Def Dames: Frick ‘N Frack
Tuesday February 10th 2015,
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frick n frack

If you were a rap fan outside of the USA in 1987, it was in your best interest to collect the Street Sounds Electro/Hip-Hop albums, which were compilations of an often eclectic mix of current singles, mixed together by a selection of UK DJ’s. The one that really stood out for me was Hip Hop 18, which was mixed by a fellow named R.J. Scratch [Roger Johnson] and was a particularly mixed bag of great, obscure and just plain weird rap tracks from New York. I was eventually able to find copies of ‘You Know How To Reach Us’ and ‘We Have Risin”, but the two Marley Marl produced tunes on this volume remained out of reach. As it turns out, what would have been Frick ‘N Frack’s second single was never actually released, only existing on a couple of acetates. This was annoying since it means there was no way to hear the complete, unmixed versions of these tracks – until now. Turns out that Frick ‘N Frack have uploaded some of their old songs to iTunes for those of us who have waited for 28 years to hear the last minute of ‘Who’s On Mine.’ From the preview it sounds like they’ve been dubbed off cassette from when they were played on WBLS, but for 99 cents each I guess it’s worth taking a gamble.

UPDATE: The iTunes version is just a recording of the version on the Street Sounds compilation that cuts off when the Kings Of Pressure comes in. Guess we’ll be waiting another 28 years until Marley presses it up on Hot Chillin’

Puffy Dee Revealed?
Thursday February 05th 2015,
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Puffy Dee

Another rap mystery case file can be closed, as we finally have photographic proof of what Puffy Dee looked like, courtesy of Fat Lace. In case you missed it, here’s her infamous Pumpkin produced b-side:

Tarrie B Had Great Taste In Rap
Tuesday January 13th 2015,
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Tarrie B, who’s the missing link between Blondie‘s shirt-lived rap career, a Madonna impersonator and Iggy Azalia, wasn’t much of a rapper. She did, on the other hand, film an amusing segment with her boss Eazy-E for the Slammin’ Rap video series, got a beat from Schoolly-D and clearly listened to some great great rap records before she abandoned rap for ‘grindcore’ band Tura Satana in 1997. Sadly, she makes no mention of the late Eric Wright in this Metal Hammer interview either, which only adds fuel to my theory that she was somehow responsible for E getting ‘the bug.’ Maybe she introduced him to some of her scumbag metal buddies who tempted Compton’s little big man to try a shot of horse with a dirty needle?


Angie Stone aka Angie B [The Sequence] – The Unkut Interview
Wednesday October 22nd 2014,
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It’s taken me ten years to interview a female rapper on these pages, which either means this marks the onset of ‘progressive’ thinking in my old age or I’m a natural born rap misogynist. Either way, during the limited window of time I had to talk with Angie we kicked it about her days in The Sequence and she shared an eye-opening story about her involvement with The Roxy.

Angie Stone – The Unkut Interview

Video of The Sequence performing ‘Simon Says’ on the Job Man Caravan show:

Puffy Dee = The OG Iggy Azalea?
Monday October 20th 2014,
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When the Tuff City head honcho mentioned that this was the most slept-on release from the label I had to track down a copy. Having previously explained to Fat Lace that “she was white girl living uptown. I thought her rhymes were brilliant but she predated video unfortunately,” Mr. Fuch’s expanded on the topic when I interviewed him in 2013.

Aaron Fuchs: The most overlooked record in my catalogue is this record called Joe Blow by Puffy Dee. She was really difficult to work with and she had a real mousy voice – until somebody tells me that that record isnt good Ill think its brilliant. It was a real beats and rhymes record – Pumpkin on drum machine. It came out around the same time as the Disco Four School Days when he went through a very spare period.

I haven’t seen a photo of Puffy Dunster, but based on the comment about her not benefiting from having a video, it’s safe to assume she was a bit of a looker. ‘Joe Blow’ is certainly an amusing curio over a quality Pumpkin track, while the a-side ‘Young, Single and Free’ is a literally unlistenable attempt at the rap game Minnie Mouse to croon.


Cole James Cash Discusses Making The BBW Album
Thursday October 09th 2014,
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Cole James Cash proves that being a homeless, recovering drug addict who wears a mask is no obstacle to making rap albums and hanging with XXXL XXX gals.

Robbie: Tell me about the BBW album?

