Rob Unkut discussing Nas’ Illmatic at the Melbourne International Film Festival

I repped the Conservative Rap Coalition position on the importance of the Illmatic album in front of an audience at The Forum yesterday. Stream below.

Unkut speaks about Nas’ Illmatic at the Melbourne International Film Festival

The Guy Who Called Critical Beatdown ‘Mediocre’ Finally Fires Back


Back in August I called out a guy named Aaron over his series over at The Rap Up which saw him revisit a number of rap classics from the perspective of a young fan. He’s now penned a response of sorts.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Wacky World of Rap Deformities
Thursday October 17th 2013,
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Staying classy…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Wacky World of Rap Deformities

Download: Cam’ron – Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1


Rapping over 80’s sit-com themes? Check. Hilarious skits? Check. Effed-up Roy Ayres remake? Check. No sign of former weed carriers such as Vado? Check. It’s like it’s 2001 all over again.

Download Mixtape

Back cover:

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Teh Ghey DJ’s Are Part Of Hip-Hop’s Heritage
Wednesday September 18th 2013,
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Nothing surprising about Mr. Cee‘s recent antics when put into context. Please note, this post had several amusingly offensive sections toned down by the powers that be, but after last week’s ?uestlove post getting knocked back, I wasn’t sweating it.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Teh Ghey DJ’s Are Part Of Hip-Hop’s Heritage

Byron Crawford – Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Little Homey Book Review
Friday July 26th 2013,
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2010 Outside Lands Music Festival - Day 2

America’s leading black intellectual returns with his third book, which also makes him the leading rap book author in the U.S.A by default. This time around, Bol unleashes the fury of the Mindset Army on one target in particular, while still making time to discuss The Gin Blossoms, Jay-Z, Nas’ daughter and her enormous box of jimmy hats, Instagram hoo-ers, the continued decline of print media and why dream hampton is insane. If you’ve read Infinite Crab Meats, it’s more of the same, basically! Here are a couple of choice morsels:

Fifteen Lyrics That Make Folks Feel Sad
Tuesday May 21st 2013,
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This is a little somethin’ somethin’ I was asked to write for another media organization that ended up on the cutting room floor. The basic premise is “The Most Offensive Lyrics From Conscious MC’s”, but the definition of “conscious” rappers is so vague that it’s pointless. It’s also the reason why stuff like “Black Korea” and “lllegal Aliens” isn’t included. In the plus side, you only have to click this post once!

Complex Presents: The 25 Most Violent Rap Songs of All Time
Wednesday May 15th 2013,
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A list of great violent rap, including everything from broad beating anthems to gun clapping to cannibalism. Good times for all.

The 25 Most Violent Rap Songs of All Time

Video: Live Squad – Game of Survival: The Movie
Thursday March 21st 2013,
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Stretch, Majesty, K-Lowe and Biggy Smallz of the Live Squad ensured that no shorts for this outstanding VHS exclusive which features random shootings, babies getting thrown out of windows, contact killings and hooker executions. Poor old Stretch also took the fall for Tupac getting shot and robbed in New York, which allegedly resulted in his execution exactly twelve months later.

Part 2:

Video: Star Blacks-Out On A Caller

Things take a turn for the worse when one of Buc Wild‘s old weed-head buddies tries to get Star to pass on a message.

Throwback Post: Big Men On Campus – Biggie Smalls Vs. John Belushi
Saturday March 09th 2013,
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Two fatties at the height of their respective powers were taken from this small planet in the month of March – one, a waffle-guzzling comedian with an appetite for destruction. The other – the brother of the guy from K-9. Sixteen and thirty-one years ago, respectively, these two hedonistic maniacs checked-out, leaving gigantic shoes that have yet to be filled. But who was the most brolic of these two foodaholics? Here’s a super-scientifical breakdown:


No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Love, Hip-Hop and Ratchets


This week, I took a journey to the Ratchet Side. Never before have so many unattractive broads who somehow believe that they are “divas” been collected in one place.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Love, Hip-Hop and Ratchets

A Salute To Tim Dog
Friday February 15th 2013,
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Tim Dog was in a league of his own. After his debut on Ultramagnetic MC’s “A Chorus Line” (the b-side of their “Travelling At The Speed of Thought” single), it would be another two years until he dropped the hilarious “Fuck Compton” on Ruffhouse Records in 1991, a record which spoke on the frustrations that many New York rappers felt in light of West Coast chart dominance in the wake of the rise of NWA, MC Eiht, DJ Quik and the like. His Penicillin On Wax LP had a major impact on hardcore rap fans in part because it saw the return Ultramagnetic to the game after an extended hiatus.

Video: Kool G Rap – Talk Like Sex [Live, 1990]
Thursday January 31st 2013,
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Another classic Joe Fatal sighting as he goes to work on an blow-up doll. Apparently this was from an event called “Rappers For Voter’s Registration” in Harlem…

Spotted at ego trip.

