CRC/Burn Garments – 24 Hour Sale
Sunday September 28th 2014,
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All current stock reduced to $30 for t-shirts and $55 for sweatshirts for the next 24 hours. Free shipping and a copy of the Counterstrike 2 CD with every order.

CRC/Burn Garments – 24 Hour Sale

Video: Him Lo – Lo Sama Him Laden [800lb Gorilla]

This is the second video from the free Counterstrike 2: A Decade of Unkut project, featuring Him-Lo Da Inapproriate stomping through Philly, as shot and directed by CRC VP richdirection for aunqueting media. Look out for Him-Lo’s Complimentary Snacks tape, dropping here in the near future.

Willie The Kid – Creeping On The Come Up


This is the Willie The Kid exclusive from the Counterstrike 2 mixtape, produced by Troy Ceasar.

Download: Counterstrike 2 – A Decade of Unkut Mixtape


To celebrate ten years of cold gettin’ dumb on you crumbs, Unkut Dot Com is proud to present over 50 minutes of new, exclusive Conservative Rap Coalition approved rap, plus a few bonus snippets from some of my favourite interview moments. With contributions from veterans such as Grand Daddy IU, Chubb Rock and Craig G, as well as new favourites like Willie The Kid, Him-Lo and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire. With original beats from producers such as K-Def, Ahmed, Marco Polo and Confidence, this mixtape also brings the first new material from K-Otix and Real Live (K-Def and Larry-O) in years. Counterstrike 2 has been mixed by Crate Cartel‘s Discourse, with the artwork designed by Flick of BURN Crew.

Download: Counterstrike 2 – A Decade of Unkut Mixtape

Free CD version now available with every purchase of our new range of t-shirts and crewneck sweaters.

You can still grab 2010’s Counterstrike from here, by the way,

Back cover/track listing:


Announcement: Counterstrike 2 – A Decade of Unkut Mixtape


To celebrate ten years of Unkut Dot Com, I reached out to a number of rappers and producers that I fux with to lace me with an exclusive for the sequel to 2010’s Counterstrike tape. With the help of Discourse from Crate Cartel on the mix, the finished 50 minute mixtape is finally ready to drop next week.

In other news, the official Conservative Rap Coalition HQ site is also ready to preview.

Counterstrike 2 – A Decade of Dope track listing:


Re-Up: Counterstrike – The Unkut Mixtape Hosted By DJ Doo Wop


Just realized that the link for this was dead so the ten year anniversary of Unkut seems like a good time to re-up this 2010 release that I put together with strictly exclusive CRC-style tracks. Might be time for a part two come to think of it…

Download or stream almost an hour of non-progressive rap below.

Download: Counterstrike – The Unkut Mixtape Hosted By DJ Doo Wop

Back cover:

Video: DZILLA feat. The Diaz Brothers – I Told Y’All

Old school cameo alert!

Video: The Doppelgangaz – The Groggy Pack

This reminds me that I need to type out the interview I did with these sick fucks. Taken from the superb 2012: The New Beginning LP, which is available for download here and on CD here.

Counter Strike Spotlight: Meyhem Lauren

You might know Meyhem from his work with J-Love, as he’s hosted the majority of his mixtapes and appeared on all of J’s street CD’s, and is also a member of The Outdoorsman crew. Not to mention his outstanding contribution to the Counter Strike tape (‘Animal Science’ feat. Roc Marciano) and numerous dope songs he’s been leaking as he prepares to release several solo projects in 2010. I recently took a minute out to build with this Queens representative on the rise…

Robbie: When did you start working with J-Love?

Meyhem: I knew J from before I rhymed. We’re from the same neighborhood and we had mutual friends. I started doing my thing with the music and he was already ‘J-Love’ by then, and one day I just went up to him like, ‘J, I need some beats’. And he’s like, ‘What are you talkin’ about? Beats?’ He didn’t even know I rhymed, and we kinda took it from there.

Plus you both collected Polo gear, right?

That’s actually how we got cool in the first place. We know the same people and we were the two Polo heads out the group – tradin’ items, dealin’, switchin’ all that – this is when we were younger, but that definitely built our friendship.

What age did your ‘Lo addiction start?