Cole James Cash: I was trying to make the shit sound romantic, as ridiculous as it sounds. I was trying to bring a theme of romance, which is why you hear a lot of soft and very melodic type samples.

Were there many BBW porn stars that you wanted involved on the album that refused?

Not so much refused as ignored. [laughs] When we did the song named after Karla Lane, that’s when Kacey Parker was like, ‘I would like a song!’ That’s when she threw her support completely behind it. Everything from being on the cover to doing the intro. She went out of her way yo help me and she didn’t have to. I asked Sophia Rose and she straight ignored every email I sent.

Download: Cole James Cash – BBW A Pornographic Opera Album


The latest release on CRC Records “tells the saga of various Big Beautiful pornographic actresses and their stories narrated by various rappers. Backed by melodic production and storytelling dedicated to all of the best and beautiful big girls who fornicate on film.”

I’ll be posting an interview with Cole James Cash discussing how he put this album together, but in the meantime, stream or download this dedication to chubby chicas.

Back cover:

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: A Brief History of Porn Rap
Monday September 15th 2014,
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Coolio‘s back but there’s no sign of DJ Crazy Toones. Speaking of which, why is Wikipedia telling me that the MADD Circle made an album this year and then broke-up again?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: A Brief History of Porn Rap

Cole James Cash Feat. Kacey Parker, Kese Soprano and M-Credible – Kacey Parker
Wednesday August 27th 2014,
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Third single from the BBW – A Pornographic Opera album. Homeboy made songs about his favorite big gals on film, now he’s rolling with one in real life. Bless you, internets.

Cole sez:

“This is my prized track, I actually got the woman to do the introduction for the song and be on my album cover. This picture for her single was taken right in front of me. Kacey catapulted herself to Greatest BBW Of all time when she agreed to collaborate for my album. I am forever in her debt, hopefully she takes travelers checks”

Cole James Cash feat. Crew54 – Sofia Rose
Saturday July 26th 2014,
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Cole James Cash - Sofia Rose 1

Cole James Cash drops the second track from his album dedicated to the gals of pr0n who live extra large. Let’s hope that he at least gets broken off a little something something by one of them for all his hard work.

“This is the second single from the album BBW A Pornographic Opera I chose a song about Sofia Rose because that Teena Marie sample was so fitting. Not to mention shes a serious talker in her scenes. You not hip hop if you aint never jerked off to a scene of a woman beggin for cum on her face dunny”

Cole James Cash feat. LEX – Karla Lane
Monday July 14th 2014,
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Cole James Cash - Karla Lane1

Cole James Cash sez:

“This is the first single off of my porno concept album BBW A Pornographic Opera. All my favorite chubby pornstars gonna get their own song, the thing is about karla lane is that she looks almost identical to the mother of my child. My baby mama cant stand me. All I can do these days is jerk off and cry when I see her.”

Blondie – Heart of Glass [Chaze Remix]
Wednesday June 04th 2014,
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Ever wondered what this Blondie classic would sound like with an 80’s synth feel? Salutes to the first white dame to ever have a rap record.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic Album Review


I really went above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic Album Review

Video: Life With Jeannie, Episode 1- My First Baby Jesus
Sunday December 29th 2013,
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Here’s the first episode of Jean Grae‘s new sit-com, which combines a Curb type of vibe with a lotta booze, and is therefore CRC-approved.

The Combat Jack Show – The Foxy Brown Episode


Glad to see this one didn’t get shut-down by Foxy’s people:

“Foxy did this. Foxy did that.” There’s been mad talk about the Ill Na Na since like forever, and while ya’ll keep staying with your face in her puss, I guarantee you ain’t ever hear Foxy talk in first person like this. From her pops bouncing when she was 4 years old, to dating Haitian Jack at 14, her and Jay Z moving from the bench to the studio to the top, getting sucker punched with the deafness, her relationship with Nicki Minaj, that bid in jail.. I put money on it that this is the realest shit she ever spoke.

Download: DJ Doo Wop & DJ Sure Shot – Women Of Strength Mixtape

Doo Wop just blessed with a dope new mixtape full of quality Chick Rap:

The Women of Strength Foundation founded by Tashera Simmons (wife of DMX) was established to assist and support women and children who have suffered from abandonment, homelessness, drug addiction, domestic violence and other social conflicts. Women of Strength intends to lend not only financial support but also much need emotional support as well.

