How did 2015 Rap become Elevator Muzak?


I realized something deeply troubling today. After checking out the latest releases from Ghostface and Statik Selektah I’m convinced that we have now officially entered the Elevator Muzak era of rap music. While The Roots have been churning out tunes seemingly designed for coffee shops and cafes for the better part of the last decade, we’re now at a stage where previously reliable CRC stalwarts such as Lil’ Fame, Sean Price and Ghostface Killah are often rapping over music that lacks any sort of urgency, excitement or abrasiveness. Does this signal a change in the dynamics of the rap game where everyone over the age of thirty is rapping over stuff that Kenny G would consider vanilla and the so-called ‘underground’ fans want a soundtrack to sip pumpkin ales and chai lattes?

Video: Da Buze Bruvaz – Dos Equis
Saturday June 27th 2015,
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As featured on the Straight Shotz In Dirty Glassez EP, out now on Chopped Herring


Da Buze Bruvaz – Snow Beach


Another burner from Him-Lo and Clever One aka Da Buze Brovaz, produced by DJ Rocksteady and Him-Lo.

Cormega feat. Roc Marciano – No Filter


Marco Polo on the beat and DJ Skizz on the cut. This is CRC theme music at it’s finest.

Large Pro – Re: Living Album Review


The fifth solo album from The Live Guy With Glasses finds L.P. in a reflective mood, as he revisits cherished musical memories from his childhood (‘Dreams Don’t Die’), salutes the achievements of Nas (‘In The Scrolls’) and demands respect for his generation of rapper dudes (‘New Train Ole Route’). It’s a short album that doesn’t outstay its welcome, managing to feel like his most focused and cohesive project since The LP. Where as Main Source and Professor @ Large both offered some stand-out tracks, they felt more like collections of songs rather than the fully-realized long-player that Breaking Atoms was in terms of pacing and covering a wide range of topics.

Download: Hus Kingpin and SmooVth – Splash Brothers EP

spalsh bros

Some new Conservative Rap Coalition approved music from the Hempstead’s hardest working duo.

Him-Lo – Philly Fanatics
Monday May 18th 2015,
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Him-Lo‘s ode to his hometown, as heard on his Late Nite Dinnaz At Da Brothal EP on Chopped Herring.

Radio Robheem


It’s been a busy couple of days in Unkut-related rap radio. Peter Oasis hipped me to the fact that the crew over at the Hip-Hop Digest show had a discussion about my Cuepoint article on the story behind ‘The Power’ in their latest episode at the 25:30 mark.

Last night I was invited to call in to the Now, Where Were We show on WNYU hosted by Dharmic X and Peter Oasis. We chopped it up for around half an hour in two parts, which you can catch at thirty minute and one hour fifteen minute points in their archive, thanks to the powers of my magic internets phone.

Update: Here’s the Soundcloud version…

Video: Buze Bruvaz – Hard Liquor

New single from Him-Lo and Clever One, repping that CRC lifstyle.

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode 8

Soundwave Tapedeck 10

Nothing but old vocoder jams for my latest trip to PBS-FM, inspired by re-reading How To Wreck A Nice Beach.

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode 8

Rap Albums To Get Stuck On A Desert Island With [2000-2015 Edition]


If, by some tragic turn of fate, all rap released prior to the year 2000 was somehow obliterated from the face of the earth and you were given the opportunity to take twenty CD’s to pass the time while I wasted away in exile on some deserted island (stay with me here), then what would you take? I considered the options this afternoon and devised the following list of hip-hop platters to bring along.

Willie The Kid feat. Royce Da 5’9″ – The Watch
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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This cut from The Fly 3 still holds up as one of 2015’s finest.

Video: Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild feat. Action Bronson – 100 MPH
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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Straight Queens flourishments.

Da Buze Bruvaz – God Awful

Da Buze Brovaz

Clever One takes center stage for this new Buze Brovaz loosie.

The 30 Unkut Interviews Selected For The Past The Margin Book
Friday February 27th 2015,
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empty books

I’m currently finishing off the final round of editing before we get stuck into the designing stage of the Past The Margin: A Decade of Unkut Interviews book and thought I’d share the final selection of my thirty favorite from the 150 or so that I’ve conducted so far. A third of those listed are expanded versions and follow-ups to what’s previously been published here, indicated in bold:

Him-Lo – Wu Lo

wu lo

‘I don’t care what you faggots say, you need to have a drink before I slap you in your faggot face.’

Eleven Years of Unkut Dot Com
Friday February 13th 2015,
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This week marked the eleventh year of this website/weblog/blog/web page/national treasure/institution/boom-bap graveyard. As is our want, rather than celebrate the achievements that Unkut Dot Com and the mighty Conservative Rap Coalition have achieved, I’d like to focus on pouring out a little liquor for all the great things that are no longer with us:

Meyhem Lauren – Fly Counterparts
Thursday February 12th 2015,
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Meyhem Lauren and Icerocks have teamed up for a new EP, More Cashmere, which you can grab on vinyl over at Chopped Herring. You can preview the rest of this extended play here.

Da Buze Brovaz – Rugby

Carl Winslow
Screen cap spotted at UB Massive

Him-Lo and Clever 1 keep on keeping on with that Punch You In The Face And Take Your Coat Rap.

Grand Daddy I.U. feat. Don Black – Against The Grain
Monday February 09th 2015,
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The new album from Grand Daddy I.U., P.I.M.P. Paper Is My Priority, drops on 17 February, with the cover dedicated to his late street mentor, Easy Rick, who passed away in 2010. Not sure if this is a bonus track since it doesn’t appear on the track listing below, but enjoy regardless.

Track listing:

Video: K-Hill & Debonair P – Whenever I Write
Thursday February 05th 2015,
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The new video from K-Hill, who appeared on Counterstrike 2 with Ominscence. His new EP with Debonair P is available on vinyl here.

Clever One – Sudden Impact


Some 2015 Buze Brovaz action from Clever One.

Stream: CRC Radio – Episodes 5, 6 and 7


The last week I’ve spent a lot of time filling in at the local community radio station while the regular hosts have gotten drunk in the name of our lord, Yeezus Price. Episode 5 was let down by technical issues, despite a quality playlist, while I felt I hit my stride on Episode 7. Regardless, radio was the real winner as some great rap was broadcast to the masses.

CRC Radio, Episode 5 – Philly Special

CRC Radio, Episode 6 – Top 30 of 2014

CRC Radio, Episode 7 – LA Rap Special

Stream: New Hus Kingpin and Rozewood Projects


Hus Kingpin and Rosewood seem to be putting out new stuff every week – the good news is that the quality doesn’t suffer. This past couple of weeks they’ve dropped Pop-Up Shop and The Beautiful Type, both worthy of your consideration with their CRC-approved raps and beats. Preview both releases below and cop that Nah Right Hype download while you’re at it.

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode Four


This episode’s theme? Deep cut remixes. Hence no ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ or ‘I Gotcha Opin.’

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode Four