Win: A Double pass to the Big Daddy Kane show at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Thursday November 26th 2015,
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King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal is touring Australia for the first time in his storied career this December, and to celebrate we’ve got a double pass to giveaway to the first person to email the correct answer to this question:

Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie were featured in the opening of a 1988 video by a non-rap artist. What was the name of the song and who performed it?

Send your answers here.

Otherwise, you can buy tickets for the 12 December show at The Corner Hotel from here.

Win: SOL Republic Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
Wednesday October 15th 2014,
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I was recently gifted some SOL Republic stuff the other week, and they’ve also agreed to give away one of each of their new models of Wireless Bluetooth speakers to a couple of Unkut readers. First prize is the Deck Ultra, and the runner-up will receive the pocket-sized Punk model.

Contest: Win A Redefinition Tape and Vinyl Pack
Monday August 18th 2014,
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To celebrate new releases from K-Def and The Artifacts, Redefinition Records is offering the following three prize packs to US residents:

One Grand Prize:
K-Def’s Tape One (Cassette + Digital)
K-Def’s One Man Band (Vinyl)
Artifacts’s upcoming single APB (Vinyl, Cassette and Digital)
El Da Sensei‘s Try Again EP (Cassette and Vinyl)

Two Runners Up:
K-Def’s Tape One (Cassette + Digital Link)

To win, email the answers to the following questions here:


And The Masta Killa Contest Winner Is…
Wednesday October 31st 2012,
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Congratulations to ceasar for winning the Masta Killa Selling My Soul Deluxe Edition (courtesy of Nature Sounds)for this Wu-Tang memory:

In 2005 I was locked up in LA County Jail for a year. I started the journey in 120 man dorms, but an ear infection sent me to the 6 man cell dungeon part of the jail back at Twin Towers, which was closer to the county doctors. My stay was only supposed to be for a few days, then I’d get transported back to the dorm, but there was a paperwork error, and I wound up getting stuck down there for 6 months. It’s grimy as shit, cold, damp, and dark at all times.

Win The Deluxe Edition of Masta Killa’s ‘Selling My Soul’ LP

Masta Killa from the Wu-Tang is dropping his third solo album, Selling My Soul, this December, in standard and deluxe editions:

Limited to only 200 copies, the deluxe edition comes in a custom hand-numbered box with a lyric book, autographed poster, MK wool cap, and download card giving access to all three MK albums plus his live album. In addition, Masta Killa has teamed up with RAW Rolling Papers to include a handful of RAW papers and an exclusive “Ooh Baby I Like It RAW” T-shirt in each deluxe box, paying tribute to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who is featured on Selling My Soul.

Nature Sounds have got a copy of the deluxe edition to give away to the Unkut reader who can name Masta Killa’s finest moment on the mic tell us the story behind their best Wu-Tang related incident. Post it in the comments section before midnight, Friday 26 October to be in the running. Everyone else can pre-order the pack from here.

DWG Presents: TDS Mob 3-Piece Bundle
Friday April 02nd 2010,
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Anyone with a passing knowledge of hardcore 80’s rap should be familiar with Boston’s TDS Mob and their classic ‘Dope For The Folks’ and ‘Scratch Reaction’. Thanks to the Diggers With Grattitude crew, who previously brought us that incredible Juice Crew EP amongst other things, you can now pre-order any or all of these new TDS Mob releases. Details below:

Talib Kweli Tickets Winner
Monday October 19th 2009,
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Congrats to BIGSPICE for delivering this amusing anecdote:

At a concert (SOB’s – I think) I snuck to where his and Mos’ dressing room was, pushed some autograph seekers away, and when Kweli’s security dude came over, I told him I was “okay player security.” Dude actually believed me and I got to chill there and watch the door. It was funny because I was actually letting people in/denying people at the door. When Kweli was getting ready to leave I talked to him for about 5 minutes, and he must have been thinking “who the fuck is this asshole?” Man I love Vodka

Hit me up here with your email so I can get that pair of tickets to Noisemakers to you.

Win Tickets To Noisemakers: Talib Kweli
Thursday October 15th 2009,
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If you want to catch Peter Rosenberg having an extended chat with Talib Kweli for the next installment of the Noisemakers series in New York on October 21, leave you’re best Talib story/anecdote/memory in the comment section to this post. Winners will be announced first thing Monday 19 October, 2009.

