$amhill – My Fate [Remix]
Monday September 30th 2013,
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The $amhill album has been delayed on some behind-the-scenes shit, so here’s something new from the Bronx Bomber to hold you over. Produced by RTNC.

Download: Fat Joe – The Darkside 3 Mixtape


Fat Joe Da Gangsta is “back in town” with a mixtape featuring Diamond D, Premier, Action Bronson, 9th Wonder, Cool and Dre and more.

Download Mixtape

Fat Joe feat. Action Bronson – Your Honor
Sunday August 25th 2013,
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I’m 99% sure I’ve this Bronson verse on something else, but it’s always good to hear Fat Joe doing his token couple of CRC songs in between sporting his own version of Pitbull‘s Magical White Suit. Beat courtesy of DJ Premier.

Video: KRS-One – Return Of The Boom Bap Promo Reel
Monday August 19th 2013,
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Watch as KRS-One performs a medley of the Return of The Boom-Bap album for this slightly bizarre Jive Records promo reel. Sadly no sign of the Oscar Mayer Weiner version of the title track, but amusing appearances from Willie D and Kenny Parker keep things moving during the green-screen action.

Positive K – The Unkut Interview
Tuesday August 06th 2013,
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Positive K has only released one album in his long career, the supremely entertaining The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills, but with a rich history of independent releases through First Priority and his Creative Control label, his discography is chock-full of memorable moments. As he prepares to drop new music this year, we talked about paying his dues at the Latin Quarter, how important Daddy-O and Big Daddy Kane were to his career, and answer the eternal question of just what made him so “clean-cut and dapper”.

Robbie: Where did you grow up?

Positive K: I was born in The Bronx. While my mother and father were working, they would drop me off in the daytime, and I would stay with my grandmother in The Bronx. This was across the street from Echo Park, which is the famous park known for everybody starting out deejaying, like Grandmaster Flash, DJ Sinbad and Busy Bee and all those dudes, man. I couldn’t go out late at night, so I would stay at the windows and just listen to that stuff. It was incredible. My uncle owned a corner store in The Bronx, and we used to hang out there as kids, while my uncle was working inside. There was a house party going on, it was the Fantastic Four. They had the microphone out there, “Hey shorty! You wanna say a rhyme?” Back then, everybody had their whole simple rhyme put together, “That lime to a lemon, lemon to a lime!” I did that, and the girls were like, “He’s so cute!” After that, man, it was over! It was finished for me. I knew rap was my thing.

Kool Keith Fires Back At Unkut?


Just noticed this comment from Lair dating back to February, where he points out, “I think Keith recorded a diss track just for you off of this article”, linking to a song that dropped a mere 12 days after I expressed my bitter disappointment at Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown tour.

While the cover image bares a striking resemblance to the venue I attended, the rhymes don’t really confirm that it has anything to do with my review, unless you consider “You heard the track accurate, that’s what I’m about” to be a rationale for his lip-syncing during the show in question, and “Laugh online…LOL…they stuck!” to be a subliminal aimed at Unkut HQ.

Hold up! On closer inspection, “Caught up in the zone like people with long cords on they phone/they can’t think out the box, so they won’t stay in the box” pretty much sums up everything that the Conservative Rap Coalition is about. Did Poppa Large (pause) just ether me?

Download: Prospect – First Blood Mixtape
Wednesday July 31st 2013,
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Bronx representative and one-time Terror Squad member Prospect just dropped a new mixtape, featuring beats from Chaze, E.Blaze, Lord Finesse and more.

Download: Prospect – First Blood Mixtape

Back cover:

Minnesota – Diamond District

Not sure what this is from, but Brian Beck From Wisconsin tipped me off about it the other day. Did Diamond D produce this or is he just in that photo at random? Either way, that loop is the business.

Video: Sadat X – I Know This Game
Monday June 24th 2013,
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The Great Dot X drops science on the music game, taken from his next LP, New York, New York. Subtitles let me down. Spotted at okayplayer.

Unkut TV: Episode 8 – $amhill At Forest Houses, The Bronx
Sunday June 23rd 2013,
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The Almighty $amhill breaks down Forest projects history with the D.I.T.C crew and his own development as an MC, and discusses the legacy of Big Pun.

$amhill – Can’t Trust U
Friday June 14th 2013,
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The Almighty $amhill drops a new track with RTNC on the boards.

BBP In Full Effect: Rap Collectibles
Sunday May 26th 2013,
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Just caught this collection of photos from the BBP HQ in Japan courtesy of DJ Sheep, featuring some choice hip-hop collectibles, including the Eric B. & Rakim watch (pictured above), signed boom boxes and the mannequin head of the Low End Theory broad. You can also order exclusive BBP shirts (including a sweet Burger King style mixtape tee) here. More pictures below…

TR Love [Ultramagnetic MC's] – The Unkut Interview, Volume 2
Monday May 20th 2013,
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Around the same time I talked to DJ Moe Love in 2010, I also did a follow-up interview with TR Love, aka The Funk Ignitor, covering the early days of Ultramagnetic MC’s, his knowledge of the break beat game, connection with the Zulu DJ’s and how they used to put it down for live shows back in the 80′s.

Robbie: What was your first crew?

TR Love: Moe’s DJ crew was the People’s Choice Crew, and mine was the Hardcore Brothers. They made a couple of records but it didn’t pan-out the way we felt that it should.

How did you first meet the rest of the crew?

They went to the same school together, and I went to the rival school. Cedric and I used to play ball together, we were on opposing teams, so we used to play each other four times a year. Other than that, we would see each other in passing in the street, at parties, or we knew certain individuals that knew the same people as we knew, so we would bump into each other a lot.

Tim Dog Found Alive And Well?
Thursday May 16th 2013,
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In news that shouldn’t be particularly surprising to anybody who watched the extensive Dateline report on Tim Dog‘s numerous “bad business deals” with a series of lonely ladies he met through internets dating, one of his “rubes” is so thirsty to get her $100 a month repayment plan continued by Timothy that she’s hired a private investigator to prove if the Dog actually died earlier this year. The story has even been picked-up by a local news show, despite the fact there is no actual proof that he’s still alive.

After being informed by a longtime Bronx resident that, “most Webster Ave niggas are con artist”, I think I may have a lead. Over at Discogs, a lone seller is offering a copy of Tim Dog’s final album, BX Warrior, on CD for $91. Since I’m pretty sure nobody actually bought that album, or even knew it existed, there’s a good chance that this is Tim’s latest hustle. I put to you that he left Atlanta with a briefcase full of BX Warrior CD’s, hopped the red-eye to Germany and is currently living with his latest online dating conquest in Berlin, who is helping him prepare the next Tim Dog Greatest Hits box set/all-black strip revue/movie project with Denzel Washington.

However, if it turns out that Esther Pilgrim is completely wrong about this crackpot theory, I hope she gets hit by a bus for continuing to drag the great man’s name through the mud. I mean she did get to experience a romantic night in Atlanta with the guy who made “Fuck Compton”, after all. You can’t put a price-tag on that kind of experience!

Ten Great Greg Nice Productions
Wednesday May 15th 2013,
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Having come-up as T La Rock‘s Human Beat-Box and graduated to be half of Nice & Smooth, one of hip-hop’s greatest duos, the mighty Greg N-I-C-E has also put together some great music on the solo tip, as both a producer and an MC. Here are ten of his finest efforts: