exactly the way I’d imagined…

Champagne = Still For Dames
Thursday November 26th 2009,
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I fucking detest champagne. I don’t care if it’s that $10,000 a bottle type of bubbly, it’s still trash. Sure, it’s a good ice-breaker to impress a piece of skirt at a club, but when it’s time for some classic man-style drinking, it’s not time to be popping bottles. If history has taught us anything, it’s that the best way to get effed-up on booze is the classic neat whiskey with a beer chaser. No sweet shit, no bits of fruit floating around your glass – just the facts, ma’am. Personally, I’m rolling with your classic Jameson. Not that extra aged joint, either – just the regular version. Combine that with a case of Heineken tall cans or some Budejovicky Budvar and you’re ready to getitin. Considering that drinking has now replaced breaking as the third element of hip-hop, it seems like an ideal time to get a feel for what everyone is guzzling on when it’s time to dumb-out, get numb and try to get some. All teetotalers and Corona sippers please wait outside while us grown folks are talking.

What’s your choice of liquor when it’s time for a bender?

Old St. Ides Ads > New Rap

All those Sprite TV spots were cool but the St. Ides spots that DJ Pooh put together remain as the finest examples of rapsloitation ever. Were these MC’s selling their souls for some free booze or just hustling smarter? Who cares, the shit bangs!

Rakim – ‘Get Some’

The 18th Letter over ‘Nautilus’? He could convince me to drink a fuckin’ Corona with promo as good as this!