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Monday June 28th 2010,
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It’s only right that RealHipHopHead be applauded for taking rap blog commenting to the next level by taking the time to mention every single person who commented on the Kool Moe Dee Vs. LL Cool J post from early 2008…last week.

Reviewing The Reviewers

This was amusing…four members of the Internets Commenting Committee who were less than thrilled with my opinion on Kanye‘s song:

fiasco says:

Comment of the Week – MILF Edition
Sunday March 22nd 2009,
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Even though former Syndicate Queen Darlene won both my vote and 31% of the votes when I asked Who Is Rap’s Hottest MILF?, it seems that the runner-up (or first loser, depending on how you look at these things) was quite pleased with the result:

Im honored to have come in second place to a Hip Hop MILF Legend. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!
-Shorty No Mas

Comment by Shorty No Mas 03.19.09

Shorty No Mas - ‘You Like My Style’

Comment of The Week
Saturday February 28th 2009,
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Every so often someone leaves a comment worthy of being highlighted. This is one of ‘em:

Comment by: Diamond B:
Original Post: Eric B. Returns

This is his daughter Diamond I’m 16 and I live in VA tell him he need to stop lying cuz i’ve never owned a resturant a day in my life!! The next time you interview him tell him that he needs to pay his child support or at least give me a phone call on my birthday!!! It’s goin on 11yrs in he’s never done anything in my life since I was 5!! If you don’t believe me then don’t (I could care less).But if you want to ask me any more questions then write me on my email (it’s ashame that a man can help other people’s kids but not his own!)

More on this story as it develops….