Blog World Cup Hits Internets
Wednesday December 31st 2008,
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If you haven’t caught this on the newsstand, fear not.

The Hip-Hop Blog World Cup 2008 a.k.a. “the hot dog eating award for black weirdos” according to some skirt.

You can also vote if you’re not happy with the original result, for whatever reason. I thought it was pretty decent, personally.

King of the Beats 2 DVD Winners
Thursday November 13th 2008,
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Nice work to Dan Bolleri, Sammy B, Jeff Fellows and Damian Peng for being the first four through the gate to answer Mantronix as the creators of the classic ‘King of The Beats’ song. Keep an eye on your mailbox over the next week or two for your copy of the King of the Beats 2 DVD.

King Of The Beats 2 – Review and Giveaway
Wednesday November 12th 2008,
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Photo: Irven Lewis

Even though Volume 1 was never officially issued, King Of The Beats was an interesting experiment involving a simple challenge – each crew was given 20 quid to buy records and make a beat, all in the space of a single day. Part 2 features producers from the UK, US and Australia taking-up the same beat challenge, as they film the whole process and provide running commentary on their progress. If you’ve ever made beats yourself then this whole process will be familiar – if not it should be a bit of an eye opener as to how much work is involved – but it’s all entertaining stuff regardless (eccentric record shop owners and all). I was initially thrown off by director Pritt Kalsi‘s split-screen style in the early sections, but it works effectively and makes it worth watching again to catch anything you might have missed in the first sitting. Definitely a nice change of pace to your standard hip-hop documentary – cop it.

Mr. Magic Poster Winners
Wednesday October 29th 2008,
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Congratulations to Michael Harris, Nathan Smart and Eitan Prince. who were the first three people to correctly answer this:

Q. Who was Mr. Magic’s main DJ for the Rap Attack?

A. Marley Marl.

Look out for your limited edition poster in the post shortly.

For those of you who are interested, the answers to the two original questions are as follows:

Q: What year did the “Rap Attack” end its run on WBLS?
A: 1989.

Q: Name the two records that comprised the standard opening music for the “Rap Attack” (Artist and Title)
A: Super 3 “When You’re Standing On The Top” and The Fearless Four “It’s Magic”.

For more info on the CD, check Will C’s MySpace.

Win: No More Music By The Suckers Poster

Unkut Dot Com and Will C are offering a limited edition ‘No More Music By The Suckers’ 18″ x 24″ poster to celebrate the upcoming release of Will C’s compilation of Mr. Magic‘s finest moments called Down The Dial.

“Down The Dial” is sequenced to play like a Rap Attack show on any given night, front to back, with all the spontaneity one would expect to hear if they were transported back to the proper time and place. It is also simultaneously formatted to encompass all phases in the show’s decade long run, from the days of 1:00-4:00 AM on 105.9 WHBI to Saturday nights on 107.5 WBLS 8:00-12:00 PM. The listener essentially becomes Slaughterhouse Five’s Billy Pilgrim in a state of Rap Attack bliss. Complete with appearances from Mr. Magic himself, the Diabolical Biz Markie, and countless others, and with vintage glimpses at how “sister station” competitors were reacting to “The Official Voice of Hip Hop” at the time, “Down the Dial” meticulously pays homage.

We’ve got posters to give away to the first three people to correctly answer the following:

1. What year did the “Rap Attack” end its run on WBLS?

2. Name the two records that comprised the standard opening music for the “Rap Attack” (Artist and Title).

Send your answers here.

If you want one of the Deluxe Packages, consisting of the CD, T-shirt and poster (limited to 100 packs only) Pre-Order Here.

Some close-ups of the tapes after the jump…

The Tribute To Ignorance Blend Tape

Just dug-out this blend tape that I put together around 2002 with the help of a DJ friend of mine – a tribute to the most offensive ignorant rap ever pressed to vinyl. Sure to upset anybody within earshot.

Unkut Dot Com and DJ J-Red Present: The Tribute To Ignorance Blend Tape

PMD Contest Winner
Wednesday August 30th 2006,
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Name the record that Parrish Smith (aka PMD of EPMD) first featured on?