Junior high school, like twelve, thirteen. Just stuck with me forever, you know? I used to be into graffiti a lot when I was younger – I used to write – and through graff, fashion comes with it. People used to rock a lot of Polo and North Face, and we used to boost paint to go bombin’ and then we met people boostin’ ‘Lo. I had a lotta friends from Brooklyn, they went and put me on, and the team that I repped – it’s an honor to rep – the Brooklyn Lo-Life’s, they’re the original ‘Lo team comin’ outta Brooklyn. A lot did it, but if you really do the knowledge and really ask about who started it and who really put it down to make Polo blow to the extent that it did? It was them. That’s who I run with – my man Thirstin Howl III, FI-LO, Bar, Disco – all the originals over there.

Counter Strike Spotlight – Thorotracks Interview

Queens-bred production duo Thorotracks (Sam & Jay) have been putting it down as a crew since 2002, and have delivered dope beats for everyone from Sean Price to NYG’z, Casual to Killah Priest, Krumbsnatcha to Skyzoo. With two compilations under their belt (The Saga Begins and The Saga Continues) and the dope new mixtape from their group The Closers (not to mention that exclusive joint for the Unkut Counter Strike tape) doing the rounds right now, you can count on these dudes to deliver the goods again and again. Here are some of the highlights from a conversation I had with Sam Thoro a couple of months back.

Robbie: How long have you and Jay been a crew?

Sam Thoro: We’ve been together as a group eight, nine years. He’s from Lefrak, and I’m from Woodside. When we started working together we just never stopped. I do a lot more of the sampling and he does a lot more of drums – now – ‘cos we kinda got it down to a science. Sometimes we do beats on our own, but most of the time we do everything together. Between the two of us we have like fifty crates of records. I might do the sample, he might do the drums, then I might play the bass line and we dump everything right into Pro Tools. He’s a DJ so if there’s scratches then he scratches – I’m an engineer so I’ll mix. Most of the stuff you hear from us that sounds good? I recorded it.

Hard White – 21 Grams

Here’s a track that didn’t make the Counter Strike tape. Un Pacino and H-Brando from Hard White rep over a Grimy Kid track. I ended-up using ‘Murder, She Wrote’ on the Counter Strike tape instead, but this works too. Courtesy of Ammo from G.I.T. Records.

Hard White – ’21 Grams’

Ironlak Presents: Counter Strike – The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape

Design: The Home Office

If you’d told me that I’d be dropping a tape with DJ Doo Wop that featured exclusive tracks from some of New York’s finest back when I started Unkut Dot Com six years ago, I would have told you to stop smoking that shit. I’ve been through some ups and downs over that time, but Unkut has always held me down regardless. This is a small token of my appreciation to everyone who has supported and stuck by the site and kept things moving.

Shouts to everyone who came through and contributed to this project on the strength. Thanks to Ironlak for the support, eskay and Legend for helping to spread the word and of course the one and only Doo Wop who really knocked it out the park.

Still cold gettin’ dumb on you crumbs after six years…let’s go!

Re-up 2013: Counter Strike – The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape [256kps]


Counter Strike Mixtape: Artwork And Features Revealed

Artwork courtesy of The Home Office.

Featuring new and exclusive tracks from Smiley The Ghetto Child, Willie The Kid, Prospect, Kamakazee, F.T. aka Fuc That, Capone, Lord Nez, Killa Sha, Mayhem Lauren, Roc Marciano, Hard White, Milano, The Closers, Kool G Rap, Godchild, Copywrite, Nut-Rageous, Craig G, Tribeca, $amhill and The Doppelgangaz….

Hosted by the one and only DJ Doo Wop!

Dropping this Friday…

Unkut Mixtape Leak: Capone & Lord Nez – Gangsta/Gangsta

To celebrate the 6th year of the Unkut Dot Com, I put together a mixtape called Counter Strike to give a little something back to everyone that has stuck with the site. Featuring exclusive tracks and a few slept-on cuts from some of the best street-level MC’s out there right now, the tape is dropping as a free download this Friday (26 February), thanks to the good people over at Ironlak. But this isn’t just some old compilation bullshit – this is an official tape, hosted and mixed by one of the best in the game. More details to follow…

Here’s a sample of the kind of material we’ve got in store for you:

Capone & Lord Nez – ‘Gangsta/Gangsta’ [Produced by Sid Roams]