Video: What! What! The Ghetto Documentary Trailer

We need to Kickstarter this joint so that P.A.P.I. will release this documentary. Here’s how he described it to Life Sucks Die magazine years ago:

NORE: It’s nothing to say I’m doing my own movie. What! What! The Movie. You know why? When I came in and got involved with hip-hop, a lot of people was fake. But now, as we keep doing this music, there’s a lot of real individuals that’s ex-crackheads, ex-cokeheads, ex-robbers and ex-murderers and ex-hustlers that’s doing rap right now. This game has gotten a lot realer. That’s why you see people having cases and having shootouts. So I felt like I should be the one to express it because I’m the one that’s seen it. So again, that’s What!What! The Ghetto Documentary. I got Chris Lighty spazzing on Foxy Brown, talking about he bought her a Benz. I got Nas Escobar talking about The Roots is faggots. I got Snoop Dogg talking about Kurupt was wrong for making that record calling out names. I got Puff Daddy talking about the Ruff Ryders. I got The Lox dissing Puff Daddy. It’s all beef, that’s all I’m about, baby. I got a whole bunch of good shit. I got Jay-Z in Jamaica…

Update: NORE talks about the trailer in this interview with Peter Rosenberg and the crew:

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Rap Genius Should Be Renamed Rap Dummy

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Rap Genius Should Be Renamed Rap Dummy

I wasn’t going to bother posting this here since I covered some of it here already, but then this happened:

Here’s video of a regular day at the Rap Dummy offices:

Weekend Throwback – Unkut Ignorance Mixtape

Re-up of the mixtape I posted in 2008:

This is a vinyl mix of great ignorant rap songs which I put together with DJ J-Red in 2002. Sure to upset anybody within earshot. Includes classics such as Willie D‘s ‘Baldhead Hoes’, Convict‘s ‘Wash Ya Ass’ and Bustdown‘s ‘Pissing Razor Blades’.

Video: The Illest Beastie Boys Performance Of All Time

Introducing a new Unkut video series – DJ Sheep‘s VHS Vault, Episode 1:

MCA, King Ad-Rock, Mike D and DJ Hurricane make an unruly appearance on Japanese TV during their glory years at Def Jam. Thanks to the wonders of live broadcasting, we get to witness a cameo appearance from Ricky Powell (aka The Rickster) involving a bed, a chick in a tight dress and an ice cream. So many classic scenes and bonus lines including ‘Fondle my balls with your fingers’ and ‘With your oriental pussy you can suck my dick’

Easily the finest moment in their long career…

YouTube Commenters Type The Darndest Things: Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad

Twenty reasons why YouTube Commenters are the pinnacle of human evolution:

1. ‘Hiphop saved Lupe’s life. Now Lupe is saving hiphop’s life.’

^ *blank stare*

2. ‘Lupe is like A Tribe Called Quest from 2012 ! He is real.’

^ Which also means that Lupe hasn’t listened to any of his own albums all the way through and prefers Hammer to himself.

3. ‘This needs like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,­000,000,etc views’

^ Good thing you added the Etc. That ‘0’ key was getting quite the work-out.

4. ‘Lupe Fiasco is not just a rap genius. Thousand miles more. He fight for his dreams and no one could stop him. And just wonder if any of the rappers are read more books then LupeFiasco and educate himself more. Not because it’s fancy or something. Just because he wants more about life then others and try to do something more with his power what he got FOR THE WORLD! Proud of him!’

^ Reading books is the new fancy.

5. ‘the true is that 50 to 100 years from now lupe will be reguarded as one of the best artist of this time’

^ The Bob Dylan of Rap?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?
Thursday August 16th 2012,
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My five cents on the latest Nas fuckery…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?

Who Would You Like To Throw Onto The Third Rail?
Tuesday September 06th 2011,
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As a rule, I prefer to change up the tried-and-tested hypothetical question of which celebrity you would like to shove into an active volcano with something a little more grimy. Not that Unkut Dot Com is any way, shape or form condoning the killing or causing grievous bodily harm to rappers, producers and deejays, but just for the sake of argument, let us suppose for a second that you were in a position to shove someone like Swizz Beatz in front of a bus without anybody suspecting foul play…who would you choose? Call it natural selection if you will…the culling of the less talented musical individuals for the betterment of our ears.

Don’t hold back now…the Unkut comment section is protected by doctor/patient confidentiality.

Bloggers Aren’t The New DJ’s, The New A&R’s Or The New Unsigned Hype

The awful truth is that rap bloggers are essentially glorified publicists. You can pick and choose who you ‘support’ or ‘expose’ but essentially all you’re doing is selecting which angle you want to roll with. Even if your blog focuses on old records, you’re essentially just promoting some European kid’s next Random Rap ebay auction. Writing reviews is basically an exercise in vanity, since 90% of the people reading the review already have the album anyway, and the only thing you might possibly achieve is ruffling the feathers of the over-sensitive artists who sent you the stuff in the first place. The idea that rap blogs are dictating radio or sales in any major way is laughable, and the theory that anyone actually values the opinion of anyone on the Rap Internets is even more of a joke. The only reason anyone visits one hip-hop site over the other is that it happens to be slightly less annoying than the other ones, or maybe doesn’t post as much crap that you hate.

Stuff White People (Don’t) Like – 10 Shots At The Devil
Tuesday February 08th 2011,
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There’s few things more entertaining than upsetting white folks. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and when the fish in this particular barrel happen to be mountain climbers who play electric guitar (aka A&R’s) then it gets even more amusing. What could be better than some good old fashioned songs about ‘Devils’? (excluding Jay-Z’s ‘D’Evils’ which is disappointingly free of anti-cracker sentiment).


Kidz In The Hall May Attempt To Sucker Punch Me In April
Wednesday February 02nd 2011,
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I seem to be having a bad run of pissing-off Double-O and Naledge from Kidz In The Hall in recent years. First I accused them of the crime of Hipster Rap, to which they responded on an video, and now it seems that I’ve thrown them under the bus again in my latest guest post for XXL:

No Sell Out

I’m assuming ‘lol’ is some kind of code for ‘we’re going to get our bodyguard to put you in a yoke when we find you’, although that may be considered bad karma since the same thing happened to Double-O at that nightclub in Tempe, AZ back in 2008. Since I’ll be living in a cardboard box somewhere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, I’m sure the money I might make from any resulting lawsuit will come in handy for when I need to buy myself a couple of Ghetto Big Macs.

Hot Ass Mess
Friday January 14th 2011,
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A bunch of bloggers review a Kanye West / Jay-Z song, including my good self.