The answer was: Rock Squad – “Facts Of Life” [Tommy Boy, 1985] back when he was DJ Eazzy P.

Congrats to Ed S. for winning the $40 voucher for 33Third.

Next month’s questions will be a lot tougher….

PMD Contest
Tuesday August 29th 2006,
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Wanna a $40 voucher for 33Third? Then answer this:

Name the record that Parrish Smith (aka PMD of EPMD) first featured on?

The first correct answer sent to wins.

K-Def Contest Winners
Wednesday August 23rd 2006,
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Name the broad who used to roll with Lords of The Underground who K-Def produced a solo song for?

Sah-B, who released a one-off single on Pendulum called “Summa Day” / “Some ‘Ol Sah-B Shit”. A few people thought it was Nonchalant, which is understandable since K-Def did a record with her but also totally wrong.

Funniest answer:

that chick is Mr. Funke Man getting his Positive K on and rapping with himself at the end of that track.

Until I get my hands on the dental records, I’ll have to take your word for it. Last I heard, Sah was a stylist over at KOCH Records…

Congrats to Scott R., RenSki and Foster (who also provided the above photo with his answer) for being the first three through the gate and winning yourselves each a signed copy of the Willie Boo Boo vinyl.

For the rest of you, here’s some K-Def and Larry-O video action:

K-Def – Willie Boo Boo Album Review + Giveaway
Tuesday August 22nd 2006,
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From his days rolling with Marley Marl to his memorable work with his own group Real Live, K-Def has continued to stay ahead of the pack with his diverse range of beats. Most recently he laced some of the best cuts from Theodore Unit‘s 718, as well as contributing “It’s Over” and all of the skits with beats for The Pretty Toney Album, but a few months ago he released a full-length beat album called “Willie Boo Boo – The Fool”, which I’m pleased to report sets a new standard for “instrumental hip-hop”.

Win Time
Wednesday August 02nd 2006,
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noz luhs him some ‘kast.

In my attempt to think up an original contest idea, I lost sight of the fact that the whole idea of a competition is to involve as many people as possible. As it turns out, my search for the a fellow “multi-format maniac” didn’t exactly produce a flood of responses, since only a certified rap junkie would actually bother to pick up every format of an album (especially when there aren’t even bonus tracks on offer). Unsuprisingly, this particular sicko turned-out to be Whoola Master noz from Coke Blunts, who demonstrated his appreciation for all things Outkast in the above flick. I’m guessing he won’t be picking up any Little Brother vinyl with his 33Third voucher though.

Contest: I Luh This Album!
Friday July 28th 2006,
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Not many of us actually buy records anymore, since everyone with a music blog gets sent free CD’s or just downloads everything.1 OK, well some people still buy stuff, and if something really makes an impression on me2, then I might actually pick up the vinyl. But there was once a time when those wacky A&R’s used to pull stunts such as adding “Bonus Cassette-Only” songs, which explains why I copped G Rap’s Live & Let Die on tape after I bought the LP3, or just not releasing many copies of the vinyl (Return of the Funkyman and Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop in particular). (more…)

  1. 1. Thanks, Rapidshare![back]
  2. 2. Meaning: I’m not bored of it after two weeks.[back]
  3. 3. Little did I know that the three bonus Trakmasterz cuts were to be eventually issued as b-sides.[back]

Mos Def Stanning
Monday July 17th 2006,
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After reading through the thousands hundreds handful of entries we received for the “Are You Hip-Hop’s Biggest Stan?” contest, a clear winner has been decided. While there were some great stories, including a drunken attempt to scoop Jean Grae, a D-Nice look-a-like and pretending to be a fan of Dice Raw, the $20 record voucher from 33Third has been awarded to Bozack Nation, who provided this amusing account of a Mos Def encounter gone wrong: (more…)

Contest: Are You Hip-Hop’s Biggest Stan?
Friday July 07th 2006,
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By popular demand, here’s the first of our regular competitions.

Thanks to the crew over at 33 Third (aka “the best on-line record store ever”)1 we will be awarding a $20 record voucher to spend on vinyl, CD’s or whatever, to the best “hip-hop stan” story that gets sent in. (more…)

  1. 1. I’m just assuming that’s true since I haven’t bought anything from them yet.[back]