Download: A Salute To AZ

AZ rapper

AZ is a great rapper who also made his mark as a Conservative Rap Coalition style icon thanks to his affinity for sweater vests, polos and sensible shirts. While he had to work a little harder than most to escape Nas’ shadow (I’ve deliberately excluded anything involving him here), when he has the right beat behind him there is no stopping The Visualiza absolutely annihilating the track.

Download: A Salute To AZ

Track listing:

Hus Kingpin and SmooVth – Cocaine Diaries


Something to numb your whole face to. Produced by Ra.

Rast – City of God

Rast takes it back the JB’s era with this incendiary new track.

Download: Clever 1 – Caveman Cuisine Album

clever 1 cover

Making his own contribution to the Food Rap genre, Clever 1 from the Buze Brovaz describes Caveman Cuisine as ‘Based on food references, titles and concepts – some of our creative versatile work. Story telling, metaphorical literature with a twist type shit. I do the chef thing real heavy so I felt like giving a piece of my alternative ego.’

Download: Clever 1 – Caveman Cuisine Album


Download: Hus Kingpin – House of Kingpin mixtape
Friday October 02nd 2015,
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Some new CRC-approved rap.

Da Buze Bruvaz feat. Tug McRaw – Revolver


New DBB music produced by DJ Rock Steady.

The Return of the Weed Carrier and CRC websites
Tuesday September 15th 2015,
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I somehow neglected A Salute To Weed Carriers and the Conservative Rap Coalition sites, but recent incidents have reminded me that both provide a much-needed public service and as a result deserve my full attention. Both of them feature a couple of new articles a piece so have a quick glance if their direction.

I also have a new supplier for the CRC polo’s, which meant that the back-orders have finally shipped and anyone who needs to grab another colorway can do so here.

Da Buze Bruvaz – Spidy Sense
Wednesday September 09th 2015,
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Taken from 2014’s Da Uninvited Guest EP on Chopped Herring.

Emergency CRC Meeting
Wednesday September 09th 2015,
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Please head over to the CRC site to vote on the future of Kool G Rap as a Conservative Rap Coaliton approved rapper. These are dark days indeed, my friends.

Video: Da Buze Bruvaz – The Horsemen Cometh
Wednesday August 12th 2015,
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CRC theme music for you damn ignoramus types. Produced by Lord Beatjitzu.

A Tribute To Sean Price – CRC Icon

Photo: Alexander Richter

Sean Price exemplified everything that the Conservative Rap Coalition stands for. He was a fan of self-depricating humor, blocking people on Twitter for the slightest of infractions and refused to catch buses since they’re basically for old people. He was also one of the few MC’s who managed to improve with age. As much as I enjoyed the music of Heltah Skeltah, I can’t quote a line from either of their first two albums from memory. Sean P solo, however, was a cot-damn quotable machine. I saw him perform twice, and both times he delivered a strong, no gimmick display of great rapping. The first time in Melbourne, backed by PF Cuttin, and then at S.O.B.’s in 2013 for the Statik Selektah album launch. Later that evening Dallas Penn introduced me to Mr. Price, who appreciated my firm, man-style handshake and kept it moving, just as it’s supposed to be.

How did 2015 Rap become Elevator Muzak?


I realized something deeply troubling today. After checking out the latest releases from Ghostface and Statik Selektah I’m convinced that we have now officially entered the Elevator Muzak era of rap music. While The Roots have been churning out tunes seemingly designed for coffee shops and cafes for the better part of the last decade, we’re now at a stage where previously reliable CRC stalwarts such as Lil’ Fame, Sean Price and Ghostface Killah are often rapping over music that lacks any sort of urgency, excitement or abrasiveness. Does this signal a change in the dynamics of the rap game where everyone over the age of thirty is rapping over stuff that Kenny G would consider vanilla and the so-called ‘underground’ fans want a soundtrack to sip pumpkin ales and chai lattes?

Video: Da Buze Bruvaz – Dos Equis
Saturday June 27th 2015,
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As featured on the Straight Shotz In Dirty Glassez EP, out now on Chopped Herring


Da Buze Bruvaz – Snow Beach


Another burner from Him-Lo and Clever One aka Da Buze Brovaz, produced by DJ Rocksteady and Him-Lo.

Cormega feat. Roc Marciano – No Filter


Marco Polo on the beat and DJ Skizz on the cut. This is CRC theme music at it’s finest.

Large Pro – Re: Living Album Review


The fifth solo album from The Live Guy With Glasses finds L.P. in a reflective mood, as he revisits cherished musical memories from his childhood (‘Dreams Don’t Die’), salutes the achievements of Nas (‘In The Scrolls’) and demands respect for his generation of rapper dudes (‘New Train Ole Route’). It’s a short album that doesn’t outstay its welcome, managing to feel like his most focused and cohesive project since The LP. Where as Main Source and Professor @ Large both offered some stand-out tracks, they felt more like collections of songs rather than the fully-realized long-player that Breaking Atoms was in terms of pacing and covering a wide range of topics.

Download: Hus Kingpin and SmooVth – Splash Brothers EP

spalsh bros

Some new Conservative Rap Coalition approved music from the Hempstead’s hardest working duo.

Him-Lo – Philly Fanatics
Monday May 18th 2015,
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Him-Lo‘s ode to his hometown, as heard on his Late Nite Dinnaz At Da Brothal EP on Chopped Herring.

Radio Robheem


It’s been a busy couple of days in Unkut-related rap radio. Peter Oasis hipped me to the fact that the crew over at the Hip-Hop Digest show had a discussion about my Cuepoint article on the story behind ‘The Power’ in their latest episode at the 25:30 mark.

Last night I was invited to call in to the Now, Where Were We show on WNYU hosted by Dharmic X and Peter Oasis. We chopped it up for around half an hour in two parts, which you can catch at thirty minute and one hour fifteen minute points in their archive, thanks to the powers of my magic internets phone.

Update: Here’s the Soundcloud version…

Video: Buze Bruvaz – Hard Liquor

New single from Him-Lo and Clever One, repping that CRC lifstyle.

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode 8

Soundwave Tapedeck 10

Nothing but old vocoder jams for my latest trip to PBS-FM, inspired by re-reading How To Wreck A Nice Beach.

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode 8

Rap Albums To Get Stuck On A Desert Island With [2000-2015 Edition]


If, by some tragic turn of fate, all rap released prior to the year 2000 was somehow obliterated from the face of the earth and you were given the opportunity to take twenty CD’s to pass the time while I wasted away in exile on some deserted island (stay with me here), then what would you take? I considered the options this afternoon and devised the following list of hip-hop platters to bring along.

Willie The Kid feat. Royce Da 5’9″ – The Watch
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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This cut from The Fly 3 still holds up as one of 2015’s finest.

Video: Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild feat. Action Bronson – 100 MPH
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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Straight Queens flourishments.

Da Buze Bruvaz – God Awful

Da Buze Brovaz

Clever One takes center stage for this new Buze Brovaz loosie.