Download: DJ Doo Wop & DJ Sure Shot – Women Of Strength Mixtape


Fat Beats Memories: Repping Behind The Counter
Friday August 20th 2010,
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Photo: Alexander Richter

Welcome new contributor Max Angeles to the team. I don’t know much about her other than the fact that she fux with ‘Anchorman’, Tragedy records and almost died of alcohol poisoning last week. Sounds like a born Unkut Dot Com trooper…

Let me just say a few things about working at the Fat Beats store – I remember interning for them as early as when they had moved out the second floor of XTRA LARGE and into a well established hip hop institution on Melrose in LA.

Fat Beats LA had a much more rustic, garage studio feel to it. With limited edition posters of albums and artists plastered on every corner prompting all kinds of tourists to just whip out their cameras and take mad pictures. That shit was always annoying to me. We tagged our labels and arranged EP’s and LP’s our own way. regulars and real hip hop heads knew how to navigate throughout the store. If you saw a RZA single, you’d most likely find 4th Disciple in its vicinity. That’s how it worked. The ones who didn’t get it, were usually the ones that didn’t know who House Shoes, Rhettmatic, or DJ Soup was.

The Unkut Guide To Rapping DJ’s
Wednesday April 28th 2010,
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Funny thing is, a lot of DJ’s rap better than rappers. Not all of them though, as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Dee from Whodini, Eric B. and Kay Slay have taught us, but a lot of them. Not to mention all the MC’s who began their careers on the wheels of steel such as Redman, Big Daddy Kane and Run. Here are ten of the better examples…

5 Primo Beats Wasted On Wack Wenches…And 5 Dope Dames Who Delivered

Over the course of his extensive career being the boards, DJ Premier has served-up some knockin’ tracks to a handful of chick rappers. Here are a selection of the best and worst of these (Heather Hunter gets a pass, obviously).


Kayla Marie Gets Busy In The Bean
Thursday July 09th 2009,
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Remember that pic from the Top Choice Clique interview and everyone was like, ‘Who’s that chick in the photo?’. Turns out it’s a gal named Kayla Marie, who demo’s a little floor work for us. Blaow!

Jawn P and Force from TCC also performed ‘Peace of Mind’, with Will-C on the decks…

My Remakes’s Playing Tricks On Me

It’s only right that in memory of Ike we take a look at two cover versions of the Geto Boys classic that flipped his track from the Tough Guys soundtrack. The Marxmen can do no wrong, as they ‘snatch it back’ in fine form here, while the Ghetto Girlz deliver some chick rap ignorance that makes me want to dig out some BWP records for some reason.

M.O.P – ‘Nine & Two Clips’

Ghetto Girlz – ‘My Man’s Playing Tricks On Me’

Geto Boys ‘My Minds Playing Tricks On Me’ video:

Plug Tunin’

Internet soldiers: Your boy is back. That’s right, it’s YN. Text a friend to text a friend. And thanks to the homie Robbie Ettelson, we got a special thing goin’ on. It’s called Hard Body Female Spit Vol. 1 – aka 16 tracks of feminine fire that my Australian mate and I cooked up through hip-hop anecdote–filled AIM exchanges. That’s right, we picked it and we can back it up later as we explain to you smart dumb cats why all these cuts made the cut. Now, I know the question you inquiring asses are asking yourselves: Why are we blessing you masses with these audio classics? Well as usual YN’s got some shit to hawk. (Aaron Pryor Forever!)

Yup, the former heavyweight champ of hip-hop journalism is back on your idiot box. The ego trip crew who brought you John Brown and Persia are back with ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme. If you haven’t heard by now, it’s an all-female rap reality show that’ll really knock your socks off. Catfights? CK! Lesbo action? CK! Heart, passion, and flashes of true lyrical skills? Triple check.

Now I don’t know what continent you scuff your Timbs on, but it airs on VH1 tonight at 10pm EST (That’s Eastern Standard Time, not the Acknickulous One from the land of the cheese steaks). So in closing, that’s simply what the business is. Listen to some good music this afternoon and watch my show this evening. Shit, it don’t cost you nothing. Nada-nada-nada-not-a-damn-thing. Both things are Free like the big-booty lady who used to be on BET. Who says Monday’s suck?