Seven Great Doppelgangaz Songs


Since their debut EP, The Ghastly Duo, in 2008, Matter Ov Fact and EP have gone from strength to strength, having released four full-length projects and a couple of free beat tapes. With Hark out next week, it’s the prefect time to take a look back at some of their finest work from the past five years.

The Doppelgangaz – The Unkut Interview
Sunday December 09th 2012,
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While the music press was busy sweating Das Racist, EP and Matter Ov Fact have been carving-out a loyal following over the last couple of years with their unique brand of Sharking Rap, which combines laid-back beats with often disturbing lyrical content to create a records that don’t sound like anything else right now. Having originally interviewed the crew in 2010, I was only recently able to retrieve the tapes from the FBI to transcribe them, so I built with them again to her about what they’ve been doing since and combined the highlights from both sessions into what is clearly the only Doppz interview yo’ll ever need to read.

Robbie: What set you guys off on this path to make music?

EP: We were part of this big boy band – I don’t even know him! [laughs] Nah, we’ve known each other since little kids, man. Just growing-up, loving raw rap music, always watching videos. It started off, ‘Do you think we can do this?’ then started turning into, ‘Should we try to do this?’ Next thing you know we were doing it – pause. We were like, ‘We have a vision for this, let’s do this for real. We can definitely bring something different than what’s going on right now.’ Especially for dude’s that are our age – we had that more raw sound. Thankfully, it’s been received real well. And definitely have to thank you – after it was on Unkut, it’s crazy how many people were checking for us. You’re definitely the catalyst. We could thank you all day.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

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No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

Tuesday December 04th 2